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A foam board poster is a poster that sit on the face of a board. The typical board is strong and lightweight and can be shaped as needed.

Two ways in which foam board posters are manufactured:

  • Print the poster on a poster and mount it later on the foam board

  • Print straight on the foam board

According to the requirements of each project, we might assign the production resources to one or the other method.

File Preparation:

Your files should be high resolution.  Preferably vector files. 

If you choose raster (jpg, tiff) make sure that you create your artwork in high resolution (at least 300dpi) and only when the piece is ready, you can reduce the resolution to 150 dpi minimum. If you can handle the large file, we prefer to get it.

What is a foam board made of?

When the board has a core made of foam with smooth sides, it is called a foam board poster.

It is actually a thee layer board, where the inner layer is usually made of polysstyrene or polyurethane foam. The outer facing sides usually have a white or black coated paper. 

Some other boards will use cores where the foam is denser, or the material is even more rigid or heavier. For this product, we are offering the market standard foam option. If your project requires different specifications, please call us and we will produce a custom estimate based on your needs.

this is a picture of foam board. It clearly shows the 3 layers of which the board is made

Boards are available in different thicknesses, different finishes, some are white, some are black and even colored. 










Which is the most popular foam board used for posters?

As a general rule, foam board that is 3/16" thick, white of a medium density foam is the most popular substrate to which posters are mounted.

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