Why do the most successful Direct Mailing Campaigns use color-copy technology for their postcards?

A truly successful direct mailing campaign is the result of a sophisticated and properly formulated direct sales marketing strategy that creates a sales opportunity.

Color-copy technology is the most economical and flexible method to create attractive mailing marketing pieces that both provide a powerful sales opportunity and allow for increased rates of response.

The main reasons that make color-copy printed postcards so attractive are:

Color-copy printed postcards are cost-effective, so that you can print as few or as many direct mail marketing postcards as your sales strategy demands.

Color copies allow you to personalize! You can customize your mailing marketing pieces to build and strengthen the relationship between you and your mailing list recipients. It is 1:1 marketing that matters.

In developing a successful direct mailing campaign, consider the following facts:

Satisfying and retaining current customers is three to 10 times cheaper than acquiring new customers, and a typical company receives around 65 percent of its business from existing customers. (McKinsey)

In a crowded market place, distinguishing your business from the others is essential to success. Not only must your service be unique, but the method in which you display it must also reflect your unrivaled dedication to the client. Communicating with a client in a personalized 1on 1 basis helps significantly.

When you talk to a defined group or person about their concerns, it is much easier to get their attention. After all, you are talking about their challenges and their issues. (Barb Pellow)

A color copy postcard is the perfect way to catch your recipient's attention -- it can be created just for them. Research shows that uniqueness in the competitive marketing and vendor-client relationship is paramount. Until recently, direct mail business pieces cost several dollars per card -- a prohibitively high price.

Today, you can stay ahead of your competitors by easily and inexpensively printing thousands of personalized pieces at efficient costs. Now is the time to take advantage of this new technology to benefit your company. This technology is still very young and early adopters are ripping benefits.

Now, more than ever before, a carefully calculated direct mail business strategy is imperative. Direct communication with your prospective clients and returning customers in a personal way is essential to a properly designed sales plan.

The Power of Personalization - How to Transform The Power of Our Postcard Marketing

If I knew that you are a fan of football, that you follow XYZ team every weekend, I might have a better chance to start a friendly conversation with you if I brought up "football" at the moment we get introduced, right? When a company is communicating with you through a piece in the mail, that company has a better chance of "talking with you" in agreeable terms if they somehow refer to something that matters you. One way to do that is through cost-effective personalized color copy printed postcards with the customer's interest prominently displayed. The little trick is that you can do it only if you know the customer's interests. Don't be intimidated! It is possible to buy or rent mailing lists filtered by affinity, and that gives a solid starting point to develop your personalized direct mailing campaign.

Once I know what you like, I am much more likely to catch your attention by subtly mentioning that I support your interests and concerns.

Results of a Campaign

The true measure of success for a mailing campaign is not just the per-piece-cost-effectiveness of your advertisement, but especially the additional business added by the personalized color copy postcards.

By now, the new meaning of affordable color copies is clear. Personalized color copy post cards are the most cost-effective method by which your direct mailing campaign is transformed from an ordinary advertisement to an extraordinary source of business.

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