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Date Published: 2018-03-01// Updated: 2020-07-29

Color printing can improve your marketing and sales success.

From attracting new clients to increasing readership to closing more sales

At ColorCopiesUSA we take color printing seriously because we know that it makes a difference in your business!

Printing in full color is taken for granted these days, but it was not always like that. Learn how to make the most of colors for your business.

What is color printing?

Color copy printing VS Black and White Printing

image that has a black and white area and another area in full color for comparison
Full color or black and white?

Color printing (colour-printing is an accepted spelling) is the process through which images or text are printed or reproduced, using ink in colors other than black.
Full-color printing would indicate that a full-color-range of colors is being printed, a process that requires at least four specific colors of ink. 

Black and white printing on the other hand, will indicate that the color of ink being used is just one,  and that color is black. The word "white" refers to the color of the substrate or paper on which the ink is applied, creating the contrast that got to be known as black-and-white.

We intuitively realize how powerful it is to have colors are in our everyday life. Colors help us discover things, sort documents or elements faster, detect main messages embedded in a long piece, select the right prescription medicine on the shelve, and much more.

Why is printing in color such a significant addition to your marketing collateral?

Xerox, one of the largest printer manufacturers in the world, has researched the effect of color in printed documents and the conclusion was that color made a strong impact and was of stronger influence on the readers. 

Some of the interesting findings were the following:

  • "69% of the respondents said that they understand new ideas better when they are presented in color"
  • 76% Respondents to that study said that when information is printed in color, they can find it more easily
  • 56% of people consider that color reinforces their professional appearance
  • 54% of people said that they were more likely to read documents or marketing pieces if they are printed in full color.
  • When talking about transactional documents such as invoices, 43% said that they were more likely to pay on time if the due date is highlighted in color

Other findings:

  • 83% of people and companies think that color makes them appear more successful.
  • Color help increase brand recognition up to 80%
  • The presence of color alters the perception that an individual has about someone or something
  • Color provides a guideline for improved readership
  • Color attracts attention

A couple of examples out of our everyday life:

Have you ever been to the doctor’s office or the dentist?  They will frequently provide us with documents that detail instructions

for a treatment, or instructions to get ready for a procedure. How upsetting is it be handed a black and white form, that has been copied over and over to the point where parts of the letters is missing?
Wouldn’t you rather see a neat form that is entirely readable, that has clear indications that you see very easily because of the colors and the good distribution?

Printing in color is the key that helps you improve your documents, have more satisfied clients, and be sure that your directions and instructions can be fully understood.

So why is Color Printing so relevant?

It transforms documents that people find difficult to read into enjoyable pieces that are easy to follow, and presents clear concepts, ideas and indicates steps to follow. That generates more engagement, follow-up and eventually closings. People remember more, when there is color involved.

Understanding a full-color document is easier

image that has a black and white area and another area in full color for comparison
The full-color form is so much easier to follow!

Is Color Printing Widely Used today?

Textbooks for class use color printing to capture and hold your attention. Even 500-page books teaching the most abstract concepts in our world has turned to color printing. The reason is that color helps understand. Sure! The book costs a little bit more! But what you get out of it when you read it is much more valuable that the extra cost. Your customers will feel in the same way if you do the right thing.

Even among color printed pieces and decors, the reaction of the public in different places can be different. Jean-Charles Chebat and Maureen Morrin explored the effect of mall décor on the consumer perception of quality in a paper they published a couple of years ago*. What they found was that for English speakers, product quality grew with cool color décor, while French speakers found that warm color décor was perceived as of higher quality. This same type of experience occurs when comparing the perceived quality behind color printing.

Is Color Printing more expensive than black and white?

Not to the degree that it used to be. Digital Color Printing permit taking full advantage of color printing at very reduced prices.

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- Colorcom's article, "Substantial research shows why color matter and  how color plays a pivotal role  in all our visual experiences " by Jill Morton