Door Hangers: A great marketing tool

Door Hangers are Still a "Must Have" resource. Either offset of digital color copies will do the job

A door hanger is still one of the most efficient ways to advertise your business. People read it more than any other printed message
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Door hangers printed out of color copies? Yes!
And very effective indeed!

You saw them, I am almost certain. If you live in a single home, you found them hanging from the knob at your door, or hanging from your mailbox. At condos, you certainly found them as card card-body. High rises.... not too sure. At gated communities you've seen them less frequently due to the by-laws. Door hangers are much more powerful than cheap fliers of which people make thousands of low quality copies. Believe it or not, door hanger printing that takes adavantage of color copy technology requires a high understanding of how campaigns work.

One fact that studies have shown:You've looked at the door hangers much longer than you did to one of the advertising pieces that came in with the stack of daily mail.

Door hangers are privileged marketing pieces that usually get distributed by hand, within an area close to a business that is looking to promote itself. Their privilege comes from the fact that the amount of viewing time assigned by the receipient is much higher that with other pieces.

The back side of the door hanger presents irresistible promotions

Limitations when planning your door hanger campaign: What door hangers say and what they show is subject to two limitations:

  1. Your ingenuity, your imagination.
  2. The skills and experience of the company that will execute your project.

Door hangers could be dull and boring, or full of content and message.

The example shown below is a perfect example of the use of color copies in a very creative way! Door-to-door distribution allows you to advertise your service at the time of a visit to one of your customers, drop a couple of door hangers at the doors right next to their destination.

Is there a reason to print door hangers with color copy technology?
Yes! And the advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • You can test your advertising message in a smaller scale
  • You can add personalized messages such as:
    "Exclusive offer for residents of XYZ building"
    And you can really control who gets what promotion.


A creative color copy campaing that produces such original door hangers as the one shown in the two images in this web page created outsanding results for our customer:

  • Increased amount of business
  • Strong brand recognition

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