Spiral Binding Book Printing for Manual, Reports, Planners, Notepads and more. Coil Binding is the same as Spiral Binding


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How many pages can you have in a coil-bound booklet?

When you print a spiral bound book, the sheets can be added one by one. Every sheet has two sides, that can get printed. 

As a reference, a 1 sheet booklet (really useless) makes a 2-page coil booklet for front/back printing.

ColorCopiesUSA is the best in coil bound book printing or spiral bound booklets.

We specialize in the following coil binding booklets with double-side printing for the following number of pages:

12 page coil booklet | 16 page coil booklet | 20 page coil booklet | 24 page coil booklet | 36 page coil booklet | 40 page coil booklet | 48 page coil booklet | 52 page coil booklet | 60 page coil booklet | 72 page coil booklet | 80 page coil booklet | 96 page coil booklet | 100 page coil booklet | 120 page coil booklet | 148 page coil booklet

You can create your custom spiral notebooks with custom pages

Infographic explaining how to count pages for a coil-bound booklet

What is a SPIRAL BOUND book, report, or planner?

When a multipage-page document needs to be kept together, with integrity but still make it easy to go through it, spiral binding (which is also known as coil binding because of the shape of the binding element) is a great option. It is a way in which multiple pages and covers can be kept together.

How the document is held together is through a durable plastic spiral or coil that is inserted through holes that are drilled into the document. The spiraled plastic looks pretty much like a coil and keeps the pages together as an assembled group.

The most asked question: How to count pages in a coil-bound booklet? See this infographic for details.


FAQ: This is what we get asked all the time

We created this section to provide information that will help you order spiral-bound books. We are always available to answer further questions. Just give us a call at 1-877-421-0668

Why is a coil-bound piece a great option?

Because you receive your manual, presentation, book or notepad assembled and shipped to your exact instructions. Coil binding is a great way to keep documents together

  • It's inexpensive and rich
  • Can be rushed for same-day production if necessary.
  • Landscape and Portrait formats are possible.
  • Landscape books can have a large display area of 8.5" x 22" which is very useful when large images and copy are necessary on the same spread
  • The largest sheet size that we can put a coil to on the 11" side is 11"x17", which produces an open viewing area of 11"x34"


Which products is Coil Binding used in?

Multiple opportunities to use coil binding

  • Coil Bound Presentations
  • Coil Bound Product and Training Manuals
  • Coil-bound business or sales proposals
  • Store Notepads
  • Personal Diaries
  • Educational use for teaching, learning and evaluation
  • Attendees handouts at seminars and conferences
  • Coil Binding Books


Why choose spiral binding with a plastic coil as opposed to other binding methods?

Why choose coil as opposed to other biding methods

  • All the pages of the document are kept assembled and in strict order
  • Flipping around pages for comfort
  • Fast and simple to order
  • Low minimum orders
  • In case of errors, quite easy to replace sheets


Can I order the coil in different colors?

The coil is available in an assortment of colors - Custom Order

  • White and black plastic coils are the standard.
  • Many others colors are available as custom order.
Please check with us for specific color availability


Which paper is suggested for spiral-bound books?

Which paper to use for coil binding?

Each of the options has certain merits.

Paper on which you can easily write with a pencil or pen

  • 20# copy paper. Economy option
  • 24# paper (recommended) - Less see-through
  • 28# paper - Feels good

Paper that is optimal to print nice pictures but where writing is less friendly

  • 80# gloss text (lighter alternative)
  • #100 gloss text (suggested)


If I order a clear plastic for the front and a black plastic cover for the back, do you recommend using a hard printed cover under the clear plastic?

question about using thick covers in spiral bound books

  • The plastic front and back covers protect the book itself
  • Nothing will replace the feeling of a nice and thick cover for the front of the book, which your clients will see and feel over and over when browsing the document.
  • Hardcovers make the publication much stiffer, eliminating some flimsiness
  • People interpret a thick cover as a more trustworthy document


picture that shows the punched holes and necessary margins

How big are the holes punched? What's the necessary margin?


  • The holes are round and measure about 5/32"
  • The typical pitch is 4:1 (distance from one "ring" to the next is 0.25". There are other sizes
  • Suggested margin to text: 0.5"


What are the steps needed to produce spiral coil binding? At which stage of the production process are the paper and covers punched?

Many steps are required to make a spiral-bound book

  • First Step: Printing and collating. All the elements of the book have to be assembled, starting with the document, followed by the printed covers and the plastic protections.
  • Second Step. Using the punching-binding machine. The next step is to punch the document and its covers keeping the order. A heavy-duty punching machine is used. After the punching has taken place, the binding machine will insert the coil and roll it so that it "knits" all of the pages through all of the punched holes.
  • Third Step: Securing the plastic coil to prevent it from coming out: A special plyer will cut and bend the coil to reduce the chances of it coming out.


spiral-bound book with custom tabs shown

Can you add tabs to the manual / training book / sales proposal?


  • Yes. Unless you need a specific layout of tabs, we would distribute up to 5 tabs on the 11 inch side
  • The tabs can be custom printed.
  • Tabs help to organize a publication


Can I make a spiral-bound book at home?

Tool used to crimp the plastic coil

  • In order to make a book, you need a printer, a punching machine, a coil binding machine, a coil inserter, a plier, coil binding supplies such as coil and plastic covers. and plastic.
  • Replacing pages at your office could be hard if you don't have the tools. Even if you order the pre-punched sheets from your print provider, there might be some misalignment on the punch.


Sheets Guide: How many sheets can you assemble with each size of coil?

Multiple opportunities to use coil binding

The estimate reflects 20# copy paper for a reference. Other types of paper are thicker, which will reduce the number of sheets indicated in this guide

Note that the diameter of the coil is indicated in milimiters.

Table with coil size and number of sheets

Coil Diameter measured in milimiters(mm)6 mm8 mm10 mm12 mm14 mm16 mm18 mm20 mm23 mm25 mm28 mm30 mm32 mm38 mm45 mm50
Coil Diameter measured in inches(REFERENCE).25"5/16"0.4"1/2"35/64"5/8"0.7"0.8"15/16"1"17/64"1 3/16"1 1/4"1 1/2"1 3/4"2"
Sheet Capacity (For copy paper)35 pages60 pages80 pages100 pages120 pages140 pages160 pages180 pages210 pages230 pages260 pages280 pages290 pages360 pages425 pages460 pages


The picture shows a number of white sheets grouped and assembled together throught the use of coil to obtain a piece that is spiral bound. In order to be able to insert a coil, it is necessary to drill holes through which the coil is threaded.


Picture of white sheets assembled through the use of coil to create a spiral bound document. Notice the drilled holes that allow us to thread the coil to create one single assembly unit

Most popular booklet-page count for coil-spiral binding

The following list shows the number of pages requested by our clients most of the time.

12 page coil booklet    |   16 page coil booklet  |    20 page coil booklet  | 24 page coil booklet | 36 page coil booklet | 40 page coil booklet | 48 page coil booklet | 52 page coil booklet | 60 page coil booklet | 72 page coil booklet | 80 page coil booklet

For questions about other custom page counts for your coil book, call us at 1-877-421-0668

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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