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Magnetic signs for cars, trucks and other uses that get results

Q: Are you trying to advertise your service or your business? Magnetic signs could be just for you!

A: Magnetic signs are signs that have a magnetized back side. The magnetic field that is produced creates a force that attracts it to metals that contain ison, known as ferromagnetic materials. The magnetic signs have a magnetic capability that is persistent in time and therefore holds for a very long time to metal sheets. That is the reason, magnetic signs on vehicles last for a long time.

The graphic side of the sign, the one that carries the information that is meant to be seen by spectators, is usually printed in wide format equipment with inks that are UV resistant, extending the lifespan of the piece without color degradation due to the exposure to the sun. What we call a “car magnet” is in reality an assembly of a flexible magnet and a vinyl applied on to. In that way the piece performs 100% card card-body for what it is required: Stay in place and do-not-fade print.

Magnetic signs can be cut at any size using cutters, routers and other tools, so it is up to your imagination to determine the shape of the magnetic sign that you wish to order. Traditionally they are rectangular but they don’t have to be so!

Extreme heat can demagnetize lowe quality magnets.

Q: When is it a good idea to use of car, truck and other magnetic signs for advertising purposes?

  • Use a magnetic sign if you have steel around: In order to be able to use a magnetic sign, the first requirement is that there is a steel metallic area where magnetic signs can be placed on top.
  • Do you drive for long hours? Use car or truck magnets if you drive a car or a truck during long hours within a certain community to advertise your business. You will be amazed as of how many people might not even realize that they saw a magnetic sign in a car or a truck but most likely, the second or third time that they happen to encounter the vehicle on the street, their level of familiarity with the company advertising grows significantly.
  • Exposure: If you drive a car, minivan or truck for many hours per day, it is very likely that your car advertising magnets will be seen by thousands or tens of thousands of viewers. That opportunity of exposure that you get in a single day is unmatched to any other advertising opportunity: For most smaller businesses, the traffic on websites amounts to few hundred or few thousand visitors per month. The opportunity is amazing! The same goes for car wraps but that solution is way more expensive
  • Cost: Magnetic signs are so much more affordable than car wrapping! The impact might not be the same but it is so much better than no identification at all.
  • Convenience: If you use your work vehicle to drive home you might find yourself in trouble when trying to park your work vehicle at your community. Most communities restrict the access of commercial vehicles during night time and weekends. You can remove the magnets from your vehicle when you come back home in the afternoon and reposition them in the morning. You do not get to do that with car wrapped cars.
  • Magnetic signs for doors or commercial buildings: many warehouses have doors that are protected with a metal sheet embedded in the door. It is ideal to hang large magnetic signs on those doors so that the public can easily identify the business. The sign gives freshness to the entrance
  • Where to place magnetic signs in a car or truck: The obvious and most common place is on the sides, usually on the doors. Car door magnets are pretty typical. Make sure that you choose the largest size of magnet that your car door or truck door can handle. A less obvious but extremely effective area is on the back of your car. A magnetic door sign or trunk door signs are reported as being very effective. While driving, there is almost always someone behind you, both in the center and sides of your car that is being exposed to the magnetic sign. There is a good chance that they would see your message.
  • Magnetic signs on commercial trucks and vehicles: Access to certain State and Federal properties require the vehicle coming in to be properly identified. The lack of identification can turn you away causing many logistic problems to your company. Vinyl letter cuts and magnetic signs are frequently used to comply with that requirement.

Vehicle Magnets are the Perfect Advertising Solution!

Mobile advertising guaranteed to increase sales.

One of the most economic and user friendly methods to advertise your business is the vehicle magnet, you know... the signage you see on the sides and back of cars and trucks. Get thousands of people every day to recognize your brand and product by simply driving to work every day.

Place vehicle magnets on your company vehicles to let everyone know who you are and what you do. They are a perfect opportunity to proudly display your logo, creating brand identity and just as important your contact information.

Vehicle magnets are also the ideal solution for your personal vehicle if you live somewhere that has strict HOA rules regarding commercial vehicles. Just take them off when you get home and throw them in the back seat.

Color Copies USA offers custom sized solutions to accommodate any sized vehicle. We can provide a magnet that will look nice on your car’s door and even better on the side of your company van or truck.

Give us a call at 1-877-421-0668 and let our team of marketing and printing experts help you create the perfect vehicle magnet to boost sales and get your name on the minds of everyone on the road!

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