Success of a direct mailing campaign

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To maximize the success of a direct mailing campaign, taking the right steps is a must. Although chance can always play a part, success is usually the result of a card card-body-thought strategy that creates the sale opportunity.

Digital color printing can be used to produce marketing postcards. Though it might seem irrelevant to determine before anything else if the cards are to be printed utilizing digital color copies or other methods, it is actually very critical.

Digital color printing gives you the opportunity to personalize. A color copy can be made unique. You don't have to print thousands of pieces that look the same. A color copy allows you to create pieces personalized to the wishes and tastes of specific individuals. We will talk about this a little bit ahead. For now, let us close this point by assuming that the answer to this question is dependant on whether we are printing through color copies or offset, because that answer will drive the rest of the analysis needed to execute a campaign.

So, by now you must have envisioned which way might be more efficient to you. You probably heard about personalization or may have even seen a personalized marketing piece but didn't really understand the power behind personalization.

Why is a particular personalized color postcard any better or, for the matter, any worse than the traditional ones? In the next paragraph, I will attempt to put this issue into perspective.

The Power of Personalization

If I knew that you are a football fan, that you follow a specific team every weekend, I might have a better chance to start a friendly conversation with you if I brought up "football" at the any point during our conversation, right?

When a company is communicating with you through a piece in the mail, that company has a better chance of "speaking with you" in agreeable terms if they somehow refer to something that matters to you. You get to do that through color printed postcards, designed in such a way that the personalized information can be placed within your color copies. However, you can only do it if the company knows what your interests are, which makes that an important issue.

Individuals change their mind constantly. You might have joined an organization and registered at their website, or you might have worked for a charity. That registration usually gets stored in a database that is then put on the market to be purchased by marketing companies. So getting to know what you like is not easy, but that information is definitely obtainable.

Back to our main point: If I know what you like and contact you in such a way that I make you aware of the fact that I'm interested into what you are interested, then my chance of catching your attention increases dramatically.

Do you maximize the outcome of a campaign by making it less expensive or by getting additional business? At Color Copies USA, we believe that getting more business is always the best answer.

Does it make sense that choosing color copies or offset printing for your output is critical?

Now: Do you think that it will stand a better chance of getting your attention if the piece is personalized? Absolutely!


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