What is a retractable banner? How to use them?

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Intro to Standard Retractable Banner in a post-pandemic world


We are noticing how attractive the retractable banners are right now, in a post-pandemic world.  Trade shows and meetings are still  smaller than they used to be, making the use of retractable banners an ideal way to have a visual presence, invest very little, and profit a lot.

Why do companies resort to retractable banners? 

  • Easy to transport
  • Fast to display
  • Large visual "real estate"
  • Perfect to show products and provide quick information, seen by your prospects in a snap.

Retractable banner with information printed

Standard Retractable Banners are the most commonly used roll-up banner. It is often the cornerstone of trade show displays. This entry-level banner stand is decorated with state of the art graphics:

Printed on Smooth  8 mil Polyester film for optimal image reproduction. 

Contained in this neat carrying case, the stand has a top-quality spring that is found in many of our more expensive models.

Do you want to learn more about Retractable Banners: if you want to design one, take a look to our design tips, specifications and suggestions; some examples of our jobs example #1, example #2, example #3; some tutorials: Setting up your Standard Banner, Parts of a Std Retractable Banner (Includes Video); and a video presentation: How do Banners get Printed?


New Offer on Retractable Banners

Super Smooth Polyester non-curl - $96.25


Applicable taxes are additional. 

rugged vs smooth banner materials

Rugged vs smooth banner materials

Retractable Banner Housing & Cushioned Case

Retractable Banner Housing & Cushioned Case.

Standard Retractable Banner

Standard Retractable Banner

Key features

See How a Magician uses retractable banners in his show!
Other models: Deluxe

Deluxe Retractable Banner - Best Value of the Month!

This Deluxe Retractable Banner stand is commonly used for the roll-up display banner. This sophisticated Deluxe Retractable Banner stand features the latest innovations in design, stability and quality. The graphics are printed on Stay flat polyester film as opposed to rugged vinyl (see image below). It is then laminated with a matt vinyl to avoid any glare.
It's stylish retractable banners: chrome-plated tear drop end caps, sleek top rail, make this unit express all the qualities that let your prospects know you are serious about what you do.
Stand retractable banner solid nice shape
Stand retractable banner solid nice shape

Key Features

  • A - Adjustable height pole up to 82"
  • B - Wide footprint for increased stability.
  • C - Silver chrome styling
  • E - Cushioned carrying case
  • D - Elegant design
  • E - Visible image size: 33.25"x82.5"
  • F - Weight: 15Lbs
  • G - We print at high resolution. Click Here to view tips and requirements for the graphic design of your retractable banner
Additional Services for your Trade Shows :
The following products and services for your upcoming trade show will surely make your show preparation easier.
  1. Color copies for your manuals, handouts and show presentations.
  2. Graphic design services for your retractable banners, catalogs other trade show pieces. We do custom photography.
  3. Printing services for catalogs, postcards, etc.
  4. Direct mailing at bulk rates.
  5. Binding: several binding options such as saddle stitch, coil and comb are available.

Deluxe Retractable Banner Stand from ColorCopiesUSA.com

Deluxe Retractable Banner Stand from ColorCopiesUSA.com

Deluxe retractable banner stands come in silver and black

Deluxe retractable banner stands come in silver and black

Deluxe carrying bag

Deluxe carrying bag