Booklet Printing for Catalogs, Manuals, Event Programs and More

You'll find a number of ways in which to configure and order your booklets. Each product offered allows you to create a different type of booklet which hopefully adapts to your marketing project's needs. You can order your Christian booklets, Jewish booklets, Hindi booklets, with saddle stitch binding.

Image showing 4 types of booklet binding: spiral binding, saddle stitch binding, O-Wire binding, perfect bindingWe offer several binding services that include saddle stitch booklets, spiral binding, O-wire and perfect binding. All these can be used in book printing.

Paper Selection: Choose paper and substrates from traditional paper printing to specialty, plastic and synthetic papers, to provide longevity and outdoor use.

Traditional papers include uncoated paper, gloss-coated papers, gloss-coated cover stock, satin-coated papers and cover stocks.

Specialty papers include synthetic plastic paper, custom finishing, textured papers and others.

Catalogs, manuals, and event programs can all be created with booklets.

Files: You can upload print-ready files, request help from one of our graphic artists, or use our online design tools available for some products.

Production time in some cases is available as soon as next day, while other requirements can take a few days, depending on the specific details of your project. The number of pages in the booklet, the type of paper stock selected the type of printing whether black and white or full color, the finishing of the cover page, having print-ready files

Marketing: Why is booklet printing an ideal way to make information available for such a broad scope of needs?

Trust our experience. is a booklet specialist and as such, we can provide solutions for saddle-stitched binding, coil binding, perfect binding, and wire binding.

Allow our customer service team to share its recommendations to configure your booklets to your needs. We will consider the right size, the optimal book-binding option, the best paper plastic paper to print on, and the right cover, which could be printed on the same paper as the inside, or be made of distinct, thicker with different printing methods and finishing options.

Feel free to call us directly with questions about your custom booklet project. We will guide you so that your end product reflects 100% of your intentions. If you look for "booklet printing near me", here we are.

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picture of booklets with saddle stitch binding | ColorCopiesUSA

Affordable booklets with stapled finishing. 3 sizes available, select the number of pages and stock

Starts at $ 42.87
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Custom Notepads and Memo Pads

3 sizes available. Choose a pre-made design and customize in our interactive designer tool.

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Illustration of a book with spiral binding | ColorCopiesUSA

Coil binding is perfect for excercise books, tutorials, copybooks and price sheets Customize the number of pages, plastic covers or black back cover.

Starts at $ 14.84
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Illustration showing wire bound books | ColorCopiesUSA

Wire binding makes a more upscale impression and a more resistant binding method.Choose inside stock,  cover stock, and front & back finishing.

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landscap catalog/booklet shown

Landscape booklet printing for elegant catalog and story-telling use

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