The shifts in every market are notorious.
The color copy and digital printing markets have been changing as the needs of indivuduales and businesses change.

Since the invention of the printing press, printed matter has been used in thousands of applications.

Digital printing has almost become a synonim of the terms "color copies" or "photocopies" have only opened-up additional business opportunities.

"... (in) the printing industry, it is no longer just about normal prints and dies.
People are adopting modern techniques and opportunities to expand their business capabilities."
says Mr. Patrick Shah in an article published in August 2019

Digital Printing , Photocopies and Color Copies

What do "digital printing", "color copies", "photocopies", "variable data printed documents" and so many other terms have in common? 
They are representing the convergence of print and digital computational technology to offer unique solutions to help you stay connected with your customers and boost your productivity.

Here are the key points:

  1. The variety and versatility in marketing products that can be achieved through color copies goes card card-body beyond the "copy this original and make sure that it is not crooked" early technology.
  2. The components that interact to create phenomenal opportunities through digital printing and color copies are:
    • Hardware: Printing Presses
    • Software Intelligence: Data processing, database analysis, data merging, AI: Artificial intelligence
    • Network Data Communications

None of the above mentioned components is in itself the winning ticket to the million-dollar-draft, but it is the interaction of those three that wisely used, could become the answer to better economic retults for your business

Versatile Products

See what a variety and versatility in products made with the right combination of the above are available to you through digital printing and color copies:

  • Photo books. Not limited to 4x6”, but rather extended to custom designs where the images can merge one into the other creating a sense of flow that traditional photographic solutions cannot resolve.
  • Booklets (signatures with staples, square-fold and lay flat options)
  • Brochures
  • Posters up to 13"x19"
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Manuals that get 3 hole punch, or gluing at the post-printing stage.
  • Proposals
  • Calendars
  • Newsletters
  • Trifold fliers
  • Z-fold inserts
  • Invitations for family or corporate events. Metallic stocks, specialty papers and post-printing processing such as die cutting, scoring, embossing, create nameless opportunities
  • Wedding invitations: Use color paper: Have your programs printed on color paper (to match your wedding colors). For example, color copies at 14 cents a sheet. To prepare 85 programs (6-by-9 size) with black and white print on color card stock, prices start as low as $18
  • Carbonless Forms: Most commonly 2 or 3 or 4 copies of the document, with numbering, or perforations
  • ID Cards such as student ID, membership and loyalty cards, reusable discount cards, inclusive of perforations, peel off or tear formats
  • Security Paper documents such as RX prescriptions. The use of paper that gets VOID watermarks if reproduced is of mandatory use in the health industry.

Unique use of Digital Printing, Computer Power and Data Processing

Transactions: In the transactional side (meaning for that mailers that report the status of an account, or presents a statement as examples) we see more “dynamic” documents being mailed: Along the objective information that a company is reporting to their customers, artificial intelligence is being used to better understand the patterns of behavior of their clients and exploit that knowledge trying to get more business to their companies and resolve more (known or hidden) needs of their customers.
So invoices, statements, order forms and many other documents get a new meaning and get greater attention from the reader.

Mailing Solutions: The strongest opportunity for you to make a strong impression with your prospective customers has to do with personalized mail communications. Known as Variable data printing, none of the products or service listed presents such difficult challenges. Transactional documents with personalized data are a few steps behind this concept.

Variable data printing take a whole new meaning because of the number of technologies required to make it work:

  • A good database is required
  • Database analysis and data crunching
  • Variable data printing capabilities
  • Mailing knowledge
  • Structured controls of the results of the campaigns.

As opposed to the cost of 30cents that an old-style campaign could cost, these variable data campaigns could cost up to one dollar a piece.

Static old-style campaigns would luckily get about 1% of response, while variable data campaigns that integrate print and web solutions could reach 30% or more.

Online printing services are made possible thanks to this combination of resources

The world of variable data is a world primarily of postcards, brochures, trifolds magazines, and other pieces that do not require envelopes Envelopes are not easy to personalize.
Why would you send a personalized piece inside an envelope that is not personalized?

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