What is a Stapled Booklet also known as Saddle-Stitched Book in Printing?

Companies use booklets as a way to share information. When the information doesn't fit in a single sheet and we still want to keep the sheets together and organized, we bind them. Staples are probably the most common and inexpensive ways of binding.  

To have a multipage booklet, you must have printed sheets to bind together.  Binding occurs after printing and indicates that a number of sheets are being held together by using staples, rings, coil, or other methods.

The binding method used for stapled or saddle-stitched booklets requires the fastening of the individual sheets through staples. 

Take a look at the following image: We are showing just two of the styles of machines that apply staples. In one case, the machine that is on the left, uses pre-made staples. The samples are pushed through the paper and "closed". The machine on the right side uses a wire instead. The machine cuts the wire in the needed length (which is directly proportional to the thickness of the paper that we are binding), then pushes it through the paper and secures it.

 picture showing two machines that can fasten sheets with staples

Where are the staples inserted in booklets?



Booklets are the multi-page and multi-sheet documents.

  • The multiple-sheet-booklet is held together through the use of 2 staples that are placed on the spine of the booklet
  • The number of pages in a booklet is a multiple of 4. Each sheet of paper, after it is printed and folded in half, becomes a 4-page sheet. Many 4-page sheets bound with the staples will become your booklet.

    Number of pages in a booklet:
  • How do you count the number of pages in a booklet? When the booklet is closed (as when you hold a magazine at a bookstore) each panel will be recognized as a page. 
  • So the front cover is PAGE #1
  • The backside of the front cover will be identified, for the purpose of placing the order of a booklet, as PAGE #2,
  • The page that is opposite to the inside of the cover will be identified as PAGE #3 and so on.
  • In terms of the artwork, you are free to write the page number according to your design style 

    Customization of the booklet that you intend to print
  • There are several customization opportunities:
    1. Select the paper that you want to use for the inside of the booklet (all of the pages except the 4-page sheet that acts as a cover

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