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Synthetic paper menus for restaurants and bars

Waterproof menus for restaurants and training manuals and cook books for your chef and your kitchen team.

Did you drop coffee on the menu? No problem! It's plastic!

Restaurant and bar operators are usually subject to a number of regulations that go from obtaining several licenses to Hygiene Codes and Standards.

The purpose of the codes and regulation, as you well know, is to ensure that only safe and wholesome food is provided to your clients, preventing foodborne diseases to be transmitted. During the pandemic, the CDC has issued additional considerations to keep in mind. The purpose is to remove the possibility of getting sick from the menu of options.

We offer: To support restaurant and bar operators, we offer synthetic plastic menus, folded and scored menus and other types of plastic-laminated menus

Material type: The synthetic plastic used is usually a matte polyester. It is paper that is waterproof, meaning that it is not porous, and therefore  it doesn't soak water nor grease. It  is usually not laminated any further, but it can be for an even more durable outcome.

Thicknesses of the synthetic paper: We offer an 8pt plastic that mechanically behaves like 70# (or 28#) paper, up to thick and resilient 14pt plastic.

Are all of the options offered waterproof? Yes!

Safely provide menus to your clients:

Many restaurant owners have used disposable paper menus, contactless QR codes that help display the menus in your client's phone or to print menus on synthetic paper, which are plastic substrates that can be sanitized. Our clients think that menus printed on synthetic substrates make the most sense in most cases.

This is why menus printed on synthetic waterproof plastics solve most of the concerns.

  • Plastic menus look and feel awesome! To begin with the benefits we have to make an emphasis on how beautiful the menus look.

    • You might think that ColorCopiesUSA is just a paper printing company, don't be confused. In our role as plastic printers, the variety of plastic products that we print will surprise you.

    • You could well describe us as a plastic menu printing company, which would be accurate.
  • The printing quality on synthetic papers is superior to what is possible by printing on conventional paper.
  • Full Color Synthetic Paper Printing: The synthetic menus are mostly printed in full color, with colors that pop! Cleaning and sanitizing them is easy! Therefore making your clients feel safe, and for you, having a checkmark on that safety aspect feels good.
  • Sanitizing menus printed on plastic paper: How can you keep them clean? by using water and soap, and by using a diluted solution of water + alcohol to keep the surfaces clean and healthy. Wipe the menus clean in a snap.
  • Plastic menus are durable: When the clients are given paper menus, even when those are inside a hard cover, it is usually the case that the menus get marked with oil or grease. The corners start to look torn or folder. Synthetic paper menus have tear-resistance and can't be broken by hand. Not even pulling it will break it!

Your shop could significantly improve the marketing options. Here's how:

  • Bars: You can take advantage of drinks menus, coasters, specialty drinks menus (including eye-catching creative designs!) Bar loyalty cards, gift cards will all make your clients an enjoyable experience

  • Italian Restaurants: Most of us already visualize what the food might look like, but having that perfect show in a full page of a multi-page menu, glowing at you could build enthusiasm to the next level.

  • Mexican restaurants serve delicious sizzling food, but most of them don't strike a note with their menus and marketing. Plastic menus that can be kept clean and show tempting pictures of the food offered can be a priceless tool to you.

    • Working with plastic printers such as ColorCopiesUSA, you can get custom coasters printed as well as loyalty cards, discount cards and many other marketing products
  • Pizza Restaurant: Your pizza is delicious! Differentiating yourself from the competition and enticing customers for another pie can be difficult. Plastic menus, which could be custom shaped, could boost the experience at your pizza shop. Plastic coasters, loyalty cards and gift cards could make the marketing of your restaurant very unique

  • Fast Food Restaurants: The client's experience is critical. Fancy marketing, popping colors and custom shapes can become amazing marketing tools that can increase prop the sales of promotions to levels you never thought could be possible. So sales increase, loyalty and awareness come with it.

    • A fast food menu could be rectangular, standard, or could be die-cut to the shape of a sandwich, or a bowl. Whatever your imagination envisions, we can create for your benefit.

  • Coffee Shops: Going out for coffee is connected to an experience, enjoyment and relaxed time. Beautiful menus with amazing pictures printed on plastic menus will only improve your client's experience. Imagine a coffee menu in the shape of an elegant cup..... How attractive and creative would your clients think you are?

