Waterproof and Tearproof Spiral Bound Booklets Made With Synthetic Paper 

Ideal For Restaurant Menus, Maps, Trip Planners, Event Brochures, Training Manuals, and More


Color Copies USA is proud to introduce our spiral-bound booklets made with synthetic plastic waterproof paper.
Whether you’re designing a new menu, preparing for an outdoor event, crafting a product catalog, or developing a training manual, our waterproof booklets offer
unmatched resilience and a polished appearance that will leave a lasting impression.

Explore the benefits of our innovative waterproof printing solutions and elevate your brand's image with materials designed to withstand the elements and the test of time.

If you want you want a booklet printed using conventional paper click here


When to Order  SPIRAL BOUND BOOKLETS, Made with Synthetic Plastic Paper.

Spiral-bound booklets made with synthetic plastic paper are ideal for various scenarios where
durability and high-quality presentation are essential. Here are some perfect occasions to

  1. Restaurant Menus: Restaurants can greatly benefit from using synthetic plastic paper for their menus. These booklets are resistant to spills, stains, and tearing, ensuring your menus remain pristine and professional-looking
  2. Outdoor Events and Activities: Planning an event or activity that will take place outdoors? These booklets can withstand exposure to moisture, making them perfect for trade shows, festivals, or any other outdoor gatherings.
  3. Product Catalogs: Professionally showcasing your products is crucial. With our synthetic plastic paper booklets, you can ensure your catalogs remain intact and visually appealing, even with frequent handling
  4. Training Manuals: For industries that require durable training materials, such as construction, manufacturing, or healthcare, these booklets provide a reliable solution. They can endure tough conditions and regular use without deteriorating.
  5. Marine and Water-Related Activities: If your business involves boating, fishing, or any water-related activities, our waterproof booklets are a must-have. They resist water damage, ensuring your information stays legible and intact.
  6. Fieldwork Documentation: For professionals who work in the field, such as environmental scientists, geologists, or surveyors, these booklets offer a practical and durable way to document findings and reports.
  7. Emergency Procedures and Safety Guides: In critical situations, having reliable and durable safety guides is essential. Our synthetic plastic paper booklets ensure that emergency procedures are always accessible and readable in a crisis.

No matter the application, spiral-bound booklets made with synthetic plastic paper provide a versatile and long-lasting solution for your documentation needs.

How Many Pages can I Have in My Synthetic Paper Spiral Bound Booklets?

In our online calculator, we have set a default limit of 100 pages per booklet. However, depending on the specifics of your project, we may be able to accommodate more pages.
Please contact us for a customized estimate if you need a booklet with more than 100 pages.


These are the most commonly requested waterproof spiral bound booklet sizes in terms of the number of pages:

  • 12 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 16 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 20 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 24 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 36 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 40 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 48 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 52 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 60 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 72 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 80 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 96 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets |
  • 100 page synthetic-paper coil bound booklets

Regarding paper thickness, 8 mil inside and 11 or 14 point cover are the most common.
5 mil books are usually reserved for bigger books with lots of information to keep the weight low for field documents.


Prints on synthetic plastic-paper look amazing.

Because of the smoothness and the top quality of our substrate, we achieve more attractive and lasting prints than others do.

WHAT IS A SYNTHETIC PAPER? Synthetic paper is made out of a plastic resin which is extruded and calendered for a perfectly smooth finish.
For this specific application, we use polyester sheets. Polyester metaphorically, the Ferrari of paper-plastics for printing.

UNIQUE WATER RESISTANCE PROPERTY: Unlike conventional paper made with wood pulp, plastic paper does not absorb water.


Think of the needs of a field crew repairing an electrical grid, geologists in the middle of a bare area, or when pipes burst and have to be replaced. Think about step-by-step instructions. Think about military-style documentation. Think of a multi-page restaurant menu.
In every one of those cases, you need your documents to be available under any condition.

Using plastic paper as a substitution for conventional paper allows for those documents to be printed, bound, and kept readily accessible.
The old-style laminates (a sandwich of clear plastic, paper, clear plastic) that were so popular only a few years ago are so thick and heavy that their use for this type of application has mostly disappeared and been replaced by synthetic plastic paper.. 

The document is bound together by a sturdy plastic spiral or coil, which is threaded through holes punched in the document. This spiraled plastic, resembling a coil, secures the pages together as a cohesive unit.


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FAQ: This is what our clients ask about synthetic booklets.

We created this section to provide information that will help you order synthetic paper spiral-bound books. We are always available to answer further questions. Just give us a call at 1-877-421-0668

Why is a coil-bound piece a great option for field booklets printed on synthetic plastic paper?

This is a very versatile binding method. 
These plastics are hard to fold in half and stitching on the spine is not an option. 

Coil binding is a great way to keep documents together

  • Field booklets should be easy to handle, often used in less comfortable settings, allowing for simple page turning without the necessity of opening the booklet to its full extent. We can produce booklets on a same-day production schedule if necessary.
  • We can lay out your booklet either in landscape or portrait format without extra cost, which you can't do easily on spine stitched books.
  • Landscape books can have a large display area of 8.5" x 22" which is very useful when large images and copies are necessary on the same spread
  • The largest sheet size that we can put a coil to on the 11" side is 11"x17", which produces an open viewing area of 11"x34"


Which synthetic plastic paper thickness is recommended?

Multiple opportunities to use coil binding

  • Coil Bound Presentations
  • Coil Bound Product and Training Manuals
  • Coil bound business or sales proposals
  • Store Notepads
  • Personal Diaries
  • Educational use for teaching, learning and evaluation
  • Attendees handouts at seminars and conferences


Can I order the coil in different colors?

