Color Printing: Print your documents as Color Copies on Paper, Synthetics, and plastics, or on Specialty Papers

Are you looking for online printing, will full color printing be the right choice for your project? Did you come up with the graphic design of your piece? Do you want to get technical support to help you complete your project?  

You've come to the right page. You can order printing, finishing options, print single or double sided documents and more. In short, you are in good hands, where printing service is our thing.

If you want it printed or copied, we have you covered.

If you want your document to become inexpensive handouts, we have you covered as well

If you need graphic design and file setup guidelines, we got you covered.

Our Goal as a Printing and Sign Provider: We want you to receive your printed color copies exactly as you need them, so we created a simple platform where you select the options that are relevant to you. We print exactly what you need. You are welcome to pick up your job at our production office, or we can otherwise ship it to you it that is more convenient.

Every printed job is custom printed. As such, buying printed documents from a vendor that allows you to customize almost everything that can be made personal in printing is amazing!

Paper Selection: It is just simple to select the right paper from an amazingly rich library of options

Finishing Options: It's magical to be able to choose from so many folding, decide if you need drilling or if applying applying numbering what your printed job needs.

I almost forgot to mention that you can even customize the copy that is printed in your documents! We can do variable data printing as well!

When your vendor's pricing structure rewards you with lower prices when economies of scale are possible, you know that you will be well served. We are here to satisfy both a high quality standard and the lowest possible price for your project. 


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Your order will be Proudly Printed in the USA by our own 5-Star Team!

ColorCopiesUSA is the best Cheap Printing vendor of copies, brochures, business cards, banners, and so much more. 


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(Min: 1, Max: 1000)
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Text Weigh
24# Paper t28# Super 96 white paperPremium 32#  txt80# Gloss txt100# Gloss txt80# Matt txt100# Matt txt
Copy Paper txt
24# Paper t
28# Super 96 white paper
Premium 32# txt
80# Gloss txt
100# Gloss txt
80# Matt txt
100# Matt txt
No Bleed: White Border
Letter Fold Out (as in Brochures)Letter Fold In (content inside the fold)Half Fold Z FoldDouble Parallel Fold
No Folding
Letter Fold Out (as in Brochures)
Letter Fold In (content inside the fold)
Half Fold
Z Fold
Double Parallel Fold
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Upper Corner
3 Holes 2 Holes top1 Hole on corner
No Drilling
3 Holes
2 Holes top
1 Hole on corner
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FAQ's • Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer a large number of options because we know that some options make more sense than others in certain occasions.
  • We offer the following four categories of stock for our color copies. Within each category, there are several options. 
  • Textweight paper in different colors, thicknesses, and gloss or matte finish. 
  • Coverstock of different thicknesses, from light to boards, gloss, satin, and matte options 
  • Water and tear-resistant synthetic plastic papers for outdoor applications 
  • Specialty papers such as coated and embossed Linen, papers made with recycled materials of a combination of colored fibers 
  • A page is one side of a sheet of paper
  • Think about pages as you would in a book
  • For Single Side Printing: for every page that you upload, you get a sheet of paper with print on one side only
  • For Double Side Printing: for every two pages that you upload, you get a sheet of paper with print on both sides
  • EXCLUSIVE TOOL: Calculated Number of Prints and Sheets: On our calculator, you will see how many impressions and sheets you get based on your selection, which makes it easy for you to double-check for accuracy.
  • Use bright colors in your design
  • Use an image adjustment tool to recover the intensity and contrast that the shot might have lost.
  • Some of the FREE image editors that you can use: Gimp - Image Manipulation, Apple Photos, Microsoft Photos, Pixlr, and many others
  • Another popular tool is Canva's photo editor Click to go to editor
  • Handle your images in high resolution, 300dpi is recommended,
  • Do not copy and paste images grabbed from the internet. 

We use both digital laser and traditional offset and lithography printing. Each printing system has advantages and disadvantages in terms of quality and cost. We will use the most efficient production method to fulfill your order.

No, there won't be a match and that's normal and expected. Your screen emits light while paper reflects it to show color.

The intensity and vibrance of the colors change. Your screen can display more colors than printing can get. Different papers have different brightness and finishings which affects what the printed piece looks like.

Yes: You can order online, we can ship your order, or you can pick-it-up at our facility.

Our web-to-print platform allows you to customize your order by choosing paper, finishing options, turnaround time, and shipping methods.

