Number 10 Envelopes 

Offered here in different formats:
 - Regular Commercial
 - Peel & seal for easy closing

Size of #10 envelopes:

The closed envelope's size is 
Width x Height: 9.5" x 4.125"  - 9-1/2" x 4-1/8"

Regular Envelopes: The most common commercial shape has a  triangular flap
Peel & Seal Envelopes: The flap is rectangular with the glue and liner applied in one line to make it easy to peel-off

Typical use of #10 Envelopes

Private mail, curiosity mail and advertising mail require envelopes to carry the content. #10 envelopes are the most popular

Number 10 or #10 envelopes are used for different purposes and we know a ton about those uses:

  1. Personal messages
  2. Office communications: press releases, important notices
  3. Direct mailing campaigns

1 - Envelopes to Share Personal Messages and Communications
When you are sending this type of mail you might want to have a distinctive imprint on the envelope to identify you. You probably won’t need an extremely high number of envelopes, so you can afford to print a small amount in either black or in color. If you print your #10 envelopes in color, we would suggest that you create a sort of a monogram, or use a typeface that makes your envelope quite rather unique.

2 - Office and business communications: Press releases, trade partner communications, commercial mail, transactional mail.
We have mentioned a large number of applications so we’ll go through them one at at time

  • At this level of use, our recommendation is that you follow a store identity pattern and develop it. It is always better to create your store pattern at once. The reason is that when you have your mindset focused on the whole activity of your company, it is easier to figure out the whole as opposed to when taking care of a piece by piece

    The picture shows items that belong to an identity kit or pattern that we suggest businesses develop in order to function as a healthy company. There is an envelope, letterhead, business cards, notepages and pens
    A Store Identity Kit, of which number 10 (#10) envelopes are a key piece. For business use, having an identity pattern is very helpful
  • The envelopes can be printed in full color or black and white. It might be necessary to use your logo and store information in different ways. So sometimes, and depending on the purpose of your mail, you might use a simplified version free of color while other communications might require more formal identification including color in the envelopes.
  • Example: if you are mailing documentation to vendors, a black and white printed #10 envelope could fill the needs, but if you are sending confirmation of transactions to profitable clients, you might want to use a full color printed envelope instead so that it stands out of the crowd. Both pieces, the one in black and white, and the one printed in full color, should represent the same company in the same way. One document is set for specific uses where the simplified version is acceptable

    The picture shows the use of the logo and contact information printed just in black as opposed to full color to allow the company to have sets of store identity items that are simpler but still functional for the company
    Simplified version of the #10 envelope printed in black and white

    The picture shows the use of the logo and contact information printed  in full color as opposed to black and white version to allow the company to have sets of store identity items that are more appropriate for the formal operation of the company
    Full color version of the #10 envelope printed in full color
  • Transactional mail is still very strong since it give you an opportunity not only to communicate with your clients. We could set up your envelopes so that there are marketing messages imprinted on the envelopes that line-up with your marketing strategy.


Our graphic design team can create the identity kits and the different versions of your piece that match your business needs.

3 - Direct mailing campaigns using letters inserted in envelopes
As the attention of many marketers was driven to digital and electronic messaging, direct mailing campaigns get noticed so much more just because of the fact that there is less mail coming in. This direct mailing method gets more attention than any other method as long as your campaign is card card-body crafted and designed. ColorCopiesUSA offers the most competitive pricing not only for producing printed envelopes, but for the full mailing service as card card-body. We can certify your lists, and handle the whole process from ordering a list to processing at USPS. Call us at 1-877-421-0668 with any inquiries that you might have.

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