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Date Published: 2014-01-14// Updated: 2020-08-10

How the price of Copy Printing is Analyzed

When you need printing, color copy printing or digital printing as it is also known, is probably the most effective way to go with your color printing needs.

The actual price that you get to pay for Color copy printing depends on different factors.

On this article we will go through some of the variables that make a difference at the time providing an estimate to print a certain color-copy job.

The design will have an impact in the cost of color printing
Design has an impact in the cost.

You are in good hands! Our experienced team at ColorCopiesUSA understand  how each detail in the order affects quality, production times, shipping costs and so on. Our online calculators reflect that knowledge and therefore provide the most competitive prices for your order.

Let's check on some of the factors that has an impact in the final price.


The size of a color copy is a key piece of information. Since the paper is produced in standardized sizes, making sure that the waste is minimal will impact the price,

Number of Color to Print 

The number of colors to be used in printing has an impact since bigger or smaller machines could be involved. In digital color copy printing, the options are either black and white printing,  or full color. On the traditional offset printing process, the colors involved is more complex, since there are options such as PMS, and up to 8 special colors. (think about the Coca Cola Red or very brand-typical colors)

Coverage (area covered by the ink) is a factor of cost as well. A sheet heavily covered with ink or toner is more expensive, not only because of the amount of supplies used, but because the speed of the printing process usually has to slow to a certain extent. 

Type of Paper Used 

Coming up with copy pricing is very connected to the type of paper used. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the paper is,  the stock becomes more expensive.
Colored papers and other specialty papers (not used regularly in every day commercial use) are more expensive as well.
Specialty paper has to be custom ordered and at times custom manufactured which adds cost to the product as well as turnaround time increases.

Paper Upgrades:

There are many options available, when do they work and why:
What's the advantage of upgrading paper?
Color copies become Newsletters, Brochures, Seminar Handouts, Family Memories, Photo Albums, Business Contracts, and more.
Therefore, with a minimal additional cost of the paper, your product gets a quality upgrade that positively affects perception and the response of your clients. 

The following additional upgrades might improve the outcome  of your marketing actions dramatically.
- Professional Work - Print all around. No white borders - Bleed
- Elegant occasions
- Brochures: project a more reliable image by printing on glossy 100# paper.

If you'd like to know more about different types of paper, what do their name mean, please visit this page: Page about Paper Info



Once a piece is printed, there is usually additional work to be done before the piece can be  handed to the buyer. There is cutting, folding, perforations and other finishing options that increase the cost and theproduction time.

Digital Printers and the Latest Technologies

We make the latest digital printing technology available for you when we run your order of color copies. stays on top of technology, updating our equipment and training on a regular schedule, to become a very competitive vendor for printed products.

Design and Artwork Affect the Cost

Graphic artists are an ever-growing pool of creative talent. Whenever some artwork goes to print, it is important to assess what are the requirements on the production side, to maximize the quality and minimize the cost of the printed output.

Through digital printing, you gain access to a never-in-history-seen opportunity to create all your marketing and advertising materials, such as color brochures and sales sheets at never seen before low costs and an incredible flexibility.

Producing a handful number of units of a specific piece is now possible

Products that get Low Pricing 

1)  Brochures and low cost color copy digital printing: means that for only a few dollars creates great opportunities for your business development. Printing those same brochures in full color a few years ago would have had a cost a few hundred dollars.

2)  Everyday Documents: Incredible flexibility means that you can take advantage of desktop publishing software that is both friendly in use and inexpensive. With a few hours of your time, you'll be able to design the piece that you're dreaming for. In most cases, even without any additional training in marketing, you'll probably be able to craft your piece. In other occasions, the graphics and flow of a piece go beyond what entry-level tools provide. Companies such as ours will take you to the next level when that stage is required by your business.

Image of a price calculator for color copies
screen shot of the options that you will find in our color copies calculator

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