It’s International ‘Update Your Resume’ Month!

You're Hired

Did you know that September is National Update Your Resume Month? And the timing couldn’t be BETTER. The national employment outlook for the fourth quarter of 2019 remains positive at +20%, with the rate of hiring intentions exceeding 2018’s Q4 rate by 1%, according to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. You may want to update your resume!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to brush up on the new happenings and print black and white copies of your sparkling new resume – one that’s sure to get results IF you follow these helpful tips. Employers are looking for people with your qualities and capabilities! We’re sure your not a resume printing specialist – so that’s why we put this blog together for you – read on!

While there is a huge demand for employees, quite a bit can change over twelve months. Keeping up to date with your credentials can be most useful to you on your job hunt. Make sure you have at least 20 printouts of your resume on high quality paper at all times, just in case.

Even if you aren’t in the process of looking for a new job currently, adding to your skillset in a document is never a bad idea! It keeps you on track so you can visibly see how much you have grown in your area of expertise.

Types of Resumes

You have a few selections here when it comes to choosing what kind of resume works best for your skillset. There are also a number of variables involved in resume printing. Let’s go over each so you can choose the most appropriate to create and print!

  • Chronological Resumes: Probably the most popular type of resume printed, chronological resumes list your work history with the most recent employment listed first. It typically includes an objective so a potential employer can get a look at what you’re aiming to achieve.
  • Functional Resumes: A functional resume casts a primary focus on what your skills and work experience reflect.
  • Combination Resumes: Combination resumes are separated into two sections. One focuses on your skills and achievements and the other focuses on your work history.
  • Targeted Resume: A targeted resume is written to appeal to a specific employer that you want a job with specifically. It is tailored to show your skills for a particular position.

Printing Resume Black and White

Are Resumes Really That Important?

A resume speaks volumes about you. Not only does it set the tone, showing your personality and professionalism, but it is also a snapshot of your value as a potential employee. You can guess according to that information, it is quite important!

According to our history of using resumes, they were used as early as 1482 and by the 1950s they became a requirement. This is for good reason.

They are an easy way for an employer to read over what you have accomplished to decide whether either of you make a good match. If so, they have pinpointed your potential and will then proceed with an interview.

Print Resume Perfection

Once you have your resume in tip-top shape, you will want to print it out professionally on the proper type of paper to make sure it looks as fantastic as you are.

You’ll especially need a printed version of your resume if you are attending a job fair or meeting with the employer in person. Make sure to use resume paper in printing your resume for best results. Resume paper is used specifically for this purpose. Color Copies USA has all the most popular types. The ‘weight’ of your paper is also important, as is the color.

Yes, there are alot of variables involved. White paper vs. cream or ivory? Plain or laid paper? 20 lbs vs. 24 lbs vs. 32lbs resume paper?

Don’t worry, resume printing advice is only a phone call away! To print a professional, attractive resume, there are plenty of online printing services to choose from, but Color Copies USA has been printing resumes online for customers around the USA since the 1970’s! They can create a color-rich, hearty resume that will captivate visually.

This way, not only will you have a digital copy saved for online reference, you will have a neatly printed copy to hand out as well! So call Color Copies USA today and speak to a resume printing advisor – (877) 421-0668…they’ll be glad to help.

September is almost over! National Update Your Resume Month is the best time to update and print  your resume the way you want so you can catch the eye of your dream employer and attain the position you deserve!