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Essay Writing Tips – How to Write a Great Essay

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COVID-19: Emergency Management Team in South Florida Available 24/7

COVID-19 – A Story about One of the Teams that Keeps Testing Facilities in South Florida Running

The story that we want to share with you today has to do with Covid-19, the impact in our community and how so many people shine during this tough time.

It is concerning how deeply our state has been affected by the virus. It is uplifting to see how people, working for organizations in the state are making a difference in what is happening within our community.

Covid-19 testing in South Florida is crucial to bring back the state to a healthy status and to help people make the right decisions.

In the State of Florida, we have “The Florida Emergency Management Team” which is keeping soooo many testing facilities open so provide testing and to report back to the citizens.

Their work keeps the critical testing services operational and we believe that the service is free.

Picture of an Emergency Team Member working non-stop
The Florida Emergency Management Team works tirelessly to keep testing locations active and ready to serve the community.


Our company, ColorCopiesUSA.com has been doing print work for the State of Florida’s Emergency Management Team. We have printed flyers and documentation that are used at the testing locations in South Florida.

The documents that we have worked on contain important information for the public, such as instructions as of how to handle a positive Covid test and how to take precautions to prevent further transmission of the virus.


picture of documents used at testing facilities in South Florida
Picture of some of the documents printed at ColorCopiesUSA.com, used by the Emergency Team to inform the public about the testing process

By doing Covid printing  for the team, we know that we are helping, at least a little bit, to make a difference in the state of health around us.

The team members are really doing the magic. The testing facilities are operating in an organized way. That is not happening by chance, but because there are loving individuals 100% committed  to doing what is needed.

The individuals who we have contact with seem to be available all day to accomplish their task. Their work is humbling. The team members are on top of what they need. You can feel and sense that they are trying to keep the emergency services available and not be overwhelmed.

And they are concerned, worried about the health care that the population needs.

With many challenges, they are still operating at full throttle. These guys are sharp, stay on  top of what they need and ready to serve, either during weekdays or weekends, day or night..

It is an honor for us to be supplying printed documents to help the community heal at this time.

Learn more about the great work of the Florida State Emergency Response Team

If your organization needs to reorganize your operations, which might involve redesigning documents, doing covid-printing to make your workplace safer, to communicate with your team or your clients, ColorCopiesUSA.com can help you by providing  covid posters, floor decals for social distancing, brochure printing, feather flags and an array of advertising products.

Stay safe and help our health care workers help us. They are the heroes.

For any inquiries, please call us at 1-877-421-0668



The Coronavirus world makes customer relationships tougher. It is time to build strengthen the links

The Coronavirus World Makes Customer Relationships Tougher.

The image shows expressions of approval that you hope your clients think about you.
Will your clients love you? Would they recommend you?

Is there anything that you could do to improve your current situation?

Our world has been upended almost overnight. Some business owners and customer support teams might not even have a clear understanding of what their clients need right now.

If you are a business owner, you might find it difficult to assess the actions that will serve both your company and the business community at large.

Small businesses owners and their core employees are most likely fearful. Your organization has worked hard to bring the company to whichever level of success it has achieved. It could feel as if you were to lose it all.

How can you strengthen or maintain relationships with your clients when personal interaction has almost disappeared? How can you keep your organization relevant?

We have read an article published by the Harvard Business Review about the topic that we found pretty interesting and has inspired us to write about this topic. We will share some of the article’s recommendations for customer relationships success.

How can you support your client base and reassure your long term commitment to the relationship?

Strengthening the bond and collaboration is the key. If we could imagine a strong vendor-client relationship as links connected in a chain, the following cues will be helpful.

picture of a chain with links interconnected representing strong bond with clients | ColorCopiesUSA
Connect to your clients so that the links are strong

Build this First Link: Be vulnerable

Your company is no more than a representation of the individuals working in it. There are actually people paying attention to your client’s needs. Your clients want to know that your organization is compassionate and that you are having empathy towards them. When your loyal customers can feel a sense of humanity and understanding coming from your end, one of the links that holds the relationship becomes stronger.

Build this Second Link: Be open about what is changing and how

Covid makes it difficult both for your organization and for your clients to maintain a “normal” operation. Procedures might change. It might be difficult to tap into the resources that are usually available.

Be open about what you consider to be new opportunities, and about your restrictions that you are experiencing as well. Inform about changes in hours and customer service availability. Understand what your client’s restrictions are. What keeps them awake at night under current circumstances. What is affecting their bottom line and how sharing information could help both parties. An open dialog will build customer loyalty for a long time to come.

