picture of #10 envelopes printed in full color with and without window | ColorCopiesUSAStarts at $ 25.00

#10 Envelopes - Business Size Envelopes

The most popular envelope. Regular or with a window. Single or full color. You choose.

picture of many different #9 envelopes - Return - with print | ColorCopiesUSAStarts at $ 49.00

#9 Courtesy Return Envelopes

Usually mailed inside a #10, makes it easy to respond. Use for payment, donations, etc.

picture showing security-protected envelopes with a triangular flapStarts at $ 125.00

#10 and #9 - Tinted Inside Security Envelopes

Security envelopes prevent see-through. Ideal for financial documents and private letters.

Illustration of 6Starts at $ 40.00

6 x 9 Booklet Envelopes

Perfect to insert pieces up to 5.5"x8.5" such as catalogs and brochures

Illustration of 9Starts at $ 45.00

9 x 12 Large Envelopes

Used to mail letter-size sheets, magazines, and catalogs. 

Illustration of 10Starts at $ 54.88

10x 13 Large Envelopes

Inserts as big as a letter-size presentation folder. Thick stacks of documents will fit into this large envelope. Custom Printed

Illustration of an A2 envelope seen from the back with the square flap | ColorCopiesUSAStarts at $ 34.90

A2 Envelopes -

Ideal for invitations and reply. Side seam, square flap, international sizes. One fits into the other

Illustration of an A6 envelope seen from the back with the square flap | ColorCopiesUSA

A6 Envelopes

Ideal for invitations. Side seam, square flap, international sizes. Fits into A7 envelopes.

Illustration of an A7 envelope seen from the back with the square flap | ColorCopiesUSA

A7 Envelopes

Enclose 5"x7" invitations, pictures or greeting cards

Offering envelopes 6-3/4Starts at $ 40.00

6-43/4" - Offering Envelopes - Tithe Envelopes

Customize the fields in our interactive designer. Use to collect donations.

Offering Remittance envelopes 6-3/4

6-43/4" - Remittance Extra Large Flap Offering Envelopes - Tithe Envelopes

Collect donations, keep privacy, and have it mailed back to you. Customize it with our interactive designer.