Retractable banners and window decoration are the cornerstone of the modern marketing trends. Light weight, retractable banners can be extended in less than a minute, can be transported easily even in international flights. Window decoration on the other hand provides attractive large panels with promotional materials at a fraction of the cost of most other advertising systems.

Retractable Banners and Roll-up Banners

Standard Retractable Banner made for Food Tech

All posters, retractable banners, roll-up banners, signs or posters mounted on foam board are all printed on smooth plastic paper in the highest photographic resolution and quality available, then laminated for lasting protection.

Retractable banners are ideal for both large and small trade shows. Eye catching retractable banners present a great way to attract the attention of passers-by.

Where to locate retractable banners:If you are designing your booth for a trade show, you might want to know where retractable banners are usually placed. Check at the ideal location for retracable banners:

  • Next to the corridors
  • People walk in either traffic direction. Walking from different directions visitors get a different first impression. Make sure that you take into account the most likely circulation pattern of the flor to maximize your company's exposure.
  • In larger booths, you might want to use retractable banners and double sided retractable banners to break large areas into more intimate, theme oriented exhibition areas



This Trade Show Banner was made for Husque, Australia that attended a trade show in USA

Amazon Web Services asked Color Copies USA to print a retractable banner for a trade show

Full Color Posters and Window Decoration Graphics

Mrs. Fields Store promoting a new coffee service at this particular store

Mounting: To get flat rigid posters, the images can be mounted on a variaty of substrates, such as foam boardaluminum, PVC, and others. These large full-color posters are used in many different ways:

  1. Price list panels behind counters

  2. In a food dourt as store front decoration

  3. Hanging pieces in clothing stores. Usually two sided.

Posters mounted on foamboard that will sit on easels at the trade show
Rancho Chico decorated the windows of their Stuart Restaurant

Window decoration with microperforated vinyl

This type of window decoration will last for several years. In the example above, this Mexican restaurant located in Stuart, FL wanted to emulate the atmosphere of the interior in the guest's mind as they walk towards the restaurant. The restaurant's theme is that of an old town country house. The stone archs work fantastically well with their concept. Guests love it!

Promoting a new coffee store in an open air shopping plaza. Posters and graphic design

Duomo Caffee at an open sky deluxe mall. Downtown at the Gardens, Palm Beach, FL

Promoting a store in an open air shopping mall requires deep considerations before deciding on the graphics and sizes. The following factors must be considered when creating an image for such store:

  1. What do people see from diffrerent angles? Sometimes there are movie theaters on a second floor while your store is on the first floor. Make sure that you get the best possible view to the windows of the store.

  2. Understand the how the flow of visitors to the shopping center works. Use retractable banners that can be moved around to different windows to take advantane of the incoming or outgoing flow.



Deluxe Retractable Banner. Detail

A teardrop-shape and a more upscale image are the first thoughts that will probably come to your mind. But a stronger rolling mechanism, a variable-hight pole and 4 additional inches in height will also make a difference in the long term. Consider this option because of shape or frequency of use.

Decorating a store at a store in an open shopping center requires different perspectives at design time

retractable banner for spyn

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