Be proactive, open and clear.

Your second link is becoming solid.

Build this Third Link: Your company is there for the long term

Reassure your clients that your company and your team will be there for them. Your company will likely continue to provide the goods or services that link you together.

As soon as your clients feel and believe that they can count on you, that your support is for real, they can free some of their own resources and focus their energy into other priorities.

That is the moment in which you have secured another link.

Build this Fourth Link: Be extra-creative by a large margin.

There is a saying that reminds us that some of the brightest and most innovative ideas came to live in times of upheaval and chaos,

Likewise your organization has the potential to outdo itself and its competition. Unleash the creativity of your team and make it a way-of-life for your organization in times to come. Not only your clients will be delighted, but the inner strength and resilience of your company will place it a few steps ahead.

When your clients see that talent in action, you are then securing another link in the relationship for a long time to come.

Sunny Days During the Stormy Season

Nobody can predict at this time what will happen in the near future and what the long time effect of this crisis is. It is still unknown to all of us. Even the scientific community is uncertain. Whatever the outcome is, with your links more solid than ever, new opportunities will uncover themselves and.become part of your upcoming road.

At our organization, we have been supported by some of our vendors. In turn, we have supported our clients, checked with them and became available. Because we have established personal relationships with so many of our clients they knew that they could count on us and we counted on them.

We have seen how some of our clients have shared their growth plans with us and started to execute those plans. One of our clients saw an opportunity to expand its property management and developed a new entire business. Another client in the restaurant business retooled its operation to adapt his restaurant to better serve the community.  Our company has been blessed by clients that have allowed us to be part of their needs during this time.

ColorCopiesUSA.com has been open for service while many of our competitors were not. Buyers would call and ask with concern “Are you still open?”. Our answer was always that we were there to support them.

Some vendors decided to protect themselves against risk, but others have helped us to develop a new line of canvas products that is close to release in a sustained level of cooperation that is remarkable.

Strengthen the links as much as you can and hopefully once this period is over, we’ll be stronger than before.

How to make a tri fold brochure or a pamphlet that works

Brochures VS Pamphlets

Can these two forms of documents be compared to two rivals in a match? Let’s find out!

So before we even get into the making of a brochure, let’s answer the following question:

“What is the difference between brochures and pamphlets?”

Pamphlets VS Brochures. Visuals of both
Pamphlets VS Brochures. Visuals of both

What is a Pamphlet?

There are different definitions and some will describe a pamphlet as a small booklet usually unbound, while others present it as a leaflet. Whichever the shape, they contain information about a single topic or subject.

If you are curious about the origin of the the word, it comes from “Pamphilet”, a Latin love poem popular in the 12th century. Only after the invention of the printing press, those loosely bound booklets that were printed, were called pamphlets, very popular in Europe, while the Reform was taking place. In time, some pamphlets became the way to express ideology in political movements.

Nowadays the use of pamphlets is for informational purposes. They could be a single page, of a number of sheets stapled together, or even printed on both sides and folded.

Pamphlets can be as long as a single page, to as many as 48 pages.

What do pamphlets say? Pamphlets introduce you or your company, your products, services and anything that you know that makes you stand out from your competitor.

Tone of the document: The style in them is persuasive, Informal, focused and consistent.

The importance of this document relies on the content, not on the artistic edge of the piece.

What is a Brochure?

Brochures are informative documents. There is usually care in the aesthetics of the document and they look beautiful, well crafted and very nice visual design. Brochures present information about a company or an artist, detail the products or services that hey make available.

What do brochures say? They give voice to your story. Brochures promote your services, your skills and are designed to generate business.

How do brochures build trust? When sharing accurate information that connects to the needs of your audience, almost like magically, trust builds between clients and businesses.

What do brochures look like? Sometimes the document is just a single letter-sheet, delicately printed and tri-folded which provides 6 viewing panels, or folded in half generating 4 panels. On other occasions, a when a double-parallel folding is applied to the document, 8 panels become available that allow for a more organized distribution of the content.

Size of brochures: The typical size is a letter size, but custom sizes, square shapes and tabloid layouts are common as well.

Which paper is suggested for brochures? When you are promoting your business, you want the brochure to represent you in a memorable way. That document that you handed to a prospect might be all that the prospect remembers about you. A memorable document is usually printed on thicker glossy stock, such as 100# gloss text. Using a cover stock is an awesome way to distinguish your document even more.

