Lucky Ideas for Making St. Patty’s Day Event a Rousing Success!


St. Patrick’s Day Promotional Printing Ideas For Your Business or Restaurant

Saying that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most enjoyable holidays around the country would certainly be an understatement. And if you look around in the weeks before the festival of green, you’ll see plenty of flyers and ads promoting upcoming St. Patty’s Day sales, postcard promoting Irish music and dance events and vinyl banners for upcoming parades.

According to statistics in Forbes, more than 33 million people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year in the USA, with no less than 13 million pints of beer consumed on March 17 annually.

In the parties, parades, and celebrations that are thrown for St. Patty’s Day each year, 82.5 percent of attendees decide to wear green. The rest of them often decide to wear green or shamrock themed memorabilia to honor Ireland, the cherished homeland of St. Patrick and ancestral homeland of so many Americans. What a great idea!

This adds up to $5.3 billion dollars of expenses with a $38 expense for the average partygoer.

That creates an opportunity for businesses to be a part of memorable events that not only serve as a great source of revenue generation but which also allow ample entertainment to a majority of their customer base.

As such, this allows their customers to associate their brand with positive memories, and the mutual values they share towards a strong business connection.

To make sure that you make the most out of this great opportunity while having some fun along the way, here are a few lucky ideas to making your own St. Patty’s Day party a success.

st pattys day banner

Spread the Cheer With Green Beer

One of the best ideas to help make it a lively St. Patty’s Day bash is also the simplest: serve green beer to  the guests at your event to give your locale that ‘Irish pub’ feel.

While green beer is not originally from Ireland, this American brew has become a staple in St. Patrick Day celebrations in recent years. If your business wants to throw a fun party, then the inclusion of this vibrant drink is a must have.

Speaking of celebrations, announce yours with custom flyers. Color copies can be printed for pennies these days, and online printers like Color Copies USA can send you your flyers quickly via UPS or US Mail, so that you can get to work promoting your celebration or event.

If you own an Irish pub yourself, then it’s a good idea to make sure to utilize this drink to the fullest. On the other hand, even if you operate in a different business sector, you can sponsor a local pub as a part of your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

In either case, make sure you have some branding materials in hand. Pop-up banners, special menus, and flyers to go around the neighborhood would all work towards ensuring a great guest turnover.

Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Concert

Putting together a concert can take some work. But if you have an idea as to how to pull it off, then it can leave your customers with long-lasting and positive memories.

You don’t have to go all the way and spend a leprechaun’s weight in gold at this event. Instead, keep it simple with local and passionate artists while making the event more fun by serving of some of the best Guinness you can find.

Remember, you can also simply sponsor such an event and be a part of the celebrations without doing the heavy lifting.

Once again, pamphlets, flyers, and t-shirts could serve as great branding merchandise. Make sure to spend some amount there for ample exposure.

Plan and Host a Irish Dance Festival

Irish dancing festivals are yet another popular way to uphold the modern spirit of St. Patty’s Day.

Like concerts, these events can take some work as well. But when they are put together well, you get to have passionate guests and long term customers who would remember your special and unique brand. They will remember that you made the extra effort and that you were there to celebrate. There are likely a number of dance schools in your area. Just make a few inquiries to find out which feature Irish dancers and then your sure to get them interested in appearing at your vent. Don’t forget to promote the event with flyers, banners etc.

Sponsorship and branding would of course once again be at play. Whether you are arranging the event yourself or simply participating as a sponsor, ensure to use some nicely printed merchandise such as indoor posters, banners and signs to make the most out of the branding opportunity at hand.

Make Use of Branding Opportunities

If you are planning a St. Patty’s Day Concert or Irish Dancing Festival, you’ll want to choose an online printing company such as Color Copies USA that has sufficient experience with event promotions.

Providers such as Color Copies USA can take the heavy lifting of merchandising off of your hands, so you can focus on your event planning and core business activities instead. We have great ideas to help you promote on for your March 17 event, sale or promotion.

After all, the key of a successful St. Patty’s Day party is to focus on providing your customers with fun experiences while genuinely enjoying the event yourself.

Spectacular Ideas to Promote Your 4th of July Event!

Using the Power of Printing to Make Your July 4th Event Sparkle!

4th of July promotions

When you are promoting a special event for the Fourth of July, it is essential to use a variety of high-quality advertising materials. At Color Copies USA located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and serving customers online throughout the USA, you can leverage the ‘power of printing’ to create dynamic advertising materials for your upcoming July 4th holiday event.

What Are the Different Types Of Advertising Materials?

If you haven’t shopped for customized advertising materials in several years, then you are going to enjoy shopping at our website. We offer the highest quality items for holiday events, and you can order the items from the convenience of your own home or office. Here are some of the items that you can use for the July Fourth weekend:

  • Postcards – mail postcards to customers
  • Window displays – cardboard or vinyl signs for windows
  • Flyers – inexpensive flyers for mailboxes
  • Signs – in various sizes to advertise your event
  • Menus – special menus for festivals or restaurants
  • Catalogs – designed for advertising Fourth of July products
  • T-shirts – for your employees or guests
  • Brochures – great for amusement parks or hotels
  • Banners – plastic banners for buildings and fences
  • Car magnets – perfect for helping people find an event
  • Promotional goods – free items such as pens and cups
  • Invitations – special invitations
  • Envelopes – printed envelopes with decorative designs

How Many Individuals Travel During the July Fourth Weekend?

 July 4th Sale Printing

Nearly 50 million individuals will travel for the Fourth of July weekend, so you must use this opportunity to increase your business’s profits. Our company’s advertising materials are diverse, affordable and attractive. We make it easy to send us images, logos or other information to customize a variety of products.

BTW – this blog post is brought to you by Color Copies USA. We’re a ‘deep discounter’ for printing and we make it easy to order an assortment of items from our online website, delivered to any address that you choose FAST!

Use the Traditional Fourth of July Colors For Your Advertising

 July 4 Flyer Printing

The traditional color options for the July Fourth weekend are red, white or blue, and we offer an assortment of color printing with different font styles. In addition, you can order advertising materials that are made in different colors to capture the interest of your customers. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you will like a particular type of advertising material because you can design it online to see what it looks like before placing your order.

Remember To Add Important Information To the Advertising Materials

You will want everyone to recognize your advertising immediately by having your business’s name in a large font size, but you may need other important information such as the time of the event. When you are sending any type of advertising in the mail, you can provide additional information such as the address for the event along with your business’s telephone number.

Use Decorative Elements Such as Stars and Stripes

For Fourth of July advertising, you can use decorative elements such as red and white stripes, blue backgrounds with stars, or images such as the American flag. When you select the font for your advertising, you might want to select an old-fashioned style that looks patriotic. Remember that when you are designing signs or other items, you will want your advertising to stand out from your competitors.

Use Your Advertising Materials At the Right Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to use or mail your advertising materials and promotional items. Send flyers and postcards to potential customers at least a month in advance. Begin to hang signs in the windows of your business or use pop-up signs on the sidewalks or along the street to capture the interest of anyone passing by your business during the week before your sale or event.