Table Throws

The table throws, or table cloths, that you will find as part of this product group, are primarily used in trade shows, exhibitions and show-rooms.

Trade show space: Empty space before Color Copies USA installed table background and after

Whenever tables are used to display products or to work during a public event, a table with a table cloth will make a great impression.

An imprinted cloth on top of a table with the right messaging will help to represent a certain brand very successfully.

ABOUT THE THROWS: The table throws are made with 100% polyester fabric, and imprinted via sublimation. Sublimation is the manufacturing process by which the colored-pigments become embbeded into the fibers of the fabric, so the water won't smear them, nor will water remove the colors. In other words, these fabrics are 100% washable and the colors will hold for very long periods.

SIZES OF TABLE THROWS: Trade show table cloths are usually made 3 sizes that correspond to the following sizes of tables:








Typical Trade Show Table 

  • 4ft wide tables - This size is the less frequently used.
  • 6 ft wide tables. 
  • 8ft wide tables.


AREAS COVERED BY TABLE COVER: We offer 2 styles of table covers.

  1. Loose Table Covers. Either 3 sides of the table can be covered, or 4 sides
  2. Stretched-Fabric Table Covers


PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: The technology used in the production of the throws allows the use any ink color of to be imprinted on the cloth. You can get a full color print for the same price of a one color imprint. What this means is that you can get a 100% customized table throw, exactly as you want it.

DESIGNS - ARTWORK FOR TABLE THROWS: It is usually the case that the designs used in table throws is rather simple, because you still want the table to be comfortable to use, so the patterns  usually selectd by our clients are smooth.

Recommendations for an effective design of a table throw:

  1. Have a design pattern that will be friendly for individuals approaching the table and having exchage using the table top. Depending on the products exhibited, a "noisy" background could divert the attention of the potential client and loose their attention.
  2. Check with the event organizer which sizes of tables they are planning to provide. You don't want to be short but neither have extra fabric on the floor creating a hazardous condition for those visiting your booth
  3. Envision how the table cloth will be used. If the table will be a stand alone in an open space and people will just come near it, you might want to cover all 4 sides of the table. 
    If the table is going to be used as a work-desk, 3 sides covered and one open would be a better choice for the comfort of those individuals taking a sit next to the back of the table.
  4. Fabrics like the ones used in this product are mostly wrinckle-free, but if it all nas to lay flat and tidy, a stretch-fabric table cloth might be something to look at.






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