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Selecting your Custom Print Options is easy with the Graphic Interface


Tips and Tricks to choose the options that will get you printed copies exactly as you want them. 

Topic of the video: Single Side / Double Side


Customizing your order is easy

Customizing your order of cheap copies became easy and intuitive. 


Image of a pile of sheets representing printed copies

Imagine that these are the copies that you are about to order! Keep it going! What's your next step?

Configuring and Selecting  Copies-Options:

Most of the decisions that you need to make are presented to you both in text and graphics. We removed as many drop-downs as possible to make it visually easy to recognize the options available and making it easy for you to review your selections simply.


VISUAL SELECTION: Let the icons guide you when configuring your order of digital  or offset printing:

The icons for single-side printing or double-side printing are self-explanatory.  Similarly, the icons that represent the options for bleed/no bleed will help you customize your order even if you are unfamiliar with the specific terms.


Paper Stock Options:

We offer a large number of paper stock options, which expands into cover stock, colored stock, specialty stock such as linen as well as synthetic paper stock options. We are sure that you'll be able to find the right selection for your project, but if you don't call us at 1-877-421-0668 and we'll custom order the paper or cardstock option that matches your need.
One question that often comes up regarding the selection of the stock, is about getting recommendations. Especially for short print runs, the impact of one type of stock or another is minimal so our recommendation is that you choose what works best for your project.  The printed materials must make the desired impact in order for your campaign to be successful. 


Print Runs: Short Run / Long Run

We structured the price calculator so that you get accurate pricing for both short runs, let's say up to 2,000 copies, all through the tens of thousands of copies, which would be considered a long run. What this means to you is that the prices that you get consider the savings generated in longer print-runs. 

In other words, whichever the volume of your order, we have figured out what is the most cost-effective way to produce it so that you keep all the savings and use them in the most efficient way.


Printed materials / Order Ready Options:

All printed materials can be picked up at our headquarters, or those can be shipped.  We offer a number of options in terms of how long the package will take to be delivered to your point of delivery. 


Turnaround Options:

The turnaround time for us to print color copies can be chosen through the selection of your icons, that represent the options available. Not all of the options are available for every selection. It might take longer to print a bigger number of copies. Some finishing processes take longer because of the different stages. Sometimes the stock selected just makes the printing production duration longer.


Who benefits from orders of color copies the most?:

Every time a company or an individual needs to connect somehow with someone else, printing copies is very helpful. Color copies are used in every single aspect of our daily life. Sometimes we might give the copies the name of flyers, or brochures, or sell sheets, so the uses are multiple. Small businesses have the flexibility of ordering as few units as necessary for certain marketing activities, while larger businesses might still use the product, but in higher volumes. Small businesses such as restaurants, some stores, repair shops, and others can order a limited number of copies just as dictated by their business purpose without having to throw away unused printed materials.


How is our company, ColorCopiesUSA positioned in terms of pricing?

Rest assured that the cost of our printing services is much more affordable than the prices at FedEx, Kinkos, Office Depot, Staples, and most of the national printing companies in the marketplace.

ColorCopiesUSA is a printing company located in the Fort Lauderdale area, in Florida. As such we serve both local clients and clients at their place of business in any of our formidable states.  With optimal customer service and very competitive pricing, we take orders both in-person and online. In-person visits are restricted due to COVID-19 so making an appointment is preferable.


Customer Support: The high value that you get doing business with ColorCopiesUSA

Our company has helped tens of thousands of clients move from the need to make copies for their projects, to getting them in-hand as they specified and on-time. Some clients prefer to use the online printing and ordering platform, but many prefer the personal connection with our team and do business with us either visiting us or by phone or email.

To achieve a super high satisfaction level, fulfill the orders with efficiency and quality, our highly skilled and experienced customer service team plays a significant role.

We want to emphasize how great it is for you to have live access to our support teams! When you call us with questions that you do not know the answer for, such as: "would you recommend this paper over this other" or, for "this occasion my team was thinking of doing this, is that a good idea?"

You will always get our best and well-intentioned ideas and attention. We will guide you on the use of the online ordering tools if you need so, we'll take your phone calls and be glad to come up with suggestions or ideas to supplement other needs of your business or personal process.


Which color-printing-technology does ColorCopiesUSA use to print your order of color copies?

ColorCopiesUSA prints on demand through two different technologies: 

  • Digital Printing, allows you to customize every single page of your artwork if needed. Digital printing requires not only digital presses but a digital workflow to handle digital images and transform them into printed materials. Digital presses are the favored way of printing short print runs.
  • Offset Printing, which allows for multiple reproductions of a piece of artwork.


Similarities between digital and offset printing

Both technologies allow us to produce high-quality, color-rich, competitive cheap printing in full-color. 

Use offset printing 

What is the advantage of digital full-color printing Vs Offset printing?

The advantage of using our digital printing resources

Image of a digital printing production line showing the paper path

This schematic shows a digital press. You can see the paper path within the press itself. Inthediferent sections, different processes occur.

Most of the orders that involve a "small" number of copies (short run) will be printed in our digital presses.

Digital printing presses give us and therefore you, the flexibility to print on demand, with high quality and extremely fast turnaround.

Why it Matters to You:
In this way we can promptly satisfy your need for multi-page document printing, including collating and finishing very fast, helping keep your projects on the dynamic side.



Printed copies are just a way to CONNECT with your audience in a significant way:

Increase your community’s spirit by creating a message that will resonate with their members. Staying close to your community is now more important than ever.

