Printing Training Manuals for your Organization

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If you run a dynamic operation, serving customers nation-wide, providing training for your work force and customers, you must have needed training manuals and mission critical documents in the past.

Your ISO 9000/9001 procedures must be reachable at any time, as well as many other documents, besides to the digital copies. 
Keeping current versions of the documents used in your operation is a must.

The size and substrate on which the manuals and other documents get printed is very relevant. Should the documents need to be moisture-resistant or not will determine if you use regular paper, synthetic paper o hot laminationto protect documents.
The choice is yours. Our team of experts can provide the best recommendation, based on your specific needs and our experience.

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ColorCopiesUSA specializes in producing and delivering your training manuals and mission critical documents, right to the place where they are needed, exactly when you need them with the lowest out-of-pocket investment but without sacrificing quality.

We like to over-deliver. Hundreds of  testimonials written by our clients will make you feel comfortable with the level of service that our printing operations offer.

If we were to describe the services that we offer around training manuals, these would be the main ones:
- We can format your documents, print them, ship them, and mail them individually.
- We are the experts in training manual layout and training manual printing.

Considerations for Printing Training Manuals

Training manuals become the opening gates to connecting with informed customers, which in turn helps boost customer loyalty, if produced and used correctly.

  1. Through training documents your clients and sales force embed your company
  2. There is a correlation between Service Quality and the degree of immunity against competing offerings. What this means is that if your company is perceived as being trained and treated with poorly produced documents, their attention to competing offerings might increase.

Please read the following paper to learn more about considerations for training manuals.

Since we understand the above concepts, and we care about your success, we make sure that your training manuals and mission critical documents exude professionalism.

Usually, companies prepare their training documents in-house. Sometimes we are able to detect parts of the documents that are not as clear or streamlined. We have the experience to give your documents a twist and promote professionalism. Remember that the quality of your manuals will directly impact the retention levels of your customers and the motivation of your workforce. We can apply the most optimal formatting of your document.

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Here are some of the types of manuals that we produce on a daily basis:

  • Safety manuals
  • Software manuals
  • Technical manuals
  • Instruction Manual

Other considerations for putting together training manuals:

Labeled Separator Tabs: Manual can require labeled tabs to separate sections. We do it!

Color or Black and White manuals: We can produce your manuals in full color (full color manuals increase readership) both on glossy coated paper and regular papers

Cross cover Manuals: Black and white documents with full color covers or full color inserts; even fold-over inserts. We do it!

Long Lasting Documents: Covers can be laminated to reduce accidental damage of the manual. We do it! Color Copies are extremely dudrable due to the type of pigments used.

Binding Options: saddle stitching (pages folded one on top of another as a saddle on a horse, with staples)plastic coil, loose leaf binder-type with inserts, perfect binding (flat spine) wire, color comb.

Few training manuals Vs. many training manuals: We have multiple technologies that allow us to offer exactly what you need: If you need just a handful of manuals we will do them. If you are hosting training or marketing event for a 1,000 people, we can do that as card card-body with the best efficiency

Cost Vs. Quality: A few pennies per manual invested in a few upgrades will get an exponentially better result in terms of your goals.

Fast Delivery: Super fast hands on approach for all your color copy projects. We will meet your deadlines.