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Date Published: 2019-03-10// Updated: 2020-08-10

If You Need to Make Copies or Photocopies, you'll love this!!!

Our company,, has been serving clients making copies, requiring color printing, black and white copies and other types of printing since 2004.

We cater our products and services to clients that require printed copies of documents both small and large in size, (business cards to large posters) and small and large in volume.

What type of printing services do we offer?

If you are visiting this page, you might want to learn about making copies, you might need to have something printed, or you might be looking to run a door direct mailing campaign. We do all of that!

Even if you want to create your corporate image and marketing collateral, yes, we do that!
Graphic Design: You can hire us to provide the graphic design service, or
Free Online Designer: If your'd rather create your own thing, it free to use our online designer tool. To design online for free, start by choosing the product that you want to design.

Our website has a ton of information and resources that can give you tips on how to design a banner, how to create artwork, understand what bleed is and provide tips on how to prepare your file, and so much more.

I hope that you check our online resources and calculators where you will get instant pricing and production time. If you'd rather call us, just dial 1-877-421-0668 and we'll be there for you. (Keep in mind that we are located on the East Coast and operate on EST business hours)

We are a resourceful company! We manufacture and print in-house, as opposed to companies are just a middleman or brokers when handling your orders. Our professional and highly trained team, as well as the most current technology on the floor of our place, when it comes to equipment and quality control, allows us to make an awesome job, every time!

Why would you do business with us?

  • Because a friendly voice will pick up the phone when you call.
  • If you are stuck with your file preparation, we will help you.
  • Our clients want to know that the printing company that they choose, will help them decide on the best way to produce and make a certain job the best it can be.
  • Our clients trust us dearly because they know that whether placing an order for a color copy, flyer or a direct mailing campaign, we can solve problems, provide accurate answers and guide them with honesty in the right direction.
  • We do all need to stay in budget with our projects. ColorCopiesUSA understands that and provides a low-cost high-quality option. Our clients know that this is a true statement and has been so consistently.
  • Our clients are men and women, young and old that have these great ideas and want someone to lend a hand to make sure that everything turns out all right. We work hard and become part their dream. We love when those dreams turn to be true. That makes us feel so proud of what we do!!
  • A ton of resources are available to you.
  • We make good on our commitments.

Here is why is your place to make color copies

When our clients need copies, they've told us over and over, that they want to find a company that makes copies and delivers them just as expected, or even better than they've dreamed them.

Full Color Copies

picture of color copies with bleed printed front and back | ColorCopiesUSA

Explore full color printing on multiple final print sizes, and a variety of substrates such as thin paper, card stock, colored stocks and synthetic paper for menus and outdoor protection.

Black & White Printing

picture of copies in black and white. one side printing | ColorCopiesUSA

Black and white printing in multiple sizes, single sided or double sided. Regular paper, colored paper or plastic paper



Posters are available in custom sizes, rolled-up or mounted. Printed on paper, vinyl, or perforated film

F.A.Q. - Things that you might want to know about making copies: F.A.Q.

Q:   Do you print the copies in-house?

A:  We do print full color copies, black and white copies, booklets with staples, booklets with coil or metal rings in-house . We produce our signage orders in-house as well.

Q:  Can clients come in and operate your copying and printing equipment?

A: Answer: Our operation does not allow for clients to operate our equipment. Because of the organized flow of work, we become a more efficient and cheaper resource to you.

Q:  What is the advantage of prints vs photocopies?

A:  The process of printing can only be done if your "original" document is in the form of a digital file. The better the file is "built", the better the sharpness and accuracy of your printed piece will be. Because of the consistency of the process, you can reproduce the same document in time and get a similar result.

Photocopy work starts with a document, sheets, or book that you need a copy of. In order to produce a photocopy, the first step is to scan the document and then to print it. Different scanners produce different levels of detail, as well as the printing of the scanned document. Therefore you lose quality every in the photocopying process. If the original document gets damaged, the quality of the copies becomes degraded as well. You cannot expect the same result every time.

Q:  How can I print another copy of a printed photo without the negative?

A:  You can make a simple photocopy, but you will most likely loose more detail to the original picture. If you want a high-quality reproduction of a previously printed picture, we can do a high resolution scanning of the picture and then retouch that scan to eliminate wear and to restore colors, and then reprint the picture.

Q:  Is it cheaper to make photocopies or to print a document?

A:  Photocopies tend to be more expensive because of all the steps involved in order to get a quality copy.

Q:  How could you scan a document so that you could convert it into a digital file and submit it to be printed and keep it for future reprinting?

A:  There are different option that will produce different results. Just know that when you take a picture of a document, you are adding a new layer of image loss. Phone's cameras are do not take very sharp pictures, so your already deteriorated document suffers some more. We'll name a few: 1 - You can use a multifunction printer that has scanning capabilities and get a file into your computer. 2 - Use a professional scanner 3 - Use an app in your phone to take a picture. Some apps will take the picture and adjust for perspective. while other are seeking quick prints for an upcoming meeting, we offer the service or printing, adjusting and improving artwork while getting the job done on time. Some clients need to make photocopies of documents that sits in a binder.

Q: Can I operate the copying equipment myself?

A: No

Q: Do I personally need to arrive at your facility to order color copies, black and white copies, or photocopies?

A: It is not necessary at all, but you are welcome to visit us.

Just call us and start a conversation. Our number is 1-877-421-0668. We are located at 140 NE 32nd court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334.