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ISA is the International Sign Association that organizes one of the most relevant sign shows. This trade show is dedicated to the world of signs, both for outdoor and indoor advertising. Color Copies USA was there to make sure that through us, you become aware of the options that you have to market your business

ISA's sign show: The sign trade show, took place in Orlando, FL, at the beautiful Orange County Convention Center from April 7 to April 10, 2010.

At Color Copies USA we make sure that we are helping you achieve your marketing and sales goals. For each of your events, as long as we understand your needs, we'll help you consider points of view that might be innovative to you.

April 2010 - Sign Show:
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The Importance of Signs:

- 2x:Consumers receiving a printed catalog are twice as likely to buy online than those consumers who do not receive a catalog.
("Household Diary Study," United States Postal Service, 2007

- 67%: 67% of online action is driven by offline messages
("iProspect Offline Channel influence on Search Behaviour Study,", 2007)

- 86%: 86% of people interviewed say shopping is easier when they have a printed catalog.
("Media Choices Today: What's Getting Trough," United States Post Office, 2007)

- Printing and mailing is more expensive than sending emails: So what companies do is to email their targeted customers telling them to expect a catalog in the mail.
("Many people see email as impersonal and costless to write?" Eric Bradlow, faculty at Wharton,

- Personalization works: A research project at Stanford University in which associates went door-to-door seeking canned food donations. Students who addressed potential donors by name succeeded 79% of the time, as compared with a 39% success rate reported by students who did not use names. They also received larger donations.

- 70% have renewed a relationship with a company as a result of receiving direct mail.
Pitney Bowes survey.

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