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Select your picture and custom design your personal wrapping paper

This Christmas wrapping paper is so personal that it includes a picture of your loved ones, or even your picture so that when you wrap your gifts, your loved ones will fall in love right from the start.

It is one of those details that make a difference in perception. You show how much you care.


Exceptionally Elegant and Unique

The wrapping paper gets printed with 4-color inks, but no white ink.  If you are interested in printing your paper using white ink, please request a custom estimate.

A Christmas gift wrapped in paper with a special picture of your family, or your pet sets up for an enjoyable moment.

The time to order is now! Just play with the different options and we are sure that you'll love this.



Rolls are available in a width of 35" which easily adapts to the most complex shapes. Because we provide it in rolls instead of sheets, you can wrap those large boxes bringing your picture and brand even to significantly increase your exposure

A corporate gift packed in a delicate wrap that elegantly displays your brand makes your company shine like no other.

This is a fantastic element of that special gift that you want to give to a spouse, a grandchild, or if you want it as a staple in a reunion.

Just provide our creative team with the highest resolution picture that you want to print, your logo, a message.  Tell us about your preferred color scheme and a beautiful roll of wrapping paper will be custom printed just for you.

We'll use super high-quality metalized paper (it actually has a thin layer of aluminum). When made into wrapping, you won't believe how beautiful it is, and how it shines!

We know of many clients saving the paper to keep it as a souvenir, or even make it into small posters. :)