Clever Thanksgiving Event Print Marketing Ideas!

Brooks Brothers Thanksgiving Sale

With Black Friday and Thanksgiving right around the corner, your business is probably beginning to get excited with ways to promote your events. As a retailer, you probably feel that this is the time to ramp up sales that lead into the Holiday shopping fever.

Thanksgiving is a time of rest, relaxation and family time, so you may want to incorporate this feeling in your print marketing relating to Thanksgiving. Restaurants, especially, may be thinking of promotions. Some of the products that we print include:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Pop up banners
  • Signage


If you are a restaurant owner and are planning special meals for Thanksgiving, why not print up a sample menu to send to your customers? A postcard can be especially mouthwatering to begin the Thanksgiving spirit. If you do catering, the postcard is also a great vehicle that can come to your clients at just the right time. Those businesses that sell turkeys and tablecloths can also benefit from some promotion that may be put on the wall for reference.

Thanksgiving Menu Printing


If you take reservations for Thanksgiving, you might have some invitations printed with your name and location for customers to give to their family members and friends gathering at your location. Mostly blank, these invites can be mailed out by the host or hostess.

Restaurant Menus

We do menus, and the time to get yours printed is coming up soon. Think of a beautifully designed (with Photoshop or clip art) menu listing the special meal. It can be a mouth-watering insert put into your everyday menu in the week before Thanksgiving.


Some Thanksgiving-goers may be looking for a restaurant at the last minute. A banner that says that “Thanksgiving Dinner is Served Here” will bring in appreciative new customers as well as the loyal ones.

Thanksgiving sale postcard

Black Friday Promo

According to the National Retail Federation, ninety-five million shoppers will hit stores on Black Friday. Averaging $407 between Thanksgiving and the following Sunday; you may want a piece of that pie, even if it’s not pumpkin!

Its that crazy time of year when folks just want to shop. Announce to those looking to spend (on a sale!) with a promotion that could include:

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Banners
  • Coupons
  • Signs and spinners

Why not design it against a black background? People get a lot of mail these days, and you want your promotions to stand out. A sneak peek at the deals may be offered as well as a site online to learn more. You could also have real people (dressed in black) handing out these cards as shoppers stroll the streets.

A “follow the footprints” promotion, with people wearing footprint-printed T-shirts, give flyers that lead to your store. Or create a scavenger hunt inside with a short printed list of items to find in your store. The end of the hunt takes them to a treat, small prize, coupon or discount.

Color Copies USA can print for your needs rapidly. If you have questions, give us a call at 877-421-0668 to place your order soon.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a sane and profitable BLACK FRIDAY!

It’s International ‘Update Your Resume’ Month!

You're Hired

Did you know that September is National Update Your Resume Month? And the timing couldn’t be BETTER. The national employment outlook for the fourth quarter of 2019 remains positive at +20%, with the rate of hiring intentions exceeding 2018’s Q4 rate by 1%, according to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. You may want to update your resume!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to brush up on the new happenings and print black and white copies of your sparkling new resume – one that’s sure to get results IF you follow these helpful tips. Employers are looking for people with your qualities and capabilities! We’re sure your not a resume printing specialist – so that’s why we put this blog together for you – read on!

While there is a huge demand for employees, quite a bit can change over twelve months. Keeping up to date with your credentials can be most useful to you on your job hunt. Make sure you have at least 20 printouts of your resume on high quality paper at all times, just in case.

Even if you aren’t in the process of looking for a new job currently, adding to your skillset in a document is never a bad idea! It keeps you on track so you can visibly see how much you have grown in your area of expertise.

Types of Resumes

You have a few selections here when it comes to choosing what kind of resume works best for your skillset. There are also a number of variables involved in resume printing. Let’s go over each so you can choose the most appropriate to create and print!

  • Chronological Resumes: Probably the most popular type of resume printed, chronological resumes list your work history with the most recent employment listed first. It typically includes an objective so a potential employer can get a look at what you’re aiming to achieve.
  • Functional Resumes: A functional resume casts a primary focus on what your skills and work experience reflect.
  • Combination Resumes: Combination resumes are separated into two sections. One focuses on your skills and achievements and the other focuses on your work history.
  • Targeted Resume: A targeted resume is written to appeal to a specific employer that you want a job with specifically. It is tailored to show your skills for a particular position.

Printing Resume Black and White

Are Resumes Really That Important?

