Raised Spot UV on Business Cards and Other Sizes

Description of the beautiful business cards:
- These cards are printed on a thick 16 Point Card Stock, giving it body and strength.
- Once printed, they are fully covered with a velvet-feel lamination on both sides of the card.
- On top of the velvet finishing, a 3-dimensional layer of spot UV is applied in the targeted areas.

- Do not apply spot UV on more than 30% of the area on the side.

How to order this product:
- Provide 2 files for each side where raised spot UV is to be applied:

  1. File #1 - Printing File - A printing CMYK file as you would normally do. The file must have cut marks and bleed if necessary
  2. File #2 - Mask File - This second file should be a vector file. This second file must register with the first one (same crop marks). Using cut marks for registration is the best way to go. This file will only contain graphics either in white or black 100% k=100. The black areas will indicate where the raised spot UV will be applied. No half-tones, no gradients. Only 100% black is admissible.

Our Graphics Department Team can create those additional files for you if you order that service

Do it yourself: Follow this tutorial to create your own spot UV masks and files in Adobe Illustrator


This is what end-users love about this product:

- Eye-catching: Raised UV provides your printed piece with an eye-catching texture that makes images and text pop.
- Something to remember: Memorable experience with these products

Matt VS.  Raised Gloss: A printed matt substrate comes to life with raised spot UV applied strategically bringing intensity, inspiration, and emotion to business cards that otherwise would not generate the interest that flat cards would.

Raised Spot UV  VS. Regular Spot UV

How is Raised Spot UV  different than  Regular Spot UV? That's an awesome question because both might feel the same when explaining, but they could not be more different in terms of the marketing results 

- Regular spot UV has a thin layer of UV varnish on top of designed areas, modifying the reflective condition of the areas where the UV is applied.

- Raised Spot UV not only changes the reflective condition, but it does it in a way not seen in the regular method. The fact that the UV is so thick, allows for the reflections and light to easily calls attention to the areas where the raised spot UV has been applied.

This product is unlike anything seen before. This is a way to provide some dimensional depth to a commercial product. 


Textured Paint / Impasto: is a thick painting technique that has been used for centuries now. Here are some historical references:

When you think of the word “impasto,” you probably think of thick, textured paintings that are often characterized by bold, vibrant colors. The impasto painting technique, also known as the “raised spot technique,” was developed by Italian Renaissance painters like Titian and Tintoretto, who used it to add depth, dimension, and texture to their works of art.

The technique was used by Rembrandt, Rubens, and many other maestros of their time. The expressionist Van Gogh used this technique extensively.

In the world of art, adding thickness to the paint is known as "impasto". Different artists have developed different techniques to produce the effect.

Business card printing has been a simple process, but as technology continues to advance, so do the techniques and processes used to create business card designs. Today, one of the most exciting techniques being used in business card design is raised spot UV printing, which is inspired by the impasto painting.

Luckily, in our times, we can get a similar effect applied to printed business cards, postcards, and thank-you cards with the use of Raised Spot UV, without requiring the artistic talent that is necessary for conventional art,

It has only been in the last 10 to 15 years that this technology has developed and became available.
This is the first time that this effect is achievable so massively and at such a low cost. ROI when using this finishing goes up dramatically.





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