Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Answers

Check the options on a product-by-product base In order to expedite an order you will have to expedite
#1- Production Time and
#2 - Shipping Time

Different products at different quantities ordered have different options for expedited production. Check the options for the product that you would like to order. If your order is of critical timing, it always helps if you give us a call at 1-877-421-0668. We can then figure out with you what is the best way to meet your need.

Yes.   When placing the order make sure to select the pickp-up option. Our service team will let you know ahead of time, when your order will be ready for pick-up. Always check with us before showing-up to avoid delays.
The pick-up address is
140 NE 32nd court
Oakland Park, FL 33334

Our Phone Number: 1-877-421-0668

Yes. Printing and signage are very personal and customizable.  If you can't find exactly what you need, please give us a call at 1-877-421-0668. We might be able to customize our prodcuts, sizes or styles to your needs

Digital proofing is an image that is shared online with you   Digital proofing accounts mainly for the content of your file, but not for the dimension nor the paper/substrate to be used in the final production. Digital proofs are not either meant to share actual final printed colors, since you will review the proof in a device with a screen that might or not be calibrated, which can create distorsion in the colors visualized.

Our platform allows visualization of the files that you upload, with certain limitations. You can approve your file when you upload it, or you can ask for a digital proof. In order to help you determine if the file that you submitted is the right file that you need printed, we can send you an image via email for you to check and provide approval.

A hard copy proof is a proof of the job that you order that has been printed: You will be able to check content, dimensions and substrates used   A hard copy can be made available under certain circumnstances and with certain limitations

Digital Printing with no lamination or varnishes We can provide a proof. The proof has to be produced and shipped to you. As a client you will have to approve it before the work is run in production.
Offset Printing / Large Orders It is not possible to get a hard copy of a piece that will print using offset technology. What we can provide instead is a digitally printed proof that will look pretty similar to the offset version. Keep in mind that the colors achieved with these two different technologies are different, so you will use this digitally printed proof to check for contents, size and substrate. No varnishes can be applied for these proof.
When lamination and varnishes are involved Some of those processes cannot be applied on a single proof. For those types of finishings we have to rely on other samples of work and digital proofs that will indicate where the varnishes will be applied
Signs and Banners These large format pieces are printed individually, so a proof would be equally complex to prepare as the final job. Under certain circumstances it might make sense for you to order a pre-production unit.

Artwork preparation is the key to high-quality printing:   A file that has been created at a high resolution with the proper format will contain "color information" beyond the capability of printers to print. If the file does hot include all of that richness of information, there is no chance of getting a high quality print, even if the image looks great on your screen.

What makes a file good and rich? The resolution of the image has to be good, the contrasts have to be set coorectly, and the white points and neutral grays should not be set correctly.

Different printers and printing methods generate different results.   Laser-toner systems produce a different color range than offset printing
Photographic Reproduction:  Large format printing for photo-quality usually achieves more detailed results, but subject to the substrates on which the printing is applied.
Signage: Large format for banners and outdoor signage get the quality and colors right for they type of application that they are meant for.

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