A resume speaks volumes about you. Not only does it set the tone, showing your personality and professionalism, but it is also a snapshot of your value as a potential employee. You can guess according to that information, it is quite important!

According to our history of using resumes, they were used as early as 1482 and by the 1950s they became a requirement. This is for good reason.

They are an easy way for an employer to read over what you have accomplished to decide whether either of you make a good match. If so, they have pinpointed your potential and will then proceed with an interview.

Print Resume Perfection

Once you have your resume in tip-top shape, you will want to print it out professionally on the proper type of paper to make sure it looks as fantastic as you are.

You’ll especially need a printed version of your resume if you are attending a job fair or meeting with the employer in person. Make sure to use resume paper in printing your resume for best results. Resume paper is used specifically for this purpose. Color Copies USA has all the most popular types. The ‘weight’ of your paper is also important, as is the color.

Yes, there are alot of variables involved. White paper vs. cream or ivory? Plain or laid paper? 20 lbs vs. 24 lbs vs. 32lbs resume paper?

Don’t worry, resume printing advice is only a phone call away! To print a professional, attractive resume, there are plenty of online printing services to choose from, but Color Copies USA has been printing resumes online for customers around the USA since the 1970’s! They can create a color-rich, hearty resume that will captivate visually.

This way, not only will you have a digital copy saved for online reference, you will have a neatly printed copy to hand out as well! So call Color Copies USA today and speak to a resume printing advisor – (877) 421-0668…they’ll be glad to help.

September is almost over! National Update Your Resume Month is the best time to update and print  your resume the way you want so you can catch the eye of your dream employer and attain the position you deserve!

Memorial Day is Coming – Printing Ideas for Memorial Day Sales and Events

feather sign
5 Printing Ideas for Memorial Day Sales and Events

Running a Memorial Day sale, promotion, or event is a great way to build your business’s brand while participating in honoring the tradition. Let’s look at 5 ways businesses can promote their Memorial Day sales.

  1. Window banners

The most important key performance indicator for a brick and mortar business is the number of customers that come through the door. Increasing customer inflow can be achieved in a variety of ways, but an effective window banner will make customers act like moths to a flame. Mattress companies, known for having Memorial Day sales, use banners in their windows to raise interest. Your window banner needs to be attractive enough to catch the attention of passersby, yet convey a succinct and potent message that will stick with them.

  1. Popup banners

Pop up banners have a similar effect to window banners, but have the added benefit of placement outdoors or in a key area within your store. Some popup banners can move with the wind, thus providing eye-catching motion. Car dealers use a type of pop up banners called feather signs as well, and you can too, regardless of the type of business. Get your message across to people that will be driving by your establishment in the days leading up to Memorial Day.

  1. T-shirts

T-shirts are a mainstay in the promotion department. You can stick out by creating shirts that are tied to the Memorial Day theme. Bonus tip: Create a shirt design that someone would want to wear beyond the holiday; a shirt that isn’t too salesy or promotional in nature. A t-shirt that people will continue to wear after Memorial Day will be a walking, living, breathing advertisement for your business for days and months to come. Feel free to use just enough humor or creativity to make a shirt that will match the qualities you want your brand to convey.

  1. Mugs

Mugs, similar to t-shirts, are something that people can hold onto for a long time. The right design can make your mug a favorite for your visitors. Perhaps they will choose to take your mug along to work with them in the morning, filled with their favorite coffee. How about a juice cup for people that either don’t drink coffee or would prefer to have the alternative?

  1. Menus or catalogs

If you own a restaurant, a custom Memorial Day menu can create interest in your establishment. Special pricing and unique menu offerings can draw patrons that will be looking to spend time with their friends and loved ones on the 27th. If you would like to get more out of the menus, create a week-long special menu that focuses on the holiday. Coupled with some advertising, you can draw patrons and use other promotional materials to generate repeat customers.

Memorial Day is an important holiday for the history of our country. Participate in the festivities by showing your target market that you share in the commemoration while putting your best foot forward. Attract customers by giving them something that will place your business at the forefront of their mind.

Tips for Thanksgiving Day Event, Catering, or Sales Promotions

If the last few years are anything to go by, the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday should prove to be an exceptional season for many eateries across the motherland. According to a report released by the National Restaurant Association, close to eighty million Americans will be dining out or requesting take-out meals on Black Friday and Thanksgiving; and this is a number that is expected to continue rising in the next few years.

