Tutorial: Steps to Replace the Graphics in a Deluxe Retractable Banner

In this tutorial we show you how to replace the image in our deluxe retractable banners.

You are always welcome to call us and ask questions if you need further support.

This video presentation takes about 4.5 minutes and shows all of the steps needed in the operation.

Our most valuable recommendation: Go Smooth! None of these operations require strong maneuvering. If you find yourself pushing hard, or pulling something that does not slide smoothly, STOP! It is very likely that you are not doing the right thing. At that point stop and review the suggested steps again.

Storage of your old graphics: Roll the image but don't tighten hard. The printed side should be visible when the image is rolled (meaning that the back of the graphics, which is white, is not to be seen). Failure to keep the image rolled will most likely expose it to situations that could create cracks that cannot be eliminated.


Q:Which models of retractable banners are covered in this video:
A: Only Deluxe Retractable Banners. Standard retractable banners use a different mechanism

Q:Do I need any specific tools?
A: No tools are needed for any of the steps.

Q:Where should I perform this operation?
A: You want a flat area, large enough for your extended image to lay down without creating wrinkles. A large table, or the floor are ideal places.

Q: How long will it take to replace an image?
A: It might take 15 minutes at the most, although we must strongly advice you to move slowly, do not force the movements because permanent damage of the image might occur

Q: If my image gets damaged while mounting it, will Color Copies USA replace it free of charge?
A: Color Copies USA will not replace the image if you damage it at any point in time. You are always welcome to send your stand to our office where we can replace the image on your behalf; shipping charges and a small labor fee will apply

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