Order Banners: Choose a STANDARD SIZE or a CUSTOM SIZE. Upload your design, or customize one of the available predesigned banners.


Predesigned banners that you can customize:

We've created pre-designed templates of banners that you can use, for FREE. Our online tools allow you to fully customize a design and make it your own. Here is a snapshot of what's available, but there is so much more! Just click and browse!

example of predesigned vinyl banners that you can make your own using the online design tools


Standard Sizes: How many Standard Sizes do you offer?

When you use the "drop-down" to view the available sizes, you will see: 1.7'x3' , 4'x2.5', 4'x4', 2.5'x6', 2.5'x8', 2.5'10, 2.5'x12', 4'x6', 4'x8', 8'x8'

There are lots of pre-made designs that you can customize and order online. Guess what! Designing online and using our templates is totally free to you!


Custom Sizes: Can I choose my own custom size?

You can choose your custom size. The standard sizes are there to suggest common sizes.

On the size selector choose "custom sizes" and input the custom size. This graphic will help you find where to do wo

This image shows how to select Custom Size option so that you can fully customize your banner

Shows the actual size of the banner compared with a human figure of 6 feet

This image shows the size of different banners, compared to a person. Hopefully it helps you decide which is the ideal size for your vinyl banner


Design your unique custom vinyl banner, buy it on the cheap side, save money and make your business, storefront and indoor events be unique.


Custom banners printed on vinyl materials have a number of reasons that make them perfect for so many applications.

The vinyl banner material that is used to manufacture it is PVC which is a very inexpensive plastic, with great mechanical properties that make it ideal to produce banner signs in many different sizes.

The printing process used to bring the images and copy to a custom banner and thrill with it is very efficient and allows to obtain almost photo-quality imaging on top of vinyl that people look from a distance. The color gamut and color saturation that we get with our printing equipment when producing vinyl banners that can be used both indoors and outdoors is outstanding. The public that looks at these vinyl banner signs has almost no choice but to look at the banner that’s in front of them.

The picture shows an 8ft-wide custom vinyl banner that is being manufactured on a large work table. Grommets and hems are being added to the vinyl banner

8ft-wide custom vinyl banner that is being manufactured on a large work table. Grommets and hems are being added to the vinyl banner


Criteria to design vinyl banners


  • Large format signs must be designed at the real size. There are a number of tools that allow you to do so. Check Adobe tools and others
  • If there is photography involved, the resolution of the picture should be at least 150 dpi at printing size.
  • If the banner is created with vector artwork, the image can be enlarged or shrunk without loss of quality

6 Reasons to use custom banners for signage and advertising.

  1. Custom Sizes are not an issue: There are almost no limitations: The flexibility of custom banners to accommodate to the specific event are amazing. Banners can be 10ft wide by 50ft long or as small as 2ft x 2ft or even less. If the cheap vinyl banner is going to cover a wall, an outdoor-road-side sign or the window of a store, this product is flexible enough and can be used for every and any project
  2. Cost Effective: Vinyls are pretty inexpensive. The manufacturing of vinyl film dates back to many decades. It is a card card-body-known and efficient manufacturing process. The fact that it is manufactured in so many different widths makes if an ideal substrate. The printing equipment, large format printing, is very efficient, reliable and outputs very high quality images. The whole process is very efficient and therefore it translates into a very effective product. Vinyl banners look good, with high quality images, durable materials, it is perfect for advertising and marketing.
  3. High Definition and Vibrant Colors: We manufacture our custom banners using high-resolution HD quality printing. The pigmented inks that we use are strong and their colors intense. As a result the printing quality that we put on the banners is outstanding. The image quality from a close distance is perfect, which makes it an even better option for the public that will most of the time look at the banners from a distance.
  4. Quick Turnaround: The fact that we run our own printing equipment at our production unit in Oakland Park, FL, we are in control of production and production time. What this means to you is that we can rush your orders on the same day. Being our printers fast and efficient, we can do wonders for your last minute need.
  5. Durability: Custom vinyl banners are protected against the exposure of UV rays, making them weather-resistant for a number of years. Indoors, without the exposure to the sun, you might be able to keep your banner for years without noticing any degradation on the printing nor the substrate.
  6. Easy to install and remove: Custom vinyl banners are usually finished with hems and grommets. Through the grommets and with the use of ropes, or zip ties or nails, it is very easy to hold a custom banner. It is even easier to take them down
    Large format printer printing custom banner image. Observe the high levels of saturation and color realism.

7 ways to use custom vinyl banners to grow your business

  1. Inside stores to bring attention to certain products being offered
  2. At construction sites, “wrapping” the perimeter of the construction site, on the fences, with advertising banners
  3. Use them to bring attention to new businesses. Large banners hanging on the front side of restaurants, convenience stores, hardware stores, etc.
  4. Use them at local farmer’s markets to identify the vendors and offer promotions

    A couple of banners at the outside, on street
  5. School stadiums are usually packed with students and parents desiring to support the local community. Vinyl banners are perfect for advertising at those events.
  6. At athletic and sportive events: Public sports events most of the time take place at stadiums, such as football or baseball games, soccer, etc. Other athletic events take place on the streets of a town such marathons, triathlons, walks. All of those events usually take place thanks to the sponsors of the events. The sponsors usually get rewarded with the right to display advertising at the venue. In a stadium the advertising might be seen in the field and around the concession stores while in the case of street events, sponsorship signage will be found all along the road.

    An advertising banner hanged on a bridge in a park

    A group of advertising banners on a street event
  7. Use them as signage in the storefronts

    A banner hanged on a pizza store front door


  • Can I use images that I download from the internet?: No. The internet just has low-resolution images. Large format printing requires images that are large in nature, that contain a los of detail Check at image banks for high resolution images
  • Can banners be printed on both sides?: The most commonly used banners are printed on vinyl scrim banners that weight 13 or 15oz/sqft. Those substrates are not designed to be printed on both sides. There is a thicker and double-side smooth vinyl banner that is appropriate for double sided printing. It is typically an 18oz material.
  • Are vinyl banners resistant to UV radiation?: The vinyl is manufactured with UV resistant additives. The inks, which have pigments, are somehow resistant to UV exposure. Outdoors lifespan is a couple of years. To add protections, using an overlaminate could help extend the lifespan.
Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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