Do the printers for color copies that Color Copies USA uses look like my desktop printer?

Our staff attended Graph Expo 2010 in Chicago, IL in early October to find out what is the most current information on how companies are utilizing different resources to achieve their marketing goals.

The world of offset printing is slowly migrating into a fully digital world, where the need for documents shifted from an annual order to ordering the precise number of color copies needed for your project.

The video on this page introduces you to one of those pieces of equipment used to print color copies that shows the size and complexity of the parts involved.

In the battle for lower prices, the equipment that we use has become more and more complex. This Canon printer is one of those.

In this video we will show you the different sections of a production equipment:

- Feeder and trays

- Engine (printing engine)

- Finishing units (folding, collating, booklet making and more.

All of this technology might make it seem like everything happens without human intervention. The truth is that in order to get high quality color copies, it is necessary to have a solid team of experts in operation, preflight of documents, post processing and shipping.

Color Copies USA has one of the most exquisit teams available to process your color copy orders.


At Color Copies USA,, you will find a resourceful team, company that is up to date with the technologies needed to achieve the best marketplace reports.

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