How to plan the design of a brochure: The first step is to make your notes and determine the scope of information to share. Our culture and habits have made us more visual than readers so plan on balancing the content accordingly. Laying the information onto the document by means of software such as Word, or InDesign, or Illustrator will allow you to present your ideas in the ideal

These two print marketing materials seem very similar after you lay out their definitions. The

most important difference is the subject matter. Pamphlets are used for non-commercial promotion, while brochures are used to advertise products and services. Brochures also typically have more pages and images. Pamphlets can have multiple pages, but are generally contain fewer pages and more words than images to inform the reader. However, these two are used interchangeably or together depending on your marketing needs.

You got them: How do you distribute pamphlets or brochures?

There are several methods to distribute brochures or pamphlets and individuals or companies use.

The traditional way is to hand them to interested individuals. Distribution in streets, stores, events, business meetings and trade shows are just some of the places where a person-to-person interaction drives connection and interest into what you have to offer.

Corporate brochures can be mailed. Pamphlets could be as well, but they are usually not.


Where can I have pamphlets and brochures printed?

ColorCopiesUSA.com offers printing and design services of unmatched quality and at much lower prices than most of the other printing companies. Because ours is a family-owned company, we care sincerely about you, your project and your success.

Connect with us! You are welcome to call us at 1-877-421-0668 or place an order in our this link to go to our product-specific page, where you will receive instant pricing, visual proofs of your files if you upload them and certainty in the production schedule.




Marketing Ideas Sure to Help Your Business Make More ‘Green’ This St. Patrick’s Day!

Dropkick-Murphys You don’t have to kiss the Blarney Stone to be Irish this St. Patrick’s Day. But you do have to come up with fresh marketing ideas if you want to see more green by getting more customers to your St. Patty’s Day event, pub or sale. Here are some fresh marketing tips for St. Patrick’s Day to help your business.

According to statistics, more than 33 million people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year. With beer sales representing a 152% uptick on that day alone, it’s no wonder estimates put the holiday spend at over $5.6 billion in 2018 in the USA alone.

This adds up to an average expenditure of over $40 per a typical partygoer. So if you run a Irish pub, bar or restaurant, and want to make sure you take in a bit of that ‘cabbage’, read on for creative March 17 marketing ideas for your business.

March 17th also creates an opportunity for other types of businesses to be a part of the celebratory events, providing a great source of revenue generation but also bringing good will to your customer base. Everyone is Irish for the day so from realtors to jewelry stores to clothing outlets, be sure to associate your business with all the fun, camaraderie and good spirit by somehow relating your brand to St. Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of clothing sales, the parties, parades, and celebrations that are thrown for St. Patty’s Day each year, 82.5 percent of attendees decide to wear green. Did you know that someone not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day is subject to pinching?  Others will often decide to carry green or shamrock themed memorabilia to honor Ireland, the very country of St. Patrick. Printing shamrocks on any of your marketing materials is sure to get them more attention this time of year.

To make sure that your business is lucky this St. Patrick’s Day, here are some more terrific St. Patrick’s print marketing tips:

  1. Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Concert at Your Irish Pub

If you are lucky enough to have an Irish pub or bar and restaurant, putting together a St. Patty’s Day Event is probably second nature, but here are some ideas that might help you leave your customers with long-lasting and positive memories.

Create a special St Patrick’s Day menu featuring the recipes you are best known for ( and maybe some new ones!) Irish stew with homemade Irish soda bread, beef stew with carrots, onions and potatoes and of course, you’ve got to feature corn beef and cabbage on the menu!

Put up a big vinyl banner promoting the big day, and pop up banners or smaller vinyl banners pitching your beer specials. ( Try orange and green Jello shots for a crowd pleasing change up!).

You don’t have to go all the way and spend a leprechaun’s weight in gold to make your event a smash. Instead, keep it simple by inviting local, passionate artists and performers. Many fiddle players, tin whistle players, guitarists, harp players and singers are anxious to share their favorite Irish ditties and sing-a-longs with the willing crowd of revelers.

Remember, your business can also simply sponsor such an event and be a part of the celebrations without doing the heavy lifting. You’ll just need a vinyl banner in that case.

Once again, pamphlets, flyers, and t-shirts could serve as great branding merchandise. Make sure to spend some amount there for ample exposure. Linking to and from the event site can draw additional traffic to your website before, during and after the event!

And don’t forget to serve up the best Guinness you can find ( try dyeing your pilsner draught green! ).


