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All About Cheap Color Copies (Affordable Printing)

Not only we offer the cheapest printing and copying prices, but we provide guidance as of what makes a good selection of printing papers and other considerations.

Should I order cheap printing online or find a local copy-printing-company near me?
But is the cheapest printing price enough reason to commit to ordering from a certain company?

Cheap Color Copies / Cheap Color Printing

When you order cheap color copies from us, you get, the best of all worlds:
#1 -Super competitive pricing,
#2 - The higher quality standards,
#3 - and most importantly, a friendly team.

FAQ's • Frequently Asked Questions


Prices vary based on the size of your order. As of February 2021, here are a few examples that illustrate the cost of printing copies through

  • Eg #1 - 1 copy in full color of 6 different pages will print it for $3.11
  • Eg #2 - 1,000 copies printed in full-color of 1 page, for $80.88
  • Eg #3 - 2,500 copies of 1 page, full-color print, for $175.85

Even if there is not a black or white answer, we believe that it is always better to use a professional printing company for your printing needs.

  • Supplies Based on the advertised price of home desktop printers, it might look as though printing at home might be cheaper .
  • Maintenance Keeping a printer in good working condition requires maintenance, epecially for ink jet printers. Not only that creates expenses but takes time and commmitment to prevent print-heads to clog and become useless.
  • Paper Selection You might not want to store different qualities of paper just in case. Paper attracts humidity, which damages it. Your paper might become unusable.
  • Speed of printing: Printers at home are not that fast, tend to feed croocked and jam. That adds time and waste
  • Technical issues at home: You'll have very limited help, a ton of frustration and a result that might not satisfy you. A professional service provider eliminates this struggle for you.
  • This "Cheap Color Copies"   product has a limited number of options, limited to those that most clients find the most relevant. Avoiding extra options makes it easier to place your order.
  • The  "Color Copies" is a full-blown experience product. It is loaded with options that can get your printed documents as customized as possible.
  • "Cheap Color Copies"   has ground shipping discounts and even free ground shipping at times. Overall pricing might be benefitial to your organization.

To learn more about paper, click here to read an in-depth article.

  • Copy Paper - 20lbs: This is the standard entry paper mostly used for flyers, forms. It has some see-through which might be inconvenient for double-sided printing. Ideal for writing or to take notes.
  • Thicker - 24lbs: This is a whiter paper with less see-through, standard for front/back printing. Writing on it is easy because it is uncoated.
  • Even Thicker - 28lbs: This is such a nice paper that is ideal for documents that you want to preserve. It's perfect for workbooks, product specifications and instructions. Writing on it is easy because it is uncoated.
  • Gloss paper - 80lbs: Images print nicer on glossy paper because it has been coated with a smooth ceramic finish and images print beautifully on top of it. Also great for product brochures and data sheets
  • Gloss paper - 100lbs: This one is a thicker brochure-quality paper. Images print nicer on glossy paper because it has been coated with a smooth ceramic finish and images print beautifully on top of it. Also great for product brochures and data sheets

Top Quality: Regardless of which product you order from us, either color copies or cheap color copies, it all remains the same in terms of care, quality, paper used and quality control. Cheap color copies is a streamlined version that allows for savigns that we pass along to you.

This product might become a better option for you while you will receive the same great service from our company.

Yes: When placing your order, make sure to select the option to pick-up

Before coming wait until you get the confirmation that the job is ready. You can check by phone as well at 954-563-2505

Toner-based digital printing. This technology is very efficient for smaller numbers of copies.

Offset printing, sometimes known as Lithography printing. This technology is is fast, and for large number of reproductions of the same document, very efficient in terms of production cost. selects the most efficient printing technology for each order.

  • Use bright colors in your design
  • Use an image adjustment tool to recover the intensity and contrast that the shot might have lost.
  • Some of the FREE image editors that you can use: Gimp - Image Manipulation, Apple Photos, Microsoft Photos, Pixlr, and many others
  • Handle your images in high resolution, 300dpi is recommended,
  • Do not copy and paste images grabbed from the internet. 

Yes. There's an interactive graphic design tool on our webite that allows you to design, tweak and make your design perfect. The best part: IT IS FREE TO USE.

Yes! We offer full supportCall our support team! 1-877-421-0668

Orders for this product must be completed online. No phone or email orders can be accepted.

We are in the East Coast

Remember that to earn the benefit of free ground shipping, you must complete your order fully online.

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Cheap Color Copies. Truth and Lies about what it really means.

"We need this document printed now!" says one of your colleagues. Of course, you are now in charge: All that you know is that you have to get this document printed!

This charicature shows a person in doubt
They told me to get "cheap color copies". Who should I order from?

Your first thought: "Should I shop for copies online?" Will we be satisfied? What if I find the best prices but the quality is not up to our needs? What if they are late? Would they have a support team that will make my customer experience right?

