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This is how Retractable Banners, Signs, Banners and other advertising pieces are printed.

Enjoy the presentation:


This movie shows a large format printer doing its job: Printing with extremely high levels of detail the graphics file that has been prepared.

The graphics file is "fed" into a computer, the RIP, that "decodes" all of the image. Rip is short for Raster Image Processor and what that means is that this computer looks at what it has been requested to print, the colors, the strength of the shades and more and transforms that into orders to be executed by the printer. Can you see the computer on the right-hand side of the printer? That is the computer doing the ripping and deciding on the best way to get the expected result.

The world of colors in real life is limitless, but in the large format printer you only have 6 or sometimes 8 different colors that can be combined to obtain the desired printing. That transformation is done by the rip that was mentioned above. This is as difficult as using 6 colored pencils to draw almost all the colors that a human being can see.

Inks are strong in color and very wide in gamut. Actually, the color gamut is wider than what is achieved with offset inks. That is why large format printing has those powerful strong colors. They stick to the canvas or paper with good bonding.

Printing is only one part of the process. Once printed, the sheets need to assembled to finally serve as either a retractable banner, or a hanging sign, or a foam board rigid sign.

We hope that this video was useful and allows you to better understand where your trade show signs come from.

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