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Number #9  Return Envelopes 
Also Known as Number #9 Courtery Reply Envelopes

Size of #9 Return Envelopes:  The closed envelope's size is 
Width x Height: 8.875" x 3.875"  - 8-7/8" x 3-7/8"

Typical use of #9 Return Envelopes :Return envelopes are usually used as secondary envelopes in a direct mailing campaign.

Postage for #9 Return Envelopes.  Envelope always require postage to be actually delivered by USPS.
When the envelope is preprinted with pre-approved USPS permit,  whoever is going to be sending that #9 envelope back, does not have to attach postage. The postage will be prepaid and charged to the issuer of the envelope. USPS has to strictly format the copy on the envelope and provide specific barcodes and other instructions so that the system will work.

This envelope is usually mailed to prospects or clients inside a #10 envelope.The recepient is expected to return something back to the original sender of the mailing piece.
Whatever has to be returned to the initial sender is supposed to be enclosed into a #9 return envelope and sent back.

In short, this envelope is usually PART of a larger mailing program.

1 -What is usually mailed back inside a #9 envelope?
The size of this envelope still allows for a  letter size sheet to be folded and inserted into this #9 envelope, making it extremely versatile.
Tipically there are registration cards mailed back, payment checks, coupons, payment stubs, etc.

2 - Because this return envelopes are usually used to send documentation back to a specific address, this envelopes are pre-addressed.
In these envelopes, the destination where the envelope will ultimately be received is preprinted by a printer, leaving  marked space on the left top corner so that the sender can identify a return address, or an account number that is related to the documentation that is being mailed. 

3 - Is it necessary to use security -tinted envelopes when expecting to receive payments?
It is not common but for certain documents you might prefer to use security envelopes. Especially if health forms are expected to be mailed back, or certain financial documents
We offer a selection of security-tinted envelopes that you can find among our products in the category ENVELOPES



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