Rock Bottom Prices on Take Out Menus!

We want to help restaurants thrive and be there for our communities

That's why we are offering this product, menus for restaurants, at these rock bottom prices.

We will only honor the prices in this product for restaurant menus. No exceptions. 

As a restaurant owner, we expect you to have your print-ready file. 

If you need help creating or altering your menus we can offer that support at an additional cost.


We hope that you are able to offer the level of comfort and safety that your clients expect, and increase your sales.


picture of trifold menus in different sizes


Here is a powerful product for restaurants trying to reach out to their local community: Menus printed in a way that can be distributed to every home at low postal rates. Get introduced to Take Out Menus designed for EDDM®!

Our postal service, United States Postal Services, has a program called Every Door Direct Mail® , often identified as EDDM®

This is what ColorCopiesUSA offers for Take Out Menus - EDDM®

We will print and design if requested, your menus that will be compliant with the requirements for this specific product.


Picture compares how pictures printed on glossy paper and uncoated paper look



We are giving pricing on two different layout-sizes for this product but many other configurations are possible:

  • 11" x 17" folded in half
  • 11.6" x 17" folded in half and in half again for a final size of 11.6" x 4.25"

Of course, many more options are available. Please call us to enquire about other sizes of quantities not specified here.

We have produced hundreds of thousands of menus that have been used to target local clients, generating almost instant revernue to so many restaurants.

In this case, the format shown does not include coupons, but those can certainly be included as part of your business needs.

ColorCopiesUSA is an expert in design, layout and production of menus for massive mailings. Call us to find out more at 1-877-421-0668


What does the EDDM® program do for you?

The postal services will:

  • Mail your menu at a very low rate per piece
  • Will deliver it to every single door within a specified area.
  • You won't need to provide a mailing list to USPS, which saves you a ton of cost and work.

You, in your roll of restaurant manager/owner, you will be responsible of the following:

  • Get the printed pieces of mail
  • Open an account with USPS
  • Identify the areas where you want distribution
  • Prepare the mail following the instructions provided by USPS, which include making bundles and creating som face labels
  • Presenting your mail and documentation at the indicated postal office.

At the bottom of this block we will provide you with a link to the program.

How to design a piece for EDDM® service?

There are some considerations for you to know, and we, at are here to help. Here are the most relevant points to consider:

  • There is a piece of information in the form of an indicia that has to be part of your design. That identification will let the post office know how to handle your piece
  • There are restrictions in terms of the size of the piece (final size) that is being mailed. The piece has to qualify for "flat" shape. There is a lot of documentation within USPS's website for you to know the specifics.


For details of the program, please click the link to go to  EDDM®



Configure & Price

100# Gloss Text + UV
100# Gloss Text
80# Gloss Txt
70# / 28# Uncoated
60# /24# Uncoated
Two Sides - Full Color
Single Side - Full Color
Double Parallel
5-6 Business Days
2-3 Business Days
1 Business Day
I need CHANGES and edits to an older file
HIRE: I need full graphic design service to create my menu
Via email
Hard copy mailed at a cost of $35
Total : $ 205.34 $ 174.54
Unit Price :$ 0.17

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Estimated Total : $ 174.54


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This is an excellent company to rely on for your printing needs.
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