Promotional Items And Color Printing Could Be The Start Of A Great Marketing Campaign.

It's time for a reboot. 2023 is the year when business paradigms are shifting deeply once again.

Business marketing is becoming contactless and faceless. People whom we used to talk to face-to-face, with whom we would exchange ideas and think about the next step in business development, are turning into voice or Zoom-style calls.

Even with trade shows and business events coming back, most of the experts predict that it will all look different than what we were used to.

The way in which relationships evolve is changing and it could be a time to reconsider how to engage with your audience from a new place.

In Pre-pandemic times, trade shows were still a place to meet peers and vendors. Most people would come back home from an event with some printed literature and a few promotional items, a ton of business cards with some notes on the back, and a few pictures in on our phones to remind us of specific products or services that might have caught our attention.

Promotional items used to be the cornerstone of most marketing strategies. A promotional item would be the "reward" for a person-to-person meeting. It would be a good reminder of the relationship.

Documents, such as brochures, spec sheets, and promo sheets created through online printing, help to support these vital relationships.

Innovative promotional personalized items would help your company build stronger personal and business relationships with both existing and prospective customers.

Tips For Building Strong Client-Vendor Relationships In The Digital Era

  • Working from home is saving everyone time and money. Consider reassigning your marketing dollars to other actions that align with the current state of things

  • Did you use to think that shipping a brochure or samples was expensive? Think again: Color Copies USA offers extremely competitive shipping rates.

  • Since your prospects or clients are definitely not receiving tons of promotional items or printed documents, this is a great time to make a difference and stay on top of the minds of your clients.

  • Search for promotional items that have meaning and will help create the bond and trust that you are willing to build.

  • Think creatively. What could you give to someone that will be a constant reminder of your goods and services?

The video above is now a few years older but still represents the spirit of what trade shows and promotional items are.

At Color Copies USA we understand that learning and sharing opens opportunities for all. That is why our company attended one of the most sophisticated show gatherings in one single event of all the novelties available in the world of promotional items featuring the best speakers and some of the best marketing companies in the country. It was an honor for Color Copies USA to be part of this group.

We hope that you'll enjoy the video presentations and learn of more opportunities for your businesses to grow.

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