Landscape Catalogs - Available size: 8.5"x11"

- Your first important choice has to do with the "Size and Style" option:

         * If your selection is <11"x8.5" NO Coating>, you will get a self-binding booklet (all of the sheets of paper including the covers), are made out of the same type of paper. No aqueous coating nor UV can be applied to this selection

         *If your selection is: <11"x8.5" with COATING>, your booklet/catalog will be printed on the same paper (including the covers), but an aqueous varnish will be applied to all pages. If you prefer the look and feel of a coated piece, this might be your choice.

         *If your selection is: <11"x8.5" - Cover Stock different to inside>, you are going to have the option of printing the inside pages on one type of paper, while the covers can be printed on a couple of thicker cover stock options.


A little tip to help you get an accurate estimate for your project: How to count the pages of your printed catalog

Notice that the 8.5x11,  when open, has a full layout size of 22" wide, by 8.5" tall.How to count the number of pages in a landscape booklet / catalog


Why is a landscape catalog and booklet such a powerful tool?

This out-of-the-ordinary catalog offers a huge and distinct display area. Businesses whose products or services are very visual can design their marketing materials using this landscape layout. Businesses can showcase more images and information related to the images, with a much better flow. A better flow usually creates a stronger connection with the reader, with all the benefits that a better relationship entails.

Flow of information: Whether your language flows from left to right, or from right to left, the wide double sheet allows presenting a story in a more intuitive way and perfectly aligns with the flow of the language.

Landscape booklets make a bigger impact on the reader. The content can be arranged in more creative ways, and by using the full width, narration, images, and data can be shown more clearly.


File preparation:

Submit your pages as single pages. Each page must include the corresponding crop marks and bleed if it is part of the intention.

If an image on one page extends into the next page, make sure that on each of the page files that you submit, the portion of the image that belongs to that page, is actually there.

Bleed: We recommend assigning a bleed amount of 0.25" per side (meaning on each of the four sides of the sheet, even if one side connects to another sheet

Online File Preparation: That option is not offered for this product. You will need to have your files prepared using your design and creative software and submit the files.

Preferred file type: PDF in single page, with bleed and crop marks indicated


Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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