Instant file preview of your uploaded files

Real time tools to design online are available for FREE.

Your order history and files will be usually available on your account console, visible when you log into it. Because of the storage resources limitations, your files might get erased at a certain point in time and you might no longer see them.

If you can't see your files in your console, there is still a chance that we might have your artwork backed up. No commitments though. Whenever you need to rescue a file that you have submitted in the past, it's worth asking if we can still access it. Again, this is not a guaranteed feature of our service.

  • No. The printing conditions change slightly between production runs so you should expect some degree of variation. We do not offer color matching on this product.
  • Even if the file with the artwork is the same, the equipment, and processing capabilities will introduce variations that are acceptable and expected. The ink and toner from different manufacturers are made differently, therefore print providers have different outcomes.
  • Images: Design at high-resolution (300 dpi or higher) in real size. Save your file as a tiff, jpeg, or PDF (more details about how to create PDF files) Your piece will print smooth and balanced. GIFs or PNGs do not produce such smooth results 
  • Text, logos, cha<>rts, and Images: If you can generate your files in vector-design software such as Illustrator or InDesign, the lines and copy will print sharper. PDF files are preferred because they keep the vector design intact. 
  • Microsoft Publishers files, when saved as PDFs can work for mixed data. Make sure that you work in a file that matches the desired output size 
  • Avoid software that compresses images automatically such as Microsoft Word and some online editors, The quality of the images gets downgraded by the software. Those are designed for online viewing.

Call our support team! 1-877-421-0668

We are on the East Coast


There's so much more that we'd like to share: Here it is!

  • Full Color Printing: "Color copies with as many colors printed in your document as your imagination envisions. Colors in backgrounds, pictures, letters are acceptable.
  • Color copies or prints on a variety of papers:  
    • Standard Paper: aka copy paper" or  "20-pound paper weight"
      • Other text weight papers include thicker papers, glossy or matt finish
      • These copies can be used as flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, brochures, forms, workbooks, notebooks.... and many other applications
    • Cover stock options are available as thinner or really thick. Meaning that it has a heavier paper-weight. Card stock can be used for covers, separators, posters, etc.
    • Synthetic Water-Resistant plastic paper. It is available in 3 thicknesses.
    • Linen papers. These are considered premium papers because they have a subtle embossed texture reminiscent of fine linen cloth. It is mostly used for personal stationery, business letterhead, invitations, and other distinct applications
    • Colored Papers: Printing on colored paper instead of using inks or toner to cover it all is more efficient, especially when the color of the paper itself has a meaning, as when using "electric-bright" colors. Colored paper can increase response and readership.
  • Finishing: Stapled color copies, folding, hole drilling
    • Stapled documents: In multi-page documents, use staples color copies 
    • Print and fold: 
      • When you want to fold a letter into its own envelope, we can get the folding done for you. Folding looks easy but it has to be done with precision. Hand folding takes too long
      • Newsletters usually require half-fold or letter fold.
    • Drill holes: to insert documents in 3-ring binders, 3 holes must be drilled. ColorCopiesUSA can do that for you so that you save time and effort

Pickup in Fort Lauderdale, FL All printed materials can be picked up at our headquarters, or
Shipping: Many shipping options are available reflecting different levels of service. Select under Shipping options.

Low Prices: Our printing and graphic design services are much more affordable than the prices at FedEx, Kinkos, Office Depot, Staples, and most of the national printing companies in the marketplace.

High Level of Service: Our dedication to service, detail and client satisfaction is reflected in the public feedback shared by our clients.

There are tools in the calculator that allow you to fully customize your order. The graphic interface will present the options in an intuitive way. Question mark bubbles contain additional support information specific to the area. Some of the areas over which there are options for you to choose:

Selecting your Custom Print Options is easy with the Graphic Interface but the words associated with those icons is there as well if you need them.

We are commited to our clients, and this is what they shared publicly through verified reviews on Google, Better Business Bureau, Truspilot, Verified Reviews, Facebook, Yelp and others:

  • Maite Roca shared: SERVICE AND ATTITUDE 100% OF THE TIME! Even when we are rushing Sergio is always EXTRA helpful. They make us shine with our newsletter printing! Thank you! Maite Roca, Art Coordinator. Marian Center School and Services " Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Trustpilot.

