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Newsletters: Tips of Content

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Newsletters: Great for in-depth promotion. Present your company as industry experts.

Newsletters allow you to present the most valuable areas of expertise of your organization like no other promotional material does. It is usually reader-friendly as opposed to product-specific catalogs.


Newsletter: Definition by Merriam-Webster: "A small publication (as a leaflet or newspaper) containing news of interest chiefly to a special group"

The key points of the definition as expressed above are:

  1. Small publication containing news.
  2. Interests to a special group.

Examples of companies that will profit from small publications containing news and will want their newsletters printed at the speed of color copies ©.

Why print newsletters using both color copy technology and traditional offset. Through color copies, the cost per copy is much lower than the price through offset printing for at least up to 500 copies (the number of pages will affect the optimal number of copies). As an example, using color copies, it is possible to print a handful of 40-page newsletters. Offset printing is not an option. Take advantage of this benefit!

Find content suggestions for different trades below

  • Plumbing Services Newsletters
    • What does the newsletter communicate?
      • New technologies available to resolve plumbing problems in a more affordable and lasting way
      • Tell about problems that are often disregarded but in time create the need for expensive repairs. Preventive care
      • The experience that other customers has had with this organization: testimonials from customers.
      • Provide tips and checklists for homeowners problem observation
  • Attorneys. Newsletter
    • What does the newsletter communicate?
      • Attorney's newsletter tells about the tracks record, experience, number of cases resolved and area of practice
      • Explain the complexity of unresolved situations between parties
      • Explain why entering into a business partnership without the appropriate resolution terms can lead to disasters
      • Provide recommendations on how to act to prevent having someone from bringing legal actions against people
  • Realtor Newsletters
    • What is the newsletter about?
      • Realtors and real estate agents can help other people understand how the real estate market is making an impact community by community. Their reports can become very familiar with homeowners if sent frequently enough with the proper information
      • Suggestions on how to select a property based on hard facts to prevent impulse decision making.
      • They keep a channel of communications open for investment opportunities
  • Doctors and Medical Practitioners Newsletter
    • What do doctors have to say in their newsletters?
      • Welcome specialist doctors to their office
      • Talk about preventive care
      • Present important data to their patients such as new research results available, a breakthrough medicine etc
      • Make it clear under which circumstances a patient must visit a doctor
  • Book Keepers and CPA Newsletter
    • CPAs have a hard tax season. Then they could be great counselors
      • Newsletters by CPAs could be difficult to follow or very friendly. It's up to you
      • Market trends and optimizing tax transactions
      • Upcoming tax due dates
      • Suggestions on how to keep the data clean and easily available.
  • Newsletters by Building Companies, Home Repair Companies, AC Service
    • Builders and handymen are very important to homeowners and sometimes perceived as unreliable
      • Before and after in real jobs. Techniques to achieve preventive care
      • Provide solid references and testimonials to reassure their reliability
      • Explain through examples how to get things done
  • Newsletters by Home Owners Associations
    • Communities, neighborhoods and smaller cities tend to function better if there is a sense of belonging. A newsletter is a great tool to unify its members
      • A monthly publication telling neighbors about the state of the community in a way that inspires others to stand up and help could be a real outcome
      • Encourage neighbors to volunteer for community projects
      • Everyone likes to tell about its own experiences. A community newsletter is a great place for that.
  • Newsletters by Churches, Temples, and other Religious Organizations
    • Organizations that are supported by congregants should get back to their base with value propositions either for them or for the community as a whole. A newsletter is an ideal instrument to achieve such a goal
      • Tell about in-house activities, worship hours and special events
      • Work on the organization's involvement in the community at large
      • Tell about reach-out activities.
      • Make the flame burn and create enthusiasm for the organization
  • Newsletters by Retail Companies
    • Retail organizations want to make sure that they respond to their customer base with up-to-date, innovative and competitive solutions.
      • Report on trends
      • Act as an educator: Teach your audience about products and improvements
      • Present your customer base with attractive deals
  • Newsletters by Banks, Investment Funds and other Financial Institutions
    • These institutions survive because of the trust that people have in them which usually comes as payback for good labor both in earnings and education. So what do they say in their newsletters?
      • They explain why they are solid institutions
      • Show that they can communicate with their investors in a simple but clear way
      • They try to bring valuable analysis to their groups

Different types of organizations that have news to tell:


Newsletters are a Powerful Marketing Tool.

Newsletters can generate response long after the piece has been produced and mailed. When printed through color copies technology, you can create longer newsletters at much lower prices than those printed through offset printing

newsletter to promote the work of organizations


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