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when ordering. Our extremely competitive discounted prices that were offered during the Fall have been extended into Winter until further notice. I hope that you can take advantage of them.

Cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts offered by our company.We reserve the right to change terms and conditions.

Fall 2016 Specials:Trade shows, snail mail promotions and other marketing actions are usually limited in size and volume during the summer.

COLOR COPIES: Therefore we are making it easier and more affordable to run short campaigns
We are offering 5,000 brochures, 8.5"x11" printed on 100# gloss text for only $375 plus shipping and taxes. Check for details .

Discounts for short campaigns are big and, even though our base prices are really competitive, this summer price break will make your campaigns more efficient.

Our super special on deluxe retractable banners is still available. At only $257 this banner is a no-brainer. The deluxe unit comes with graphics printed on 8mil polypropilene and laminated, this is one of the best deals that is available at this time. It is the perfect time to get ready for what should be a very strong Fall 2010. Click for details

EXPIRATION: November 30th, 2010.Offer may be changed, altered or discontinued at any time without previous notice. No rain checks. When typographic errors or conflicting information or inconsistent prices would be the center of a question, we reserve the right to apply the fair terms and conditions deemed necessary.


Report on business conditions: We see more businesses introducing products and promoting them with catalogs and other printed matter. We seem to be at a point where doing nothing is not an option, so moving fast could mean an advantage on its own merit,

Report about the State of the Paper Market:
What is happening with the cost of paper used to print color copies and with other components?

  1. The availability of pulp, the raw material needed to manufacture paper, is in short supply. Why is this happening?:
    • Increased world consumption,
    • China's currency is strengthening, increasing the cost in US,
    • Damage that was generated to the Chilean paper mills during the earthquake
    • and lastly, new import tariffs have been assessed on Chinese paper, which supplies a big share of the market.
  2. Gas has been going up in a sustained way for the last year.
    Intense oil price fluctuations in the price of about $75/barrel, spiking up when business news are better.
    Shipping costs will start to reflect this increase and that will affect both ends: the cost of our purchases and the cost of delivery.

What does this mean to you?
Printing companies such as ourselves are already receiving the impact of those increases. Paper price increased from 3% to 7% on coated paper varieties. These increases will eventually need to be reflected and the discounts that we have been offering might not be sustainable.

What will Color Copies USA do in reaction to the news?
For the moment we will asses is the price increases will hold and take action accordingly. Please check back for more updates.


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