Yet another idea pops up!: "Maybe I should hire this local copy printing company instead!". Would they have the lowest prices? Are they quality oriented?

With this dilemma in place, I'll present to you a couple of things to check before you make your decision.

Cheap if the first thing that most of us as consumers initially think. With the changing economy these days, you might need cheap, but take a moment to reconsider.

I think that the answer is linked to the context and your purpose. Here are some ways of looking at the question:

Our offer of cheap copies provides tons of positives. That's why we offer them.

  • Is it price-related? Is it a printed copy that is cheap price-wise, and that's all you care about?

  • Intent of use: Or is it a printed document that is intended to be used as a call-to-action flyer and rapidly thrown-away? If so, is the look-and-feel important so that you can drive business?

  • Quality and price: Or is it a high-quality product, with a customer service experience, at the lower-than-expected price given the attributes?

  • How long does it take? Is the turnaround time critical for your project? After all, your print-order is needed at a certain time in a certain way.

  • Flexibility: Is a potential order cheap because you will need to commit to placing an order for items that you won't get to use?

  • Cheap in a way represents your resignation to things that could be important to your order but you might overlook, without a clear understanding of the result is affected.

In responding, consider the following information:

Online Printing Companies: Some online printing companies will do a better job on one or another aspect of the sale or their customer support. A few online printing companies will entice you with a low base price.

When you add other costs and fees to the base price, the offer might not look as attractive as they originally did. It might be true that the base price is the lowest, but once it is all said and done, it might be a different story.

Is talking to real people important?: Some companies won't make a customer care support team member available for a live call with you. We do

Who is manufacturing?: Some companies are just intermediaries, without a physical production facility. Their commitments might be difficult for them to keep, because they are not really in control. We are in control of the whole process, including production.

Support in Graphic Design: Preparing documents specifically for print requires some experience. If you would rather have an open ear to ask, how important is that? Our team is ready for your questions and we'll help as much as we can.

Local Printing Companies: Many of our clients love that our response time is quick. Other printing companies take long to respond, to provide estimates, and to run the jobs. ColorCopiesUSA is an agile company.

made in the USA iconWe care about our country, community, quality and your success. Therefore we never outsourced to other countries and kept it local. Manufacturing is our passion

Is buying from a reputable company that stands behind their work important to you?

If so, having been in business since 2004, we've learned out of mistakes, and have helped thousands of clients achieve their marketing goals.

Hundreds of clients have reviewed our work along time, giving us 5-Stars in recognition for what they call and outsanding quality and service. We are really proud that our clients appreciate our work so much.

What we know is that the price by itself does not make a copy cheap or expensive.

Bundle of Services: A combination of the following aspects of involved in a purchase will help you decide what is acceptable to you.

  • How much should I pay for a printed job?
  • Will my prints look great?
  • I need to make sure that I get them in hand by this specific day.
  • If the printing company finds an error in my artwork, will they let me know?

ColorCopiesUSA makes it easy for you to decide: Order with us! Get a great price, high-quality color copies, and place your order today!

It is a Truth that getting your overall needs at a price that you find fair is great.

It is a Lie that Cheap Color Copies are cheap (dollar-wise). Paying less does not necessarily help you achieve your goals.

picture showing high quality color copies and an invitation to call and order from

You still have to decide which approach to take and what is important for your project.

We have some great news for you!

Color Copies USA, is an online and brick-and-mortar printing company, established in South Florida, nationally recognized. We can be of great help to achieve your goals. We balance what we have seen are the most critical aspects for our clients: cost, service, and turnaround commitment.

Keep Costs Down: helps you keep your costs down when you need cheap color copies. We will work with you to determine the most cost-effective means for producing cheap color copies, without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

We are Manufacturers! Since we are a real manufacturing company in an established location, we can serve you in a way that becomes the most convenient for you. You can place orders at our office or online, even over the phone, and either pick-up at our location or save your time by using our delivery options.

Cost Effective: While we offer cheap color copies, we deliver cost-effective color copy printing. We do not want our clients to walk away with a product that looks cheap or that is not in-hand for when you need it.

We want you to be proud: We want our clients to walk away with a product they are proud of, while at the same time, walking away with a product that does not break the bank or blow the budget.

Perception is All: If you can see it, your clients can as well: We don't want your customers to perceive you as selling cheap products by distributing cheap color copies. We want your customers to see your business savvy by distributing cost-effective marketing materials, while you focus your budget on producing quality products.

This is key: Think about it! When your handouts that create enthusiasm and motivate people to take action, a nice looking document is so much more effective than with cheap color copies.

Let's explore this concept:

This example will make the point: Let's imagine that you need to print multiple copies of a document.  You need 250 color copies printed on one side. It happens to be the datasheet of a product that you have been selling and shipping online.

If you purchased the printed documents on the cheapest color copy paper, it would cost you in our store, about $52.50 (excluding shipping). If you upgraded your paper to elegant glossy paper (#80 gloss), your 250 color copies would cost $62,18. That is only about $10.00 extra.

