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Templates: Sample files that can be used to design your printing files

Type of PieceSizeFinishingjpgepsaiinDesign
Brochures81/2"x11"Tri-Fold INGet it!Get it!Get it!Get it!
Brochures81/2"x11"Tri-Fold OutGet it!Get it!Get it!Get it!
Brochures81/2"x11"Half Fold VerticalGet it!Get it!Get it!Get it!
Brochures81/2"x11"Z-FoldGet it!Get it!Get it!Get it!
Brochures / Newsletter11"x17"Half FoldGet it!Get it!Get it!Get it!
Brochures / Newsletter11"x17"Tri-Fold INGet it!Get it!Get it!Get it!
Brochures / Newsletter11"x17"Tri-Fold OUTGet it!Get it!Get it!Get it!

How to use these templates:
Choose the intersection in the table of the product that you need, and the type of file that will better assist you in creating your own piece of artwork.

Download the file and use it as a reference only. Color Copies USA does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented. You as a client must make sure that your file will produce the piece that you need, and that the fold lines are set properly. Under no circumstance we will be held responsible for errors in your piece of artwork, even if our templates were not accuartely created.

These sets of templates have been created by Color Copies USA, and we retain ownership of those.You as a prospect or customer are not authorized to use them with other printing companies nor distribute them without written agreement to do so..

When submitting your artwork to Color Copies USA you must remove the layers that hold the guidelines and other information. you can do that by clicking on the view/invisible icon on the appropriate layers.

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