Do it without damaging the poster or the wall.

Posters can transform a room into your personal space. Student dorms become afraid of being assessed penalties for wall damage, or young families renting and apartment want to make the house feel like a home. You might have older posters of movies, or maybe you just ordered printed a poster of your friends and you want to hang it to that special wall in your bedroom!

How to hang posters to the wall without damage

The big question is: How can you do that without the landlord coming after you or destroying the poster once you bring it down. Here are few ways that you can try.

Getting Started with the task of hanging posters to a wall


  1. Wash your hands! Posters are printed on paper, with inks that react to chemicals. Posters cannot be easily cleaned, so make sure that you are damaging them before you hang them up!
  2. Find the right location for the poster. Where is the poster meant to be placed? Get the help of a friend to have her/him hold the poster for you to find just the right spot. Try shifting it up or down, left to right until you hit the spot.
  3. Mark the spot: Use a pencil with a very soft lead, maybe 2B or even softer that you can use to mark the precise spot on the wall. A little dot or two are enough most of the time.
  4. Remove dust from the wall: Dust almost behaves as a layer that will be in between your poster and the wall, preventing the adhesive to even touch the wall. Your posters won't last long if the wall is not spotless.
  5. Have a step-ladder available or a firm chair where you can stand up if necessary. Stay safe!


Ways to Hang the Posters: A Few Options

In this section we are presenting commercially available products that are advertised for this purpose. By listing them here we do not take any responsibility for the good or bad results that you might get. We trust the information provided by vendors but cannot guarantee that no damage will be manifested. Some materials are more sensitive than others to glue or chemicals, so please test in your own environment before covering up your walls. Your experience could be different to that of other people.

Having cleared that, here are some materials that might help you.


  • Magic Tape: It is a classic. Very mild strength that will hold your smaller images in place. Be careful if you apply it on top of polished wood or lacquers. It will mount on top of your poster onto the wall.

    Magic Tape

  • Double Sided Tape: Photo safe. Mounts on the back of the poster and, because this is a double-sided glue, is also mounts on the wall, as long as your wall is flat.

    Double Sided Tape

  • Nano Double Sided Tape: It seems to be a thicker double-sided-tape that seems to leave no residues. This might be very useful when uneven walls or bricks are the setting.

    Nano Double Sided Tape

  • Adhesive putty: is another product that can become useful for uneven walls. Not only it can take more load, but rough surfaces seem to be within the scope of use.

    Adhesive putty

    Adhesive putty

  • 3M Glue: can be used for delicate artwork - delicate damage-free hanging.

    3M Glue

  • Hook and Loop large and small fasteners: These would work really well both on heavier stock posters, or even on posters mounted on foamboard.

    Hook and Loop large and small fasteners

    Hook and Loop large and small fasteners

  • Thumb tacks: Most landlords will be tolerant of just a few small holes.

    Thumb tacks

  • Thumb tacks with a hook: These might be perfect for picture frames, or light paintings as well

    Thumb tacks with a hook



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