Shaped Pocket Presentation Folders 


What is a shaped pocket presentation folder?

Having shaped pockets to the presentation folders add a dose of creativity and fun to traditional folders.
There are a number of cut dies that are already available so the cost when using those shapes is very convenient. Developing your own ould become pricier especially for short runs.

Custom shapes VS Existing die cut shapes:

There are a number of dies that are available that won't increase the cost of the project. The design should be adapted to those shapes. Custom shapes can be developed, but the time and cost will increase. You willl have to check with us about your industry, your project and we'll share which dies are available.

We've seen big smiles from clients in the following industries:

 - Health care and senior living facilities: The reason? There is a vetting process that prospects dive into and presenting the information in a friendly way makes all the difference!

- Dental offices, especially dealing with our young ones: The conversations that take place with dentists are usually boring and nerve-wrecking. A nice folder wil make your clients smile and their children feel more connected.

- Real Restate:  Are you a developer or a real estate agent involved in a special project? A presentation folder with custom fully printed shaped pockets bring an immediate project-recognition among your clients. No need to look into stacked brochures for the client to rapidly connect to what you are offering

 - Wedding Planners: All the enthusiasm of your clients at the time they visit you and the talent that your company will bring to the event can be in full display in a nice presentation folder with shaped pockets

- Education Field: Schools, colleges, academies and so many other educational institutions build a relationship with families and students, usually for very prolongued periods. Start this relationship with the right foot, a nice message and a nice-to-keep folder.

this picture shows a presentation folder that a school used to share information with students. The shaped pockets give it a nice touch of appreciation.


Stock: There are many options of stock that can be used to produce presentation folders. Even some specialty stocks, upscale finishing such as spot UV

Slits in pockets:
As in other presentation folders, there are a number of options to choose from when deciding for the card slits. Some of these are free, while some require an additional charge 


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