Using Professional Letterhead for Personalized and Corporate Correspondence

You can see here a set of corporate identity. In this case you are seing a set of leterhead, business cards, labels, envelopes. All needed to keep an identity of your business

Selecting a nice stock that reflects some personality, good design
and detail in printing, can transform a message into a deal. .

Before the digital era of email and social networking correspondence, businesses only relied on snail mail as a means of communication to maintain customer and vendor relationships.  In fact, many businesses wouldn't dream of sending out an important document without putting it on a professionally colored printed letterhead.  These days, however, many businesses try to save time and paper with impersonal emails as a substitute to the traditional printed letterheads.

So, why should you care about color-printed letterhead anyway?

Can you imagine getting a letter in the mail from a doctor's office, lawyer or accounting firm that is on a blank piece of paper?  Handwritten?  Coming from a doctor or an attorney, you would likely have a hard time reading it.  Color custom letterhead creates a sense of importance and seriousness. Stationery puts you and your business on the spot, and you want to shine when you are there. 
It looks credible, professional, and important. 

Without color letterhead, the business correspondence might appear to be that of a fly-by-night company.  Color letterhead printing puts your company at a higher standard.

You might not use it as often, but it is one of those tools in your arsenal that should be available to you when you need it.

Printed letterheads also give the reader a sense of urgencyWhy?
Even as an office memo, the color print letterhead commands attention more so than an impersonal email.  The formality is a great way to earn respect.


Do you need corporate letterhead printing for marketing? 

Letterhead, matching envelopes and business cards as a marketing tool:

Another way that letterhead can be used to add professionalism to a company is when custom color printing is done with the letterhead as a promotional tool. 


You can see here a set of corporate identity. In this case you are seing a set of leterhead, business cards, labels, envelopes. All needed to keep an identity of your business
A corporation planning a special marketing campaign – like a car dealership, for example – would have special promotional letterhead printing to accompany the mailing to be done to a select group of prospects or past customers. 

Think of us as your stationery store, where we can understand the nature of your business and help you choose the stock, colors and design that will make you look the best.

 The opportunities are vast for color letterhead printing to be advantageous over the old junk mailer style publications. Even adding a color logo to the envelope will add mystery to a marketing campaign, since the color envelope then becomes a marketing piece in and of itself.


Color printed letterheads also work card card-body on long advertising pieces over the short copy pieces because they add legitimacy to the corporate occasion. 

So you see,
stationery and color letterhead printing is not just for law firms.  They are an important staple in the supply closet of any successful business owner.  Make it an investment in your image and appearance to order real color letterhead, rather than computer-generated letterhead.  Nothing looks as crisp and as sharp as the corporate logo on REAL professional letterhead.

 Once you have made the resolution to present a more powerful side of your business, you will need to decide on the best elements and colors that best represent your company. At Color Copies USA we have extensive experience in providing effective advice to our customers. Our professional graphic designers will work step by step with you to create the perfect card for you.


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