Full-Color Table Covers and Table Throws

On this page you'll find table covers. An instant calculator is available as well as specifications and an FAQ (click to check it out). There are design tips as well. Click here for effective design tips
Our graphics team can create your custom design starting at just $10

Key Information about table covers

  • What do the tablecloths look like?  Because of the high-quality fabrics and printing methods used, the tablecloth will look vibrant and crisp, so your graphics will call for attention!
  • Primary Use: Trade show tables, exhibition and booths
  • Style: Rectangular, loose
    • 4 sides of the table fully covered  plus the top flat area of the table
    • 3 sides: 3 sides fully covered + backside covered (8"). The sides covered include one long side, two short sides, and the top flat area of the table. The other side has a 
  • Wrinkle-Free Fabric: 9oz polyester oxford Premium 
  • Printing Method: Full-color dye sublimation. This means that the ink becomes part of the fabric and can't be damaged by scratching, etc
  • Folding: Because the ink is not on top of the fabric but inside, you can safely fold the fabric without damaging the imprint.  
  • Washable: This product is fully machine washable. Use mild detergent. Dry flat for to prevent hot air from damaging the fabric.
  • Removing Wrinkles: Because the table covering is 100% polyester, it is very sensitive to heat. We do not recommend ironing.
  • Design is Fully Customizable: The designs to be applied on these table throws, or table covers can be fully customizable
  • Sizes: Table covers are offered for three standard table sizes
    - 4ft tables,
    - 6ft tables, and
    - 8ft tables 
  • Artwork requirements: Follow the templates available for the table covers.
    • Color space for design: CMYK. No PMS colors please because those might not match as expected.
    • Graphics Resolution: at least 150 dpi. We suggest that you create artwork at a higher resolution and bring it down later so that smaller objects do not look pixelated 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question:  Can I have a custom size table cover? My table's size is different from the ones offered.
    Answer:  The sizes offered on this page match the standard trade-show/ chamber-of-commerce events. These sizes are 4ft tables, 6ft tables, and 8ft tables. Table runners can be used on non-standard table sizes. if you need an estimate for a custom piece, please give us a call at 1-877-421-0668 
  • Question: Can I have a custom size table cover? My table's size is different from the ones offered.
    Answer: The sizes offered on this page match the standard trade-show/ chamber-of-commerce events. These sizes are 4ft tables, 6ft tables, and 8ft tables. Table runners can be used on non-standard table sizes. if you need an estimate for a custom piece, please give us a call at 1-877-421-0668 
  • Question: Will this table cover get stained?
    Answer: The fabric used to produce this product is polyester. The inks are sublimated, which means that they are infused in the fabric in the same way that the colors are part of performance garments. This means that the inks are not sitting 'on top" of the fabric, but inside. Certain products such as tomatoes sauce and others can penetrate the polyester fibers in the same way that a performance shirt can become damaged. For further questions about this point please give us a call at 1-877-421-0668 
  • Question: Do the colors fade in time?
    Answer: It will take a very long time an many washes for the colors to fade. This printing method and fabric produce products that will last for a very long time. For further questions about this point please give us a call at 1-877-421-0668 
  • Question: Which material is used for table runners and table covers for trade shows?
    Answer: The best materials are wrinkle-free polyester fabrics. These fabrics are made in standard colors, but it is best to print a custom message on white polyester fabrics, therefore you are not limited to a monotone piece. The advantage of this material against cotton or other blends is that this one does not shrink, it can be washed easily, it is light to carry and does not wrinkle. 
  • Question: What other styles of table covers are available?
    Answer: There are stretch fabrics that fits the shape of the table and does not slide easily. There are is a non-stretch model that better fits the shape of the table, leaving the corners without extra fold-over fabric 

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Extended description: 

What you will find as part of this product group, are primarily used in trade shows, exhibitions, and show-rooms.

Trade show space: Empty space before Color Copies USA installed table background and after

Whenever tables are used to display products or to work during a public event, a table with a table cloth will make a great impression.

An imprinted cloth on top of a table with the right messaging will help to represent a certain brand very successfully.

ABOUT THE THROWS: The table throws are made with 100% polyester fabric, and imprinted via sublimation. Sublimation is the manufacturing process by which the colored-pigments become embedded into the fibers of the fabric, so the water won't smear them, nor will water remove the colors. In other words, these fabrics are 100% washable and the colors will hold for very long periods.

