Restrictions Alert: Due to the unavailability of 14pt C2S stock and 16pt C2S, we might need to replace those stocks for whatever thinner stock might be available. We will confirm with you before running your job if the stock selected is unavailable.  Production times could be delayed as well. Thanks for your understanding.



Sometimes they are called a Flyer!

Often people know them as Postcards!

Their name is not critical, but what postcards can do for your business is!


Their name is not a big issue though. How critical postcards and flyers can be to achieve your marketing and sales goals is!

Postcards are inexpensive, 

A flier can be the first step between a prospect and your company, your product, or your service.

Postcards and fliers are very straight-forward marketing pieces. They must have a clear message that is quick to grasp and a call to action easy to follow. It is fast to look at, it can convey a  clear concept very fast.

That's what makes postcards so rich and valuable. And amazingly these are sooo inexpensive~!


FAQ - What clients want to know about postcards

Which postcard sizes are available?

Our price calculator lists 10 different sizes that go from 4"x6" to 11"x17" jumbo sizes that reflect the most in-demand sizes. If you need a different size, please reach-out to us for a custom quote.

What type of files can I send to print postcards?

The best way is to save PDF files with settings for high-resolution, with crop marks and bleed, and flatten your artwork. Always create your artwork in the real final size. If you choose to send Adobe Illustrator files, make sure that the fonts are outlined to prevent your selected fonts to default to others that you might have not chosen. You can submit JPG, PSD, TIF, or PNG files as well. Recommended bleed: 0.25"

In which color mode should I prepare my files?

Submit your artwork in CMYK, which will show you the colors that can be obtained in a printing press. If you design in RGB, which is the color space that you would use to design artwork to be posted online, there will be color shifts. Print can't show as wide of a range of colors as monitors and phones. 

Image Resolution: Are images that I found online good to print?

In most cases, the answer is NO. Those images are usually set for 72dpi, which look good on monitors, but when printed on paper look terrible. Use 300 dpi instead. If you can't find out the resolution of the image, A quick way to "guess" if the image will print nicely is to zoom into the image. If the image becomes fuzzy and does not look sharp, the printing of those will match that same experience. 

I have multiple designs. Can I split my order into multiple lots?

The jobs are priced by the number of impressions of each design. if you need multiple lots, place a separate order for each lot. In other words, if you order 5,000 postcards, you can't request half the order with one design and half the order with a different design

Is it easy to write on top of the postcard if it has the shiny UV coating?

No. The UV varnish protection is not the best substrate to write onto. A permanent marker such as a Sharpie would allow you to write though. If your intention is to have people write on top, we suggest you to use non-uncoated stock. That option can be selected in the calculator when you get to select the type of paper.

Can you bundle the postcars? Separate them in groups of 100?

Yes, we provide that service. Make sure to select the option in the price calculator

Do you offer pre-made designs that I can customize?

Yes, there are so many designs that you can choose from and customize for free on your end, online. That service is 100% free of charge. You can customize to your absolute preferences. Here's a link to see those

presdesigned templates that are free to customize



Promote your business! Print postcards! Mail postcards!

Did you know that the postcards that you get printed to present products and ideas can make a difference in your company and in your clients?

A well-designed postcard can become the door-opener of a great marketing sequence, where you get to make your services and products shine!

Customize Your Marketing Messages 



At ColorCopiesUSA we can make your postcards carry personalized messages,  taking into account the preferences that your clients have. Call us and ask us about personalized cards!

Believe us, even in the age of e-mails, people like to receive postcards because they provide a personal touch and very quickly, they can determine to which extent your products and services are meaningful to them.


- Starting at $29.99 for 100

- Full color printing

- Two sizes: 4" x  6" and 5" x  7"

- Good quality Glossy or Matt card stock


 Thick and durable cards: People LOVE them!
 Eye-catching print quality
 Let customers know your deals & promos

Credit Cards: Shop with confidence: Visa / Mastercard / AMEX / Paypal

As of August 2021, over 99  5-Star Reviews on Google

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