Your business community!: Life might look different these days, but your clients and the network that you support and is there for you. Send them a letter, a reminder, a brochure, or a "how are you doing" sincere message.


Pickup and Shipping Options for your Order

You are welcome to pick-up your order from our production facility in Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Shipping options through a courier are available in the calculator. Keep in mind that when you choose ground shipping service, the providers just provide an estimate, and not guaranteed delivery time.

If you require certainty in the delivery service, please select any of the other options available. Inaccurate addresses, such as missing bay/office or box numbers could delay the deliveries and even generate additional costs.

If you have any questions about the shipping or pickup methods when placing your order, please call us!

On this page, you can get quotes and place orders.

Make a lasting impression with beautiful color copies. Whether you are printing a handout of your presentation or Season Greeting Cards, you will always make you look great!

Just imagine your piece printed on a nice glossy paper, or even on a recycled one. We will make your idea come alive.

Color Copies USA offers all of the printing technologies available. So if you are printing 10 diplomas or 10,000 take-out menus for your restaurant, rest assured that we will use the equipment that gets you the best deal.

Did You Know? Smart and Unconventional Use of Color Copies:

  • Photo Books,
  • Brochures,
  • Magazines,
  • Training Manuals,
  • Complex die-cut pieces
  • and sometimes, why not, cheap flyers.

If you need help deciding what would work the best for you, give us a call and our team will guide you so that you order exactly what best works for you.

IMPORTANT: We work Eastern time hours.

Help-Line - 1-877-421-0668

Icon created by ColorCopiesUSA to indicate that this product if printed in the USA

Copies, Digital Printing and Online Printing FAQ: Paper Options, Quality and More

  • Paper and Substrates: What types of paper do you offer? 
    • We offer a large number of options because we know that some options make more sense than others in certain occasions.
    • We offer the following four categories of stock for our color copies. Within each category, there are several options. 
    • Text weight paper in different colors, thicknesses, and gloss or matte finish. 
    • Coverstock of different thicknesses, from light to boards, gloss, satin, and matte options 
    • Water and tear-resistant synthetic plastic papers for outdoor applications 
    • Specialty papers such as coated and embossed Linen, papers made with recycled materials of a combination of colored fibers 
  • Number of Pages: Tip to answer your calculator's questions accurately  
    • A page is one side of a sheet of paper
    • Think about pages as you would in a book
    • For Single Side Printing: for every page that you upload, you get a sheet of paper with print on one side only
    • For Double Side Printing: for every two pages that you upload, you get a sheet of paper with print on both sides
    • EXCLUSIVE TOOL: Calculated Number of Prints and Sheets: On our calculator, you will see how many impressions and sheets you get based on your selection, which makes it easy for you to double-check for accuracy.
  • How to achieve vivid colors on printouts?
    • Use bright colors in your design
    • Use an image adjustment tool to recover the intensity and contrast that the shot might have lost.
    • Some of the FREE image editors that you can use: Gimp - Image Manipulation, Apple Photos, Microsoft Photos, Pixlr, and many others
    • Handle your images in high resolution, 300dpi is recommended,
    • Do not copy and paste images grabbed from the internet. 
  • Digital Vs Offset: Is offset better than digital printing? 
    • Both systems produce amazing printed quality. Each printing system has advantages and disadvantages in terms of quality and cost. We will use the most efficient production path for your order. 
  • Print Vs Screen: Will the colors on my printed copies match what I see on my computer screen? 
    • Not. Your screen emits light while paper reflects it. The intensity and vibrance of the colors change. Your screen can display more colors than printing can get. 
    • Different papers have different brightness and finishings which affects what the printed piece looks like. 
  • Can I order prints online?  
    • Yes: You can order online, and receive the printed order by courier or you can pick-it-up at our facility. Our online printing website is prepared to customize your order by choosing paper, finishing options, turnaround time, and shipping methods. There are powerful tools for you to check your uploaded files and even tools to design online. 
  • Can I repeat an order?: 
    • Your order history and files will be usually available on your account console, visible when you log into it. Because of the storage resources limitations, your files might get erased at a certain point in time and you might no longer see them.
    • If you can't see your files in your console, there is still a chance that we might have your artwork backed-up. No commitments though.
      Whenever you need to rescue a file that you have submitted in the past, it's worth asking if we can still access it. Again, this is not a guaranteed feature of our service.  
  • Color-Matching: Will your company match the colors of a printed copy or brochure made by another printing company? 
    • No. The printed quality slightly shifts between production runs so you should expect some degree of variation. We do not offer color matching on this product.
    • Even if the file with the artwork is the same there are other differences involved: The equipment, processing capabilities, and operator’s skills are different at different companies. The ink and toner from different manufacturers are made differently, therefore print providers have different outcomes. 
  • File formats to submit: Which file format produces nicer copies? What’s important for you?
    • Images: Design at high-resolution (300 dpi or higher) in real size. Save your file as a tiff, jpeg, or PDF (more details about how to create PDF files) Your piece will print smooth and balanced. GIFs or PNGs do not produce such smooth results 
    • Text, logos, cha<>rts, and Images: If you can generate your files in vector-design software such as Illustrator or InDesign, the lines and copy will print sharper. PDF files are preferred because they keep the vector design intact. 
    • Microsoft Publishers files, when saved as PDFs can work for mixed data. Make sure that you work in a file that matches the desired output size 
    • Avoid software that compresses images automatically such as Microsoft Word and some online editors, The quality of the images gets downgraded by the software. Those are designed for online viewing.

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