SIZES OF TABLE THROWS: Trade show table cloths are usually made 3 sizes that correspond to the following sizes of tables:








Typical Trade Show Table 

  • 4ft wide tables - This size is the less frequently used.
  • 6 ft wide tables. 
  • 8ft wide tables.


AREAS COVERED BY TABLE COVER: We offer 2 styles of table covers.

  1. Loose Table Covers. Either 3 sides of the table can be covered, or 4 sides
  2. Stretched-Fabric Table Covers


PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: The technology used in the production of the throws allows the use of any ink color to be imprinted on the cloth. You can get a full-color print for the same price as a one-color imprint. What this means is that you can get a 100% customized table throw, exactly as you want it.

DESIGNS - ARTWORK FOR TABLE THROWS: It is usually the case that the designs used in table throws is rather simple because you still want the table to be comfortable to use, so the patterns usually selected by our clients are smooth.


Recommendations for an effective design of a table throw:


  1.  Friendly Pattern: Have a design pattern that will be friendly for individuals approaching the table and having an exchange using the tabletop. Depending on the products exhibited, a "noisy" background could divert the attention of the potential client and lose their attention.
  2.  Design for the proper size of the table: Check with the event organizer which sizes of tables they are planning to provide. You don't want to be short but neither have extra fabric on the floor creating a hazardous condition for those visiting your booth
  3.  Choose 3 sides or 4 sides: Envision how the table cloth will be used. If the table will stand-alone in an open space and people will just come near it, you might want to cover all 4 sides of the table. 
    If the table is going to be used as a work-desk, 3 sides covered and one open would be a better choice for the comfort of those individuals taking a sit next to the back of the table.
  4.  Style: Fabrics like the ones used in this product are mostly wrinkle-free, but if it all has to lay flat and tidy, a stretch-fabric table cloth might be something to look at.

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Ellen - 2024-02-12 - 5 / 5 stars
Quick Turnaround & Good Customer Service. I had a very last minute job and ColorCopiesUSA was able to complete my prints quickly. They made sure to communicate when they had a question about my print files to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend. Thank you!
Mike Wysocki - 2024-02-13 - 5 / 5 stars
Color Copiers made me an awesome table cloth for trade shows and when I mailed it home after a trade show the post office or ups lost it and blamed each other so I had them make me another tablecloth.
Kris - 2024-02-10 - 5 / 5 stars
Great Service. I had questions so I called after I placed my order and they were super helpful. They sent emails for approval and I received my order much faster than I expected. Qualify is great - print is a little small but that is because of the file type I sent them.
L. Osborne - 2024-02-02 - 5 / 5 stars
Very Good Experience. Quality was very good. Price was much better than others I checked - even with shipping. I made a mistake on my shipping selection on my order and they were very helpful in getting it corrected and the job sent out quickly.
David Ellefson - 2024-02-04 - 5 / 5 stars
Their Mission Is To Never Have a Dissatisfied Customer. Now that we're retired, my wife and I have been doing quite a bit of local and foreign traveling. After each trip, we put together a trip report to document what we did and what we saw. We've tried a number of local and web based printers but have never been very satisfied. Unfortunately, we end up with whatever we get. Frankly, the printed document we received back from Colorcopiesusa didn't please us either. I sent them a note explaining my dissatisfaction and to my surprise, I immediately received a note back telling me that their mission is to never to have a dissatisfied customer and that they would be willing to do a reprint based upon the details of my note. In a day (or two at the most) I received digital images of the new pages of my document with a note asking me to review them and give my OK. The photos were lighter and the colors truer per my request. I received the reprinted document a few days later, and I'm pleased to report, the document was really nice. Now I know what instructions to give with my next order, and I will most definitely have Colorcopiesusa do the next printing.
Holly - 2024-02-05 - 5 / 5 stars
Fast shipping. Product exceeded my expectations, especially for the price! Will be using this company again. Thank you!
tkbdvm - 2024-01-26 - 5 / 5 stars
A++ to Color Copies. I've used Color Copies for years. Their price for the quality of product can't be beat. The quality and clarity of photos is superior. They are fast too!