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Date Published: 2019-02-18 // Updated: 2020-07-29

We are specialists in affordable printing. We offer cheap color copies but we have great prices for quality products. Everybody knows that if you run a business or profession, you need to have business cards. That piece of cardboard says a lot about you and you do. Its a piece of your identity. So it is very important that reflects the idea of what your enterprise is about. It is an important design piece, and the senses receive that. It is all in one glimpse. And touch. So if you have the right paper or cardboard (or any other product we call 'paper'), half the way is done.

How is it called?

Let's begin with some of the terminology of the paper world

  • Finishing: You can add some texture to your business card. The standard is matte or glossy, but you can choose from a vary range of textures (antique, metallic, dotted, etc.) and colors.
  • Bond Paper: It is the cheapest paper we use in printing industry. It was originally used for bonds, and now we use for cheap copies printing.
  • Cover Paper (also Card Stock): Used for business cards, greeting cards, menus, postcards and (what gives its name) covers.
  • Point: It is a unit of measure for thinkness of paper. You can find 8 pt, 10 pt, 12 pt, and 14 pt paper. When the pt value is high, thicker the paper. A point equals 1/1000 inch.
  • Weight: We call weight in the same way you do, easy. But also is a way to measure the heaviness of paper in pounds, based on grams per square meter. The range is usually from 60 gsm to 150gsm.

Firm or Flimsy card stock?

You can use two kind of paper weight: Firm card stock paper, that is thicker and it feels more substantial and lends visual weight to your business card. It is a firm and heavy weight paper and shows importance and seriousness in your business card. It goes well with heavy ink coverage used for bold typefaces and images in good quality. It creates visual satisfaction. When you touch a thick card, it gives a valuable and lasting image for your business.

If you use flimsy card stock paper, you need to know that is a thin and lighter weight paper. Sometimes it should means how little you care about your customers. It is cheaper. Ink quality appears poor and soaks into the flimsy card stock. Often this kind of paper allows to get printing from home. The overall appearance is cheap looking, and feel of the business card is disappointing. Presenting your contact with a cheap, flimsy business card creates a poor image for your business.

Table comparition between Thickness and Weight


InchesCardstock by InchesCardstock by Weight
0.008 inches8 pt Cardstock60 lb Cardstock
0.009 inches9 pt Cardstock65 lb Cardstock
0.010 inches10 pt Cardstock80 lb Cardstock
0.012 inches12 pt Cardstock100 lb Cardstock
0.014 inches14 pt Cardstock104 lb Cardstock

In green the best options!


The shape of the card is also important. You can round the corners, fold in half, cut out some shapes. Great designers use their imanigation to make creative business cards depending the type of enterprise you run.

Business Cards Round Corners

You can add some QR code to give the customer a digital experience, such a website, a game, a promotion, a quiz, a FAQ, a phone call...

Business Cards QR code

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