Easy-to-Peel square stickers

Placing your order is fast and easy:

1 - Choose the size that you want your sticker to fit in

2 - Select the number of stickers that you need

3 - Upload your artwork: it could be a high-resolution PDF, an image or even a picture that you want to turn into a sticker. You can upload a hand-drawn sketch indicating the shape that you want for your sticker.

4 - We'll create a proof, showing the final size and the cut lines

5 - After your approval, we'll produce your awesome stickers and ship them to you.



About the stickers

The backings match the sticker size itself. In this case, it is a circle.  You'll have to easily but carefully, separate the backing from the sticker.

The stickers are easy to peel.  There is no need of any tools or skills to separate the sticker from the backing. It's just a skill of separating one from the other.

The backing protects delicate designs and gives you space to print more information about the artist or company. The backing also gives you the opportunity to cut the stickers in a shape other than the traditional rectangle. This makes your stickers unique and allows you to show off your design.

Designing your kiss cut sticker:


When designing your circle sticker, you have to decide which of both concepts works better for your project: 

1 - Fully customized stickers: You can design the entire sticker and the kiss cut line, which leads to a totally personalized piece. Your imagination is the limit.
2 - Use standard shapes and sizes: Design the content of the label using the fixed dimensions of a label sheet that already has the kiss cut shapes already in it

Printing on pre-cut label sheets restricts you to the commonly available shapes and the standard sizes that are manufactured. Examples would be 1" diameter circles, 4"x2" shipping labels, 3"x3" square labels, etc.


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Amazing Job and Great Value! Oh my goodness! That did amazing and the price was outstanding for the quality!.
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Excellent Turnaround time and Qualify. Great communication too
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Great Quality at a Great Price. This company always delivers great quality at a fair price. I can always depend on them having the job ready on time. I highly recommend them.
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Super service - on time and high quality. Ordered brochures. Printed promptly at high quality. Happy customer
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Fantastic product! Oh my goodness! I was blown away at the quality and the early delivery of my order! I will be ordering ALL my color copies from you!
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Outstanding customer service, prompt responses, and quick turnaround times. Even willing to work past closing to process a same day print job.
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This is an excellent company to rely on for your printing needs.
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Another Great Experience! Working with Viv at Colorcopiesusa is a pleasure. We get a high quality color newsletter with quick turn around time!