  • White and black plastic coils are the standard.
  • Many others colors are available as custom order.
Please check with us for specific color availability


Which paper is suggested for synthetic paper printed spiral-bound books?

Which paper to use for coil binding?

Each of the options can be used. Understand from your end how the booklets will be used and manipulated. That analysis will uncover the right thickness for your project. 

  • 5 point synthetics
  • 8 point synthetics
  • 11 point synthetics
  • 14 point synthetics

See Through / Stiffness: We would only suggest that you print the front and back covers of thicker synthetics. 
 A 5 point substrate is flimsy and could get see-through.   An 11point or 14 point cover might be a good enhancement to life and beauty of your booklet. 


Clear front cover and/or unprinted back cover (usually black). Should I add them?

We recommend adding them for extra protection when needed. If the booklet will be "flying around" a trunk, or on a shelf on a truck, this extra protection might be well worth it.


picture that shows the punched holes and necessary margins

How big are the holes punched? What's the necessary margin?


  • The holes are round and measure about 5/32"
  • The typical pitch is 4:1 (distance from one "ring" to the next is 0.25". There are other sizes
  • Suggested margin to text: 0.5"


What are the steps needed to produce spiral coil binding? At which stage of the production process are the paper and covers punched?

Many steps are required to make a spiral-bound book

  • First Step: Printing and collating. All the elements of the book have to be assembled, starting with the document, followed by the printed covers and the plastic protections.
  • Second Step. Using the punching-binding machine. The next step is to punch the document and its covers keeping the order. A heavy-duty punching machine is used. After the punching has taken place, the binding machine will insert the coil and roll it so that it "knits" all of the pages through all of the punched holes.
  • Third Step: Securing the plastic coil to prevent it from coming out: A special plyer will cut and bend the coil to reduce the chances of it coming out.


spiral-bound book with custom tabs shown

Can you add tabs to the manual / training book / sales proposal?


  • Yes. Unless you need a specific layout of tabs, we would distribute up to 5 tabs on the 11 inch side
  • The tabs can be custom printed.
  • Tabs help to organize a publication


Sheets Guide: How many sheets can you assemble with each size of coil?

Multiple opportunities to use coil binding

The estimate reflects 20# copy paper for a reference. Other types of paper are thicker, which will reduce the number of sheets indicated in this guide

Note that the diameter of the coil is indicated in milimiters.

Table with coil size and number of sheets

Coil Diameter (mm)681012141618202325283032384550
Sheet Capacity356080100120140160180210230260280290360425460


The picture shows a number of white sheets grouped and assembled together throught the use of coil to obtain a piece that is spiral bound. In order to be able to insert a coil, it is necessary to drill holes through which the coil is threaded.


Picture of white sheets assembled through the use of coil to create a spiral bound document. Notice the drilled holes that allow us to thread the coil to create one single assembly unit


Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

Configure & Price

(Min: 1, Max: 100)
(Min: 1, Max: 100)
Color: Single SideB&W: Double SideB&W: Single Side
Color: Double Side
Color: Single Side
B&W: Double Side
B&W: Single Side
Bleed. Borderless
No Bleed. Full Color
Bleed. Borderless
8 Point Thick11 Point Thick14 Point Thick
5 Point Thick
8 Point Thick
11 Point Thick
14 Point Thick
Landscape Top (horizontal)Landscape Left (horizontal)Portrait RightLandscape Right
Portrait Left (most common)
Landscape Top (horizontal)
Landscape Left (horizontal)
Portrait Right
Landscape Right
Clear Plastic + Black Back PlasticClear Plastic on FrontBlack Back Plastic Only
No Plastic Covers
Clear Plastic + Black Back Plastic
Clear Plastic on Front
Black Back Plastic Only
Total : $ 25.00
Unit Price :$ 12.50

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Estimated Total : $ 25.00
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Color Copiers made me an awesome table cloth for trade shows and when I mailed it home after a trade show the post office or ups lost it and blamed each other so I had them make me another tablecloth.
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Great Service. I had questions so I called after I placed my order and they were super helpful. They sent emails for approval and I received my order much faster than I expected. Qualify is great - print is a little small but that is because of the file type I sent them.
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Very Good Experience. Quality was very good. Price was much better than others I checked - even with shipping. I made a mistake on my shipping selection on my order and they were very helpful in getting it corrected and the job sent out quickly.
David Ellefson - 2024-02-04 - 5 / 5 stars
Their Mission Is To Never Have a Dissatisfied Customer. Now that we're retired, my wife and I have been doing quite a bit of local and foreign traveling. After each trip, we put together a trip report to document what we did and what we saw. We've tried a number of local and web based printers but have never been very satisfied. Unfortunately, we end up with whatever we get. Frankly, the printed document we received back from Colorcopiesusa didn't please us either. I sent them a note explaining my dissatisfaction and to my surprise, I immediately received a note back telling me that their mission is to never to have a dissatisfied customer and that they would be willing to do a reprint based upon the details of my note. In a day (or two at the most) I received digital images of the new pages of my document with a note asking me to review them and give my OK. The photos were lighter and the colors truer per my request. I received the reprinted document a few days later, and I'm pleased to report, the document was really nice. Now I know what instructions to give with my next order, and I will most definitely have Colorcopiesusa do the next printing.
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Fast shipping. Product exceeded my expectations, especially for the price! Will be using this company again. Thank you!
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