Business Card Printing with Full UV Varnish on Either or Both Sides.

Beautifully Printed on Super Thick 14pt or 16pt Card Stock. Click for additional information


Even at a time when "digital" seems to have changed everything, business cards are still a must. 

Whether you are the manager of a large company that wants every employee in your organization to strongly feel like part of it,  if you are a full-time employee who wants to stay visible and connected,  if you own a small business and getting introduced to people is key for you, or if you freelance and you want your clients to be able to touch base with you again and again, branding yourself is very critical.

Remote work has made some of us a little bit invisible to colleagues, clients and partners. Having business cards handy, or even sending some by mail can make a difference in your professional career steps. 


Get your Business Cards on the Cheap!

Getting business cards on the cheap not only helps you save money but to open-up to new opportunities.

Upload your design, Browse a pre-made design, or Start from scratch

If you are a designer by nature, you'll just upload your artwork. if you need some inspiration, you will find a huge number of pre-designed business card templates that you can choose and customize, right here within our platform.  Our professional team of designers is also available to assist you if you have a custom request.


Even your cheap business cards should look awesome!

Because Full UV coverage on top of hards is the most popular finishing, we will apply it on your card for free so that you get the best possible card! 


This is why do people like full UV coverage on their cards

Some of the reasons our clients have shared with us are the following:
- Bight Colors: The colors used for printing look amazingly strong, which conveys a sense of the higher quality of print.
- Exclusive and Elegant: UV coverage distinguishes from home-desktop business card printing, which used to be more popular a few years back. The UV coverage makes our clients look more professional in their business approach
- Longer Lasting: UV coverage creates a certain level of scratch protection to the printed surface. The card tends to be more protected to moisture and preserves itself better.

Can UV coating be applied on either side of the business card?

The UV can be applied on one side or both sides.

Why would you apply UV on one side only?

Sometimes the cards are used as appointment reminders, or at trade shows and networking events, it is very common to need to write some information related to the person that you just met, and that is usually done on the backside of the business card.
Writing: Writing with a pen on top of UV varnish is almost impossible, therefore when writing space is needed, no UV varnish should be applied.

They say first impressions are the most lasting. Business cards when done right can make that initial meeting most memorable. They are a physical record that your potential client will take with them to be reminded of you, your brand, and your message.

Even in our digital age business cards are still an essential tool that helps remind someone who you are and what you have to offer. Simply swapping contact information digitally can seem impersonal and without forethought. Using a business card will allow you to maintain eye contact and engage in real conversation rather than having your head buried in your phone. Handing out a business card that is eye-catching and professional will also help guarantee that your card will stay in their wallet instead of being thrown on a pile in the desk drawer. Creating a unique and memorable business card will encourage someone to want to share it with others. This will put you in the minds of potential clients you haven’t even met!

With today’s technology, the only limit to the design and creation of a business card is your imagination. The options for types of paper stocks and colors are limitless. Not only paper though, but you can also have them made out of metal, plastic, wood, and PVC to name a few. Custom die-cut into various shapes is a popular choice as is embossing or debossing them with your contact information. You can add a special coating like spot UV, metallic inks, or colored foil. Give us a call to help you through the various options that best suit your business needs so we can help you make that first great impression!


Main Specifications and Features of 14pt and 16pt Business Cards:

  • The size offered for this product is 3.5”x2”. Your design can make it portrait or landscape.
  • Glossy UV coating can be applied on either sides or both
  • Thick cardstock in two options: 14pt and 16pt
  • Rounded corners are optional and available for you to order
  • Quick turnaround times. Select the production time that suits your needs

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