Why are there so many business card options?

Individuals and businesses have different needs and preferences; some want to be seen as more traditional. Other people might like something more unique and why not, eye-catching. 

These personal preferences  must be reflected in your business cards. Luckily within the variety of choices, you'll find the one that works the best for you.

The different types of business cards offered by  ColorCopiesUSA allow you to match your style with the right card. The card will produce a visual impact and you want it to be the right one for your style.

Reasons that explain why there are so many options:

  • Different materials: Business cards can be made from a variety of materials. The most typical is cardstock, while other options include plastics and metals.

  • Different finishes: Cards can be printed on the substrates that show the material as is. They can be covered with gloss or matte coatings.  and even with coatings applied to specific areas, such as when spot UV is utilized. 

  • Different features that increase usability: There are a variety of possibilities, but QR codes, magnetic strips, and embossing are probably some of the most frequently used.

Ultimately the best business card for you or your business depends on your personal needs and preferences. 

If you want to be distinct and take advantage of the latest technologies used to print custom business cards, you will find options that include foil, UV coating, spot UV coating, raised UV coating, plastic cards, super thick cards, and magnetic cards.

There are many options to choose from, to make your business card, your branding, and your marketplace recognition unique.

Creating your business card:

When placing orders, you will gain access to predesigned templates that are fully customizable right on your screen. The use of the online designer is free of charge.


picture of business cards printed on 14pt or 16pt cover stock | ColorCopiesUSA

Thick cards with UV coating. Customize your design in our interactive designer. Pre-made templates.

Starts at $ 21.00
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picture of very thick business cards - 18pt | ColorCopiesUSA

Make a statement with these sturdy-good looking cards

Starts at $ 26.85
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picture of business cards that can get printed on the same day

Standard business cards custom printed. Ready for pick-up on the same day. Customize your design in our interactive designer. Pre-made templates.

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matte business cards with a layer of spot UV displayed | ColorCopiesUSA

Elegant cards. Matte is the perfect finish on certain occasions. Customize your design in our interactive designer. Pre-made templates.

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picture of business cards with a glossy UV coating | ColorCopiesUSA

The contrast of matte and gloss with spot UV. Bring attention to where you want it.

Starts at $ 71.78
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picture of business card with gold foil applied

Premium look and feel. Make an impact!

Starts at $ 88.65
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picture of Business cards with raised spot UV

A matte card with raised spot UV makes your card glow! Premium series.

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picture of business cards made out of 3 layers of coverstock. Ultra-thick and side colored |ColorCopiesUSA

With this premium card, up to 38pt thick, your card is a conversation opener. Unique and elegant.

Starts at $ 53.10
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business cards where the substrate is a clear and translucent  plastic | ColorCopiesUSA

Premium plastic cards. This minimalistic card says a lot about you!

Starts at $ 125.00
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picture of a business card printed on a white frosted plastic |ColorCopiesUSA

Use frosted Premium cards for gift cards. Be yourself and show it in your cards.

Starts at $ 125.00
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picture of a business card printed on a white frosted plastic |ColorCopiesUSA

Great for outdoors, mark service visits so that users can contact you right away.

Starts at $ 62.40
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picture of business-card-size magnets to promote shops | ColorCopiesUSA

Be top-of-mind with cards that your clients will keep on their fridge and furniture. Make it easy to your clients to find your info.

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