  • Other food operations that benefit from synthetic paper menus on a daily basis: Sushi restaurants, delis, diners, lounges, pubs, and steakhouses.

    • At your restaurant or bar kitchen: when you rely on custom printed plastic recipe sheets, you know that the easy-to-follow instructions on how the kitchen should operate, will be available and won't be easy to damage. Think of some of the restaurant's favorite recipes that must be cooked following specific steps. Printing them on plastic improves your cooking speed, reassurance that the final dish will taste as expected which turns into additional profit for your operation.

Consider what type of restaurant or bar you are operating:

What type of menu does your restaurant offer? Do you offer a refreshed menu frequently?

Do you have cycle menus, where every day of the week the offer is different?

Or do you offer the same items without changes? Is it a static menu that you offer, where your delicious options are listed and divided into categories, with items not changing frequently?

Dinner or Lunch Menus printed on synthetic substrates, very often called plastic paper, help improve the conditions for both the bar or restaurant operators, and the clients willing to spend a nice time at a given place.


1 - CDC - Coronavirus guidelines for restaurant and bar operators

2 - Hygene standard codes

3 - Food Safety

Not only we offer the cheapest printing prices and highest quality on synthetics, but we provide guidance as of what makes a good selection of synthetic papers. We understand the necessities of the food industry so we can assist you well.

When you order menus printed on synthetic substrates such as plastic paper from us, you get, the best of all worlds:
#1 -Super competitive pricing,
#2 - The higher quality standards,
#3 - and most importantly, a friendly team that you can work with. A face and a person are here for you.

FAQ's • Frequently Asked Questions

Prices vary based on the number of copies, the number of pages in the menu, the thickness of the plastic selected and if any folding option is needed. As of May 2021, here are a few examples that illustrate the cost of printing copies through

  • Eg #1 - 50 copies in full color of a single-side menu printed on 8pt plastic. will print it for $70.98
  • Eg #2 - 50 copies in full color of a single-side menu printed on 11pt plastic cost just $75.98

Synthetics require special capabilities of the devices used. Check with the manufacturer of your unit. In our experience, using a professional printing company such as will produce a better outcome

  • 14pt plastic Your device most likely won't be able to process this thickness .
  • Cost Since there is no minimum of printed menus that must be ordered, our company provides a much more flexible option.
  • Menus printed on synthetic are printed straight on top of a plastic sheet. That sheet is usually made of polyester and is receptive of the inks and toners used. Laminated menus are usually made by printing on paper, then melting plastic on top of the paper creating the lamination sandwich. Since the paper is not a solid unit, (it can break and can be scratched), the plastics can still delaminate, expose the inside and destroy them
  • A more sophisticated lamination can be produced by printing on a thin sheet of plastic, and then melting the lamination film on top of it. In this case, there's plastic melted on top of plastic which makes it a very durable bond, as long as compatible plastics are used, and those are quite expensive

To learn more about paper, click here to read an in-depth article.

  • Synthetic plastic paper - 8pt thick, or 0.008 inches thick: in terms of thickness, 1 point is equivalent to 1/1000th of an inch. The caliper of copy paper is about 0.0038 inches. 8pt is over double the thickness of paper, but it because of its properties, it is so much stronger and rigid
  • Synthetic plastic paper - 11pt thick, or 0.011 inches thick: in terms of thickness, 1 point is equivalent to 1/1000th of an inch. The caliper of copy paper is about 0.0038 inches. 11pt is almost 3 times as thick as copy paper, but it because of its properties, it is so much stronger and rigid
  • Synthetic plastic paper - 14pt thick, or 0.014 inches thick: in terms of thickness, 1 point is equivalent to 1/1000th of an inch. The caliper of copy paper is about 0.0038 inches. 11pt is almost 4 times as thick as copy paper, but it because of its properties, it is so much stronger and rigid.

Plastic papers are produced in thin sheets and calendered through very polished chrome rollers. The process provides a very stable thickness along and across, and a very smooth finish. When the ink and toner sit on top of that smooth surface, the printing quality becomes that much better:

Yes. There's an interactive graphic design tool on our webite that allows you to design, tweak and make your design perfect. The best part: IT IS FREE TO USE.

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