For many entrepreneurs in the service industry, the Thanksgiving craze tends to be a two-edged sword. The increased business is certainly welcome, but striking the proper balance between marketing and ensuring that they are properly staffed often ends-up being more challenging than initially anticipated.
The following are quick tips to help you prepare for this holiday:

1. Offer a Regular Dinner or Holiday Dinner Package

By now you already know that the holidays are a busy season. Many homeowners do not have enough time on their hands to prepare any decent family meal. In addition, many locations across the country are experiencing snowy and cold weather; a factor that makes it hard, if not impossible to get to the local mall to do some last minute shopping. And given that this is a time when most families host friends and colleagues, it means that most homes now have more mouths to feed than is normally the case.

Fortunately for your clientele, you can try and simplify their lives by providing them with recently prepared meals. Provide meal packages that can be delivered to the customer’s doors or that can easily be picked by the customers on their way home from their places of work.

You can choose to provide the clients with two sets of packages: for instance, you can have a standard dinner that can feed between four and five people, as well as a holiday dinner. The latter should comprise of festive Thanksgiving food items like pies for dessert, roasted chicken or ham, fresh rolls, salads, and veggies.

Limiting the number of available options means that you can easily stock these items in advance, and then easily combine them for each new order placed by a client.

2. Organize a Thanksgiving Holiday Kick-off Get-together

There is no better way to usher in the holidays than to host a party that can also be used as an avenue to promote your restaurant. You will not have to go overboard with the party preparations as the best and most memorable parties are those that have happy attendees and well thought-out themes.

The one thing you need to do is ensure that no one leaves your holiday party without a holiday promotions calendar. You can also partner with another business, like Color Copies USA to print gifts and prizes to be handed to all the attendees. This can include but are not limited to:

  • Door hangers
  • Promotional items, e.g., t-shirts, caps, and mugs with the name of your restaurant boldly imprinted on the item
  • Banners
  • CDs/DVDs of the party
  • Retractable banners
  • Color brochures

This particular strategy is ideal for eateries that are looking to create an email marketing list that they can use to communicate with potential and existing clients. Many party attendees will be more than willing to provide you with their email addresses in exchange for a gift item.

3. Provide Retail Relief

A recent survey conducted by the National Retail Foundation indicates that close to sixty-nine percent of Americans will go shopping at some point between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, with Black Friday being the busiest of the five-day holiday period.

This is a day when more than 115 million people across the country will leave their homes to participate in the holiday madness. Given that they will naturally have the day off from their usual work-related activities, you can provide them with lunch specials to help them relax after queuing for long periods.


As your restaurant teams start making preparations for this holiday, ColorCopiesUSA recommends that you also share these special events and promotions via your email marketing lists, company website, and social media accounts.

An Overview of Today’s Printing Press Technology

There are so many technological advances in the world of printing these days, from 3D printing, from new innovations in digital printing, from nanographic printing to the explosion of online printing companies like ColorCopiesUSA, the industry is as viable as ever.

Initially however, the printing process was very tedious and time consuming. With the invention of movable parts, printing machines revolutionized the printing process. It facilitated faster and better printing which helped to spread knowledge and education around the world. Nowadays, the printing process has improved considerably due to technological advancement. Mass publications are made within a short time while still maintaining quality. Here are some of the common printing techniques used today.

Offset Lithography

It is one of the commonly used techniques in the printing industry. In this process, the content to be printed is contained on a printing plate. The plate has been designed to hold ink only on the part that contains the content. The inked part is transferred/offset to a rubber blanket and then on a printing surface. Modern offset printing machine uses computer systems to enhance quality. It is used to print any flat surface such as papers, plastic, etc. The most significant benefit of this technique is that it is cost effective and produces high-quality content. However, omissions cannot be corrected once the plates are set.


Flexography is a commonly used printing technique used to customize content at rapid speeds. It is closely related to the traditional letterpress printing and is used in almost any type of surface. This technique utilizes flexible photopolymer printing plates that are attached on rotating cylinders. The plates are slightly raised and rotate at high speed to transfer the content on the printing surface. Flexography was extensively used in the 20th century in food packaging.

Digital Printing

Recently, digital printing has become popular due to the advancement of technology. The technique involves transferring content from a digital device to a printing surface. Unlike other traditional methods such as lithography, printing plates in digital printing are not regularly replaced. This significantly reduces the printing turnaround time and cost.

