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Date Published: 2019-03-01// Updated: 2020-08-10

What is a Feather Flag and How Useful they are

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I’m Open for Business! How do I Let People Know?

So, you have a business that you’re opening or an event to promote. At first you think of a billboard but you can’t afford the pile of money that might cost to only catch the eyeballs on one or two roads, roads that are far away from you. Standard Banners could work, or maybe car wraps, or more simple advertisements on public transportation.

Feather signage
Feather signage.

What’s wrong with banners and things?

Standard banners can get expensive, could get torn up on a windy day, and generally get hung on the front of the business, far off the road and invisible to all but the most wandering of eyes, the kind of wandering eyes that lead to fender benders right in front of your sandwich shop. And one of those cars in the accident just happened to be the car you paid a college kid a couple hundred dollars to drive around with “Shelly’s Shelltastic Shellfish Sandwiches” plastered all over his car. (Another thing to consider is the fact that the college kid was only driving the car because there isn’t any public transportation in the area).

You need something low cost, attention grabbing, and easy to set up in multiple and highly visible areas. My friends, let me introduce you to the exciting world of feather signs..

Just What the Heck is a Feather Sign Banner?

If you are wondering what a feather sign is, you are not alone. When I first heard the term, I thought that they might actually be a sign made out of feathers. You know, environmentally friendly, organic, all of those things. Fortunately, I didn’t say that out loud and make a total fool of myself. And once it was explained to me what they are, it made perfect sense.

So what does a feather sign look like?

Feather sign banners are normally fairly small, colorful, and – wait for it – feather shaped. You’ll tend to find them lined up along the road to advertise a new business, sale, or event. They are easy to stick into the ground and pull back up but the nylon they are made of is still durable enough that they won’t generally get torn up by the first windstorm to come to town.

image of a boost mobile flag

Feather flag 12ft


You’ve seen them around.

Now that you know what a feather sign is, you can probably think of all kinds of places that you’ve seen them before. No doubt if you have a Verizon store in your town or a car dealership you’ve seen these colorful little feathers spring up out of the ground around tax season or Black Friday. You know, times when you are likely to be spending plenty of money.

Small but powerful

There are different ways get them to stay where you want. They come with a big spike on the end of the pole so you can jam it into the dirt all Braveheart style if you are so inclined. Or, if you don’t have any dirt around to do your best William Wallace impression you just get a big metal plate at the pole’s bottom to hold the thing in place. Unless you do have what amounts to a sail in front of your car dealership, that should be plenty to keep your advertisements from getting blown around town in anything short of a hurricane.

Should you not require a lot of stability, an even smaller and easier to carry around cross base will do the trick for you. Those cross bases are best if you are using the signs inside, like at a convention. There, the only thing you really need to worry about is a random cosplayer running into it because he’s too busy looking at his phone.

Mobile signs

These signs can even be mounted on a backpack. Pay a college kid or high school student a few dollars to walk around with one of those strapped to her back and word of your sale will be sure spread to the nearest food court in no time.

Here’s Where to Use Those Feather Sign Banners

We’ve already mentioned a few places where you are likely to stumble across feather signs and their rectangular and teardrop shaped cousins. Whether advertising the latest collection of really old pots and necklaces from halfway around the world at a museum or letting you know that Billy’s Bombastic Basket Weaving is having a blockbuster event, you’ve definitely seen these things in use.

You can use them indoors

We’ve already touched on how they are just as useful inside as out. A few colorful banners placed at intersections and food courts in the mall will let all the teenagers and senior citizen mall walkers know about your store and that you have the latest iPhone. A few teens and twenty-something’s roaming the halls and parking lots with backpack signs will complete your advertising package.

The nylon these signs are made of is very easy to customize. It can be cut to nearly any size and almost anything can be printed on it. So feel free to let your imagination be your guide. There are a few standard uses and formats that are worth pointing out though before you rush with your cash to the printers.

New in Town?

Just opened up Canadice’s Candy Cane Carnival? You need to get some attention pronto. A ton of small feather signs out by the road printed with a candy cane themed logo should do the trick. And consider shortening the name of the business. That’s a lot to fit on a sign. Check the different zoning laws where are to see if you can get away with a big banner style sign as card card-body.

Should you be slightly less adventurous and are more interested in opening up a franchise, you might be able to find a place that carries your parent company’s stuff in stock and save a few dollars that way.

Sponsors, sponsors, everywhere sponsors

No amateur or professional athlete can live without sponsors. Neither can any sporting event. And if there is one thing the big corporate sponsors love is to put their names everywhere for not a lot of cash. Go to any significant event and you will find feather sign banners with sponsor logos like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armor sticking up everywhere like a brightly colored forest in a Dr. Seuss book. Marathons really lend themselves to this. It’s just good advertising to line the first twenty yards and the homestretch with some lucrative logos.

Extra money? Spend it here!

Feather signs will especially start to crop up in the spring, also known as tax return season. Car dealerships and furniture stores especially like to run deals around this time. Signs proclaiming “We Finance!”, “Zero Down!”, and “No Credit Check!” show up, proclaiming the businesses’ readiness to help you get rid of that fat tax return check.

Look at me!

We’ve already mentioned the usefulness of these signs inside. If you’re at a trade convention or setting up shop in the mall for the weekend, these are a great way to attract a few curious gazes. Even if you can’t put them all over the building, you can almost always put one outside your booth. Order up the biggest one you can afford and get away with and adorn it with your logo, message, or personal artwork and outshine your competitors.

Under new management

You just bought Sid’s Soap and Suds, one of the best laundromat chains around. Problem is, your name isn’t Sid. So that name has got to change. But you don’t want people to think that the business is gone belly-up while the old sign is down. Get a nice big feather sign to proclaim that the local laundry spinner is now Larry’s Large Loads of Laundry and put it out front while you wait for the new permanent sign to come in. The same tactic works for big corporate companies as card card-body.

Message Time

Did you just get a new slogan or set of focus areas from corporate? Or do you need to figure how to implement them? Face it, those posters that get stuck on the wall are generally ignored. Not to mention, hanging new (and generally different size) signs on the walls tends to clutter them up with unnecessary holes, holes that your business needs to spend time and money repairing at some point. Get those bullet points printed on a feather sign banner and put them on the edge of the hall. Then tell your boss that people actually noticed that the focus areas changed for once. You might even get a promotion.




Come to the Neighborhood

Say you’re a real estate developer with a new housing development getting ready to go live.

Put up some of those larger signs near the entrance. In these kinds of situations, you might have a lot to say, more than one sign will handle.

Feather signs can be set up in a series to get all of your messaging out to the public as you can see above in Subway signs.