  • Cynara shared: "I'm very happy with the work that Color Copies USA has done for me, they are very reliable and their quick answer to all my questions was superb. I fully recommend their service for all your commercial marketing needs. I will definitely be their loyal customer from now on. Thanks Sergio for your outstanding work and taking care of all my business needs. "Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Verified Reviews.

  • Angel shared:" Color Copies USA not only went above and beyond in accommodating our short term needs, they gave us extremely good pricing and just the feel that I found what I was looking for. Lately print shops have become so demanding that they forget some customer are not technical or have the background to provide a workable file. CCUSA asked for what was necessary to make it the best it could be and we could not be happier. If looking for an old school person to person feeling even though it's virtual, then given them a chance. Worth the time and I simply don't give reviews, they made it happen so absolutely."Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Verified Reviews.

  • Stephanie shared:" This is my second time using ColorCopies USA services and they are top notch. Vivian & Sergio are professional and a pleasure to do business with. They are quick to respond and the turnaround time is super fast. They will be my go to resource for future copy needs and I highly recommend." Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Verified Reviews.

  • Ruth shared:" COLOR COPIES USA has handled my postcards very well. They help me to finish the design. They have responded my concerns immediately. I am very satisfied with my final product." Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Verified Reviews.

  • Mike C. shared:" Color Copies USA has always done a great job for us. I recommend them very highly. Sincerely, Mike Ciochetti Heaven's Landing, LLC." Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Verified Reviews.

  • Christina shared: The team you want for fast turnaround and great work! The team at Colorcopiesusa was very professional and beyond helpful with a last minute copy and presentation binding project I had. They stayed in constant contact with me as this project came in around closing time for them. I can't thank them enough for the customer service and excellent job they did in such a short turnaround time!" Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Trustpilot.

  • Ira Steven shared: Excellent Product and Pricing! Lightning Fast Delivery! A Pleasure to work with!" Rating assigned: 5/5. Read the review as published in Trustpilot.

Topic of the video: Single Side / Double Side

If you need help deciding what would work the best for you, give us a call and our team will guide you so that you order exactly what best works for you.

IMPORTANT: We work Eastern time hours.

Help-Line - 1-877-421-0668

this product is printed in the USA

Rruspilot Review


Ellen - 2024-02-12 - 5 / 5 stars
Quick Turnaround & Good Customer Service. I had a very last minute job and ColorCopiesUSA was able to complete my prints quickly. They made sure to communicate when they had a question about my print files to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend. Thank you!
Mike Wysocki - 2024-02-13 - 5 / 5 stars
Color Copiers made me an awesome table cloth for trade shows and when I mailed it home after a trade show the post office or ups lost it and blamed each other so I had them make me another tablecloth.
Kris - 2024-02-10 - 5 / 5 stars
Great Service. I had questions so I called after I placed my order and they were super helpful. They sent emails for approval and I received my order much faster than I expected. Qualify is great - print is a little small but that is because of the file type I sent them.
L. Osborne - 2024-02-02 - 5 / 5 stars
Very Good Experience. Quality was very good. Price was much better than others I checked - even with shipping. I made a mistake on my shipping selection on my order and they were very helpful in getting it corrected and the job sent out quickly.
David Ellefson - 2024-02-04 - 5 / 5 stars
Their Mission Is To Never Have a Dissatisfied Customer. Now that we're retired, my wife and I have been doing quite a bit of local and foreign traveling. After each trip, we put together a trip report to document what we did and what we saw. We've tried a number of local and web based printers but have never been very satisfied. Unfortunately, we end up with whatever we get. Frankly, the printed document we received back from Colorcopiesusa didn't please us either. I sent them a note explaining my dissatisfaction and to my surprise, I immediately received a note back telling me that their mission is to never to have a dissatisfied customer and that they would be willing to do a reprint based upon the details of my note. In a day (or two at the most) I received digital images of the new pages of my document with a note asking me to review them and give my OK. The photos were lighter and the colors truer per my request. I received the reprinted document a few days later, and I'm pleased to report, the document was really nice. Now I know what instructions to give with my next order, and I will most definitely have Colorcopiesusa do the next printing.
Holly - 2024-02-05 - 5 / 5 stars
Fast shipping. Product exceeded my expectations, especially for the price! Will be using this company again. Thank you!
tkbdvm - 2024-01-26 - 5 / 5 stars
A++ to Color Copies. I've used Color Copies for years. Their price for the quality of product can't be beat. The quality and clarity of photos is superior. They are fast too!