Digital printing allows for an amazing amount of variation and originality.  For instance, wide format printers of up to 98″ width allow small businesses to print their output to heretofore unimagined sizes. Vinyl banner printing allows for production of vinyl banners up to 8 feet wide and up to 30 feet long. UV curable flatbed machines allow for printing directly on many surfaces from styrene to foamcore.

Inkjet and xerography are the most popular digital printing methods.

  • Inkjet –  It is a printing process that involves recreation of digital content by propelling small droplets of ink on a surface. Inkjet printers come in small, inexpensive devices and professional machines used on a range of surfaces such as papers, plastic, canvas, etc. The idea of inkjet printing was conceptualized in the 20th century but advanced extensively due to the development of computer technology.
  • Xerography –  Also referred to as electrostatic imaging, it is a printing technique based on electrostatic charges. The concept was invented and patented in the mid 20th century by Chester Carlson. An electrical charge is evenly distributed on a metal cylinder known as the drum to attract toner particles that are then transferred to the printing surface. Depending on the printing surface used, Xerography provides archival durability.


Also known as rotogravure, it is a rotary printing technique where the content to be printed is engraved on a cylinder. Through high speed, the cylinder transfers the content on the printing surface. The method is mainly used in large volume works such as newspapers.

Here at the start of the 21st century, with new electronic printing methods emerging, there has never been a better time to explore the unlimited options that print technology brings you and your business.

Spectacular Ideas to Promote Your 4th of July Event!

Using the Power of Printing to Make Your July 4th Event Sparkle!

4th of July promotions

When you are promoting a special event for the Fourth of July, it is essential to use a variety of high-quality advertising materials. At Color Copies USA located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and serving customers online throughout the USA, you can leverage the ‘power of printing’ to create dynamic advertising materials for your upcoming July 4th holiday event.

What Are the Different Types Of Advertising Materials?

If you haven’t shopped for customized advertising materials in several years, then you are going to enjoy shopping at our website. We offer the highest quality items for holiday events, and you can order the items from the convenience of your own home or office. Here are some of the items that you can use for the July Fourth weekend:

  • Postcards – mail postcards to customers
  • Window displays – cardboard or vinyl signs for windows
  • Flyers – inexpensive flyers for mailboxes
  • Signs – in various sizes to advertise your event
  • Menus – special menus for festivals or restaurants
  • Catalogs – designed for advertising Fourth of July products
  • T-shirts – for your employees or guests
  • Brochures – great for amusement parks or hotels
  • Banners – plastic banners for buildings and fences
  • Car magnets – perfect for helping people find an event
  • Promotional goods – free items such as pens and cups
  • Invitations – special invitations
  • Envelopes – printed envelopes with decorative designs

How Many Individuals Travel During the July Fourth Weekend?

 July 4th Sale Printing

Nearly 50 million individuals will travel for the Fourth of July weekend, so you must use this opportunity to increase your business’s profits. Our company’s advertising materials are diverse, affordable and attractive. We make it easy to send us images, logos or other information to customize a variety of products.

BTW – this blog post is brought to you by Color Copies USA. We’re a ‘deep discounter’ for printing and we make it easy to order an assortment of items from our online website, delivered to any address that you choose FAST!

Use the Traditional Fourth of July Colors For Your Advertising

 July 4 Flyer Printing

The traditional color options for the July Fourth weekend are red, white or blue, and we offer an assortment of color printing with different font styles. In addition, you can order advertising materials that are made in different colors to capture the interest of your customers. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you will like a particular type of advertising material because you can design it online to see what it looks like before placing your order.

Remember To Add Important Information To the Advertising Materials

You will want everyone to recognize your advertising immediately by having your business’s name in a large font size, but you may need other important information such as the time of the event. When you are sending any type of advertising in the mail, you can provide additional information such as the address for the event along with your business’s telephone number.

Use Decorative Elements Such as Stars and Stripes

For Fourth of July advertising, you can use decorative elements such as red and white stripes, blue backgrounds with stars, or images such as the American flag. When you select the font for your advertising, you might want to select an old-fashioned style that looks patriotic. Remember that when you are designing signs or other items, you will want your advertising to stand out from your competitors.

Use Your Advertising Materials At the Right Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to use or mail your advertising materials and promotional items. Send flyers and postcards to potential customers at least a month in advance. Begin to hang signs in the windows of your business or use pop-up signs on the sidewalks or along the street to capture the interest of anyone passing by your business during the week before your sale or event.