  1. Have a St. Patty’s Day Sale

Do we really need a reason to give a gift to a loved one?  Not really… and an astute business owner can certainly capitalize on that on this holiday like they can any other holiday! For instance, jewelry stores can promote emerald rings, pendants, earrings or more with St. Pattys Day sales flyers and signage. Car dealers?  How about feather banner signs and outdoor banners offering deeper discounts on green colored cars already on the showroom floor? Liquor stores…well, the sky is the limit there. Clothing boutique? Try creating a pop up banner with special pricing for all shades of green attire.  And while you have the customers onsite at any of these retail outlets, serve some green beverages and snacks to keep it fun.

  1. Plan and Host a Irish Festival

Consider having a Fèis, a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival. A Fèis is also the moniker given to Irish step dancing competitions.

Irish step dancing is a fun and crowd pleasing way to uphold the spirit of St. Patty’s Day. Google search for Irish step dancing in your town and you’re sure to find a club or school group that would be happy to perform. Print some invitations up to your ‘Fèis’ and you’re sure to get more attendees.

Like concerts, these events can take some work as well. But when they are put together well, you get to have passionate guests and long term customers who will remember your special and unique brand. They will remember that you made the extra effort and that you were there to celebrate.

Sponsorship and branding would of course once again be at play. Whether you are arranging the event yourself or simply participating as a sponsor, ensure to use some nicely printed merchandise such as indoor posters, vinyl banners and signs to make the most out of the branding opportunity at hand. Linking to and from the event site can draw additional traffic to your website before, during and after the event!

Leverage This Branding Opportunity

If you are planning an Irish Day Concert, March 17th SALE event or St. Patty Step Dancing Festival, you’ll want to choose an online printing company such as Color Copies USA that has years of experience with event promotions.

Color Copies USA online printing specialists can take the heavy lifting of printing and merchandising off of your hands, so you can focus on your event planning and core business activities instead. Our team of ‘idea people’ are on hand to help you make sure your event is as ‘lucky’ as can be.

When it comes down to it, the key to having a successful St. Patrick’s Day event  is providing your customers with fun experiences while still enjoying the event yourself but taking in some extra ‘green’.

7 Vibey Valentine’s Day Promo Ideas for Your Small Business

7 Vibey Valentine’s Day Promo Ideas for Your Small Business

Valentines Day small business printing ideas
If you run a small business such as a flower shop, restaurant, jewelry store or candy store, you are probably ‘racking your brain’ thinking  of creative ways to enliven your advertising and promotions during upcoming Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Valentine’s day printing ideas such as invitations, menus, banners, pop ups, promo items are a terrific way to inspire your customers to love you more than they already do. Love is in the air, and here are 7 ‘hear-felt’ printing ideas to increase the pulse of your business during this lovely time of year!

Celebrate the Heart

Did you know February is Women’s Health Awareness Month? If your company’s target market is women, you may think about having an event or adding ‘Women’s Health Awareness’ on the promo material you print. Your event could be a partnership with a yoga instructor, weight loss meet up or clinic or an exercise class or fitness center.

Logo Promo Items

Hand out a heart themed logo promo item – Heart Stress Reliever ( squeezie toy ), heart shaped emery board, heart shaped pen or other clever idea. Customers will see that you love them, and be reminded of that all year long! We print these ad speciality items quickly.  The only limit is your imagination!

Pop-Up Banners

Create a POP-UP banner for outside your store – This is the way to GRAB attention from passers by and drivers going by your jewelry store, candy shop or flower shop!

If you have a flower shop, try creating heart shaped signage to draw attention to your sale on roses. If you have a candy store – have us print in-store signage for you to draw attention to specials.

Valentines Day candy printing

Invitations and Announcements

If you are having a get together with friends – whether it be an All Girls Valentine’s Party or a couples party, print those invitations and announcements online! You can even use post cards if they are well designed graphically.

Menu Specials for Lovers

If you have a restaurant and are planning a special Valentine’s Day menu, then you’ll want to print stylized valentine’s Day menus or at least create inserts with your special offerings for the evening. Color copies are printed FAST ( after all – we are Color Copies USA ) and can be inserted easily into your existing menu.

Valentine’s Day Postcards to Clients

Express your valentine’s day wishes to clients. You can use our design software to create colorful postcards and personalize them with text, photos or logos.

Hold a Last-Minute Sale

Men are famous for buying Valentine’s Day gifts at the last minute, so put up a vinyl banner or pop up ( retractable banner ) with your messaging. It’s never too late!

We hope our tips have sparked some ideas for Valentine’s Day printing promo for your business. If you are still ‘stuck’ and need inspiration, call our friendly online printing customer service team today at 877-421-0668. We’d be glad to help!