Presentation is EVERYTHING: Because of the higher quality of your presentation,some amazing things can happen: Your sales might go up!
By spending a small additional amount, you may able to reel in another customer that will spend far more than the additional $10.00 you spent in creating your catalog.

We have seen this situation repeated over and over, which is why we are sharing with you the wisdom of experience.

An incereased attention to quality usually produces noticeable results. It pays off big time.


Call us! 1-877-421-0668. Do not hesitate to give us a call to inquire about your printing or color copies project. We will present you with our best opinion based on the specific situation that you are dealing with.

We are commited to our clients, and this is what they shared publicly through verified reviews on Google, Better Business Bureau, Truspilot, Verified Reviews, Facebook, Yelp and others:

  • Maite Roca said: "GREAT SERVICE AND ATTITUDE 100% OF THE TIME! Even when we are rushing Sergio is always EXTRA helpful. They make us shine with our newsletter printing! Thank you! Maite Roca, Art Coordinator. Marian Center School and Services " Read the review as published in Trustpilot.

  • Cynara said: "I'm very happy with the work that Color Copies USA has done for me, they are very reliable and their quick answer to all my questions was superb. I fully recommend their service for all your commercial marketing needs. I will definitely be their loyal customer from now on. Thanks Sergio for your outstanding work and taking care of all my business needs. " Read the review as published in Verified Reviews.

  • Angel said: " Color Copies USA not only went above and beyond in accommodating our short term needs, they gave us extremely good pricing and just the feel that I found what I was looking for. Lately print shops have become so demanding that they forget some customer are not technical or have the background to provide a workable file. CCUSA asked for what was necessary to make it the best it could be and we could not be happier. If looking for an old school person to person feeling even though it's virtual, then given them a chance. Worth the time and I simply don't give reviews, they made it happen so absolutely." Read the review as published in Verified Reviews.

Our phone number is 1-877-421-0668



Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

Configure & Price

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(Min: 1, Max: 1000)
Double Sided
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24# Uncoated28# Uncoated80# Gloss Txt 100# Gloss Txt
20# Copy Paper
24# Uncoated
28# Uncoated
80# Gloss Txt
100# Gloss Txt
Bleed - Print to Edge
White Border is OK
Bleed - Print to Edge
Letter Fold Out Letter Fold InHalf Fold StdHalf Fold InsideAccordion
No Folding
Letter Fold Out
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Half Fold Std
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3 Holes
No Drilling
3 Holes
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Separate groups of identical copies
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Rush Service
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Rruspilot Review


Derek A. Tillman, II - 2023-07-11 - 5 / 5 stars
Color Copies USA has been my preferred vendor of choice for my printing needs for over 10 years. As a graphic designer, I call on them often to print my funeral programs and various other materials. Sergio & Viv are ALWAYS attentive and responsive; they ALWAYS come through for me, even when I am in a time crunch and need a fast turnaround! I really appreciate that they are able to accommodate small projects as well as large print orders when needed. I highly recommend Color Copies USA!
Erica P. - 2023-07-04 - 5 / 5 stars
Super Quick and Responsive. Very easy to work with, submitted our request for the items we needed and within 2 hours I had a detailed response of the cost. The most inexpensive around the Fort Lauderdale area, and both the signs and copies came out great.
customer - 2023-07-05 - 5 / 5 stars
Excellent work, very satisfied with the quality, customer service and the speed with which they finished the job. Without a doubt, I would once again put my projects in their hands.
Nick Miller - 2023-07-10 - 5 / 5 stars
Great to work with, quick and easy. When there was a concern, they reached and out and had it resolved in minutes.
El flaco - 2023-07-10 - 5 / 5 stars
Really good quality and fast delivery
Barbara - 2023-05-29 - 5 / 5 stars
We love Color Copies USA! I own a dance studio, and we order our annual yearbooks from them for many years now. The colors are very vibrant and clean! I could not be more satisfied and I highly recommend them!
customerJeff - 2023-06-25 - 5 / 5 stars
Sergio and Vivian work extremely hard to please me. I drop off a job it’s always ready the next day. The quality is great and pricing is fair
Vincent DeCarolis - 2023-06-20 - 5 / 5 stars
Excellent Printer. The team at Color Copies USA produced an excellent trifold brochure. It was completed 2 days prior to the expected completion date. I highly recommend Color Copies USA.
Sunsurray Wynn - 2023-06-18 - 5 / 5 stars
Great work I would recommend. My experience was nothing but amazing I was nervous about my first magazine and they did an excellent job ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Tina K - 2022-11-15 - 5 / 5 stars
My order just arrived. The copies look great and delivery was way faster than expected. A technician from Color Copies contacted me about clarity of the image right away and dealt with the problem